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RF-4 Differences

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Ian    1,212

Interesting, I'm doing exactlly the same - The RF-4B was cheap on Amazon, and I already knew that it had the later bulged main-wings after reading a coupl of reviews - I had in-mind to build an RF-4C all along. I've already swapped-out the stabs and wheels for the ones from C/D kit and bought Aires pipes and the Eduard RF-4C Zoom set to go with it.

Of course that means I'll need to swap those items back-again when I build my C/D... but that's some ways over the horizon !!


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Giorgio N    3,948
6 hours ago, PhantomBigStu said:

Whats the difference between an RF-4C and and RF-4E? 


Mainly the engines, the C had a variant of the J79 with short afterburner (like the F-4C and D) while the E had the longer exhaust of the F-4E.

I believe most RF-4 kits also include the later longer afterburner, so should not be too much of a problem to build an RF-4E from an RF-4C box... at least if the E you're interested in has the same style of nose supplied by the box: some users had aircrafts with the older square nose (for example Germany) while others had aircrafts with the later rounded nose (Japan, Israel). The RF-4E was a variant meant for export, better check the configuration employed by each user before committing to building one.

I should mention that a number of RF-4Es also had the slatted wing typical of most F-4Es.  These slatted wing aircrafts were built for Greece and Turkey

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Creepy Pete    1,009

RF-4C's also had the straight, pointy, US Navy style inner wing pylons, while RF-4E's have the curvey ones. The round and square noses could be found on both the RF-4C and RF-4E.

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Hook    370

For another nice and obscure variation, some very late RF-4E's delivered to Greece and Turkey featured the slatted wing. 





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PhantomBigStu    4,064

Tthanks guys, got myself a revell RF4E via the tigermeet twin box, though may well end up not backdating it to an C, and doing it as a the bog standard luftwaffe RF4 it was before tigermeet


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