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I'm not sure what brought this to the top pf the build pile -- re-watching Chris Harris's excellent film online, maybe... Anyway, time to get on with a serious build of a serious kit:


Being Tamiya, I know the fit and engineering will be amazing. To make life harder for myself, I've also got the Tamiya photo-etch and carbon decal sets. Gulp! I alos bought this:


Perhaps overkill to get some orange wires, but this lot should last my entire car-modelling life! It's 30AWG, so pretty fine, and has a solid copper core, all the better for drilling tiny holes and gluing in place.


The journey of a thousand miles, and all... it's quite the power plant. And don't worry, I'm not going to continue at this pace all the way along...



Those wires are coming in handy now...


A closer look at the exhausts... I'm quite pleased with the heat staining effect. They are sprayed with Molotow Chrome, and then AK True Metal wax in purple, brass and blue applied over the top. Subtle, but really easy to do...



Rear frame and the top pf the tub in place. Great fit, as you'd expect from Tamiya. It's not too obvious, but I've started applying the carbon decals. They are strong, thin and flexible-sh, but don't respond much to the setting solutions I have (Micro-sol and Daco Medium). I'm doing them a few at a time so as not to go mad, and hitting them with a hot damp cloth when thoroughly dry, which seems to work. I've also finally figured out that I really do need to cut the carrier film from around each one to get a good fit with the smaller pieces. It's a pain, but then so is the whole process, so it's not too much EXTRA pain...

I've got all the carbon on the main chassis now, but it's drying in the airing cupboard, so no pics yet.




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Ooh, nice start. I too have this kit, and the carbon decals and photo etch. 

It's hovering closer to the top of my build pile, but I keep putting it off. All the extras scare me. 

Watching with interest. 



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Looks loke youre off to a fantastic start.

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Thanks, all... today I have mostly been applying carbon fibre (and there's also some I'd done earlier!)









Boy, I'm glad I've broken the back of that task now!

The last is just press fitted together... there some more detail painting to do before it's all glued. But you get an idea of what'll be visible when it's finally all together...




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Thanks, guys... and thanks to Tim for the reference material.

A quick test fit with the roof, just to see how the engine bay frames work when complete:




Wiring and detailing the fenders begins:




This will all be tamed, honest, with the help of some heat shrink tubing...




...and end up looking like this.



There's a bigger hose running through the engine bay. After various experiments, I think solder, wrapped in wire, with heatshrink tubing overall, results in something that will go just where you tell it (unlike guitar string, which I tried) and will snug down underneath the body shell components, bending as needed.

Speaking of which, I had to try it out...




...brilliant engineering, as you'd expect from Tamiya... but not much room for paint!




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