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So i have finally bit the bullet, as a prelude to Telford this year where the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 is being celebrated. I have noted a distinct lack of WW1 submarines, yet the Royal Navy was very active during this conflict fielding many classes of submarines.


Having read "The story of our submarines" on kindle, a collection of stories from WW1, a model of the C class seemed very apt.

These older boats were tethered to armed trawlers awaiting German u-boats to surface and attack them, which when they did, they slipped their tether and attacked the u-boat, much to the Germans surprise.

The most famous being HMS C3, which was packed full of explosives for her last mission to destroy a viaduct connecting the mole to the shore during the Zeebrugge Raid on 23 April 1918. Her commander, Richard Douglas Sandford, received the Victoria Cross for the successful action.


So heres the start a set of blown up plans to 1/144 scale, ive acquired a circle cutter for building frames around a central acrylic rod.

This is not going to be a quick build as a lot of the details i have to gleen from photos in my possession.

The numbers indicate were i intend to put frames for the build to suit the submarines profile. The end result will be 303mm (12" approx) long.




All the best Chris

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Brilliant! 👍 I’m going to love watching this. I might learn how it should be done! 🤪


Of course I would agree that there is a dreadful shortage of British WW1 submarine models.

To have this ready ready for the centenary is a great idea!


I will be watching this with the utmost interest and wish you every success.


Where, might I enquire, did you get the plans from? They look good. 


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2 hours ago, Bandsaw Steve said:

I might learn how it should be done!

I don't think there'll be any chisels to get you excited Steve...

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So it begins,


first up is to mark out the frames, reducing the overall diameter by 1mm, allowing for sheeting of the hull.


A notable thing to do is to mark the cross on the frames, as this is needed for alignment in regard to the deck casing.


With circle cutter in hand ive cut out 8 of the 15 frames so far (see end photo) and spaced them on a 3mm dia acrylic rod.

They are on loose at present, will square up and super glue in place once all frames on.






All the best Chris

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