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Phil Reeder

HMS Dainty From A Glowworm

With the release of WEMs H & G class 350th destroyers,it opened up the possiblity of doing some of the earlier A to I`s.I was quite taken with a photo of HMS Dainty ,which appeared in the latest edition of Warship Pictorial Review,depicting her in 1932 ,when first completed.She is sporting the "China Station" colours of white hull,and Buff upperworks,and very smart she looks too!

I managed to get hold of a copy of Norman Ough plan of HMS Daring ,and with this I decided to press ahead.As far as I can tell,there is no different in the basic hull of the Glowworm ,and the Dainty,so that part was quite easy.I painted the hull with Halfords white plastic primer ,followed by a coat of their "Gloss Applicance white".The pennant numbers came from a Resinshipyard RN decal sheet.I decided to do another "Full-speed" waterline ,using my usual method.

More to follow.

Cheerio Phil





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The hull is finished ,and attached to the seascape.I drilled out at the scuttles ,as they seemed a little too shallow.The main deck is Semtex and the steel areas are painted dark gray.

I`ve made a start on the forward deckhouse,at first sight this a simple conversion,but looking at the plans ,it`s more involved than I first thought.I removed the rear half of the deckhouse ,and scratch-built a new one to show the correct shape for the D class,this included revised platforms of the sides ,0.5" quad mounts were site there.The height of the Bridge block has been reduced by 0.05" to match the plans.

so Long Phil




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Thats starting to look very smart Phil, I'll be looking forward to the finished item. Your waterline style is such an attractive way to dispay these, it just about enough to make me want to get into ship modelling again.


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Well I have finally been inspired to do another ship model after about five years. I ordered the etched brass for the Graf Zeppelin last night. Its all your fault Phil!with fantastic threads like these! :tease:


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For the Buff colour,I decided to use Humbrol gloss enamel #7 ,however this seemed a bit too light for me so I darkened it with a few drops of tan from Humbrols gloss range.It is decades since I used Humbrols gloss colours,and I must admit that I think they are very good!They have really good covering power,the only drawback is that they take ages to dry properly,about 12 hours to be touch dry.Of course ,when finished ,the model will be give a coat of Flat finish.The corticene for the decks was painted with Humbrol matt Acrylics # 62.

The range-finder pedestal on the rear of the Bridge ,has been reduced in height by 1/16th "I`ve made two life-rings from 5amp fuse wire,and these have been attached to the flag deck,the anchor chains were also made from twisted fuse wire.Next up is the forward funnel,I dont think much alteration is needed with that.

bye Phil



Edited by Phil Reeder

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Had a good productive day today.The forward funnel is finished and fixed to the model.Moving further aft ,I`ve started making the "Bandstand" for the 3" AA gun that is sited between the funnels.I removed the 0.5" MG platforms from the Kit part,and sanded the remainer flat,then I made the circular plartform,using a Dremel ,and arbor.Various lockers had added to the area at the base of the funnel.

Cheers Phil




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`m approaching the end now,never has a build gone so smoothly.The 3" bandstand has had railing added,as well as the railing round the searchlight platform .After looking at the photos ,I may replace the 3" gun.

I`ve invested in some BMK metal barrels for the 4.7" guns,expensive ,but they are really good,better than the white metal barrels in the kit.

Bye Phil




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Another fascinating build, Phil. Lovely colour scheme too.

Obi-Jiff :fish:

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