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Crimea River

Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

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Good job Andy which moves me to quote from Monty Pythons pet store owner in Bolton, “Lovely bird Squire, beautiful plumage!” 

She’s going to look really good when you cross the finish line.



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Thanks everyone. Pining for the fjords I am!


Today I did some filtering with artist oils. I mixed up some black and burnt umber for the underside streaks and some yellow, blue, and burnt sienna for the uppers in varying shades. Oil streaks on the undersides were simply applied with a fine brush in a linear fashion whereas the uppers were dabbed and smudged with a brush, Q-tip, tissue and the odd finger. I didn't want to overdo this as I hate when things look too contrived. I'm happy with how it looks in the real world but find that the effect becomes more muted on the pictures despite mucking about with the contrast a bit. Anyway, here's how it looks:

18041702.jpg 18041703.jpg 

Note also that I added the cannon barrels to the wings but that I've not painted them yet. I'm allowing the oils to dry completely before applying the matte coat and will follow this up with a bit of chipping, the exhaust stains and some dust.

I also progressed on the gear legs by adding the flexible brake hoses. A matte coat was then applied and this took the sheen off the oleos which I may redo. Funny how the majority of kit manufacturers tend to mould these without the boots. I'm not convinced that this is realistic but adding the boots seems like a lot of trouble so I will leave these alone.


The prop blades and spinner have been addressed in stages but I didn't stop to take pictures. Here is the assembly more or less complete. In addition to the RLM 70 blades and spinner and the aluminum bits, the finish has also seen some lighter green filtering with oils and some chipping on the back of the blades which was done with a silver Prismacolor pencil. Eduard have moulded the prop blades rather thick and these have already been thinned somewhat, though they could have used some more. Surprising, really.

18041705.jpg 18041706.jpg 

That's another day done. I may get the matte coat on tomorrow but more likely the day after. Thanks for giving it a peek.

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