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best online AFV modelling stores?

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That's a humongous question.....Scale & period are big factors in where you would want to look, I can offer help with WWI-WWII 1/72, but beyond that scale or period I'm clueless.  :nerd:

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I work in 1/35th WWII exclusively (nowadays) and I get a lot of stuff from Creative Models. (They appear in the retailers forum) I cannot fault their service (even though I purchase through Amazon) I would certainly buy direct. They have a very large range of AFVs, figures, buildings and PE in my preferred scale. I cannot say what their speciality is, but I've purchased a fair bit of, Tamiya, Masterbox, Miniart and Eduard products. I'm sure they must stock more.


Hope that helps.



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13 hours ago, Bozothenutter said:



1/35 is my current project (Takom 2047)

Will have a look at creative models.

Creative Models don't stock Takom anymore which is a shame. 

I note you are located in the Netherlands so you should be able to find some very good deals in the UK due to the exchange rates.


Duncan B

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Model Hobbies and eModels are always worth a look:  https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk  https://www.emodels.co.uk/


But, as noted above, it really depends very much what you want.  Kits are relatively straightforward to find and bargains can be had if you shop around. 


Kits of Far East origin can be a lot cheaper from sellers there (such as Lucky Model) even with shipping costs.  But you risk a customs rummage on UK entry: they're very hot on stuff from the Far East as so much counterfeit, illegal and unsafe product comes in from there and VAT avoidance is rife.  With the Post Office fee you're looking at about a minimum £8 charge IIRC plus the VAT.  An order of mine of Legend items direct from Legend in Korea got rummaged and the bill was about £70.  I work on the basis that the Far East price has to be at least 25% cheaper including shipping than anything available in Europe to be worth the risk.


Kits of East European origin are similarly often cheaper from sellers in Eastern Europe, although less so since the Brexit vote and the subsequent poor Euro rate.  And no customs worries for any imports from within the EU: not until 2019 anyway!  With sellers that are outside the Euro and who take payment in other currencies, it is worth checking the price difference for paying in US$, Polish Zloty, Czech Koruna, Ukrainian Hrivna etc.  I've saved 10% on orders from Poland and Ukraine in the past just by switching currencies.  Your card company will charge you about £3 for the privilege, and you can't use PayPal from the UK for the "odder" currencies.


The difficulty for most of us comes in sourcing a good range of after-market parts under one roof and at a good price.  Sadly there aren't many sellers in the UK who carry a really good range of AM parts, and you're going to need to cross the Channel.  Yes, one hears stories of bad experiences.  I've had a couple of troublesome experiences, most usually listing items they don't have in stock and can't actually get!  I don't use them any more.  But in general I would say not to be afraid to shop across the Channel.


This is a list of the EU suppliers I've dealt with over the last few years and with whom I haven't had any problems.  A mixture of manufacturers and re-sellers.  The go-to stores would be Jadar, Konig and Sockelshop.


Axels Modellbau (Germany): http://www.axels-modellbau-shop.de/katalog/

Blast Models (France): http://www.blast-models.com/

Der Sockelshop (Germany): https://www.dersockelshop.de/

Hauler (Czech): http://www.hauler.cz/

Jadar Hobby (Poland): http://www.jadarhobby.pl/

Modellbau Konig (Germany): http://www.modellbau-koenig.de/

Nordland Models (Czech): http://www.nordlandmodels.com/

Peddinghaus Decals (Germany): http://decals.guenstigergeht.net/?language=en

PM Ilona (Czech): http://www.pmilona.cz/

SKP Models (Czech): http://www.skpmodel.eu/order-opc.php

Star Decals (Sweden): http://star-decals.net/


Outside the EU I've used these guys also without problems and never yet had a customs rummage (touch wood!), mostly the Ukrainians.


BNA Modelworld (Australia): http://www.bnamodelworld.com/

Euro Model Shop (Swiss): www.euromodelshop.ch/

Hobby.dn.ua (Ukraine): https://2017.hobby.dn.ua/

Models-Hobby (Russia): https://models-hobby.com/

The Barrel Store (Canada): www.thebarrelstore.com

Tiger Model Designs (USA): www.tigermodeldesigns.com



I tend to shop around these to see who has what I'm looking for at what price.  If it's more than a few items I usually make up a spreadsheet so I can easily compare the prices.  Shipping can make a big difference with orders from multiple suppliers, but you can often only get a shipping estimate from each by making up a basket and going to the checkout.  Some, like Jadar, show you a real-time shipping cost as you add items.  It's sometimes worth paying a little more for an item but avoiding additional shipping.  If you order a lot of items the shipping can be quite economical per item.  For example, I have a 56-line basket with Jadar now worth €362 and the shipping is €23: that's only the same as a First Class letter stamp for each line item.

Edited by Das Abteilung

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That's a tidy summary (of a humongous subject).  :coolio:


PS - Having said that it does show just how these things change when you are working in different scales, only three of the companies from your last two lists mean anything to me as a Braille builder.  :nerd:


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thank you Sgt-Squarehead!


I was indeed looking for a 'everything under one roof jobbie.

now I know it doesn't exist, i'll bookmark your whole list and go from there.

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If you want to do 1/72 too.....I can add about the same number of sites again!  ;)


I really wasn't trying to be snotty with my first post, it's a massive field and it can be quite specialised.....Ask the 1/48 guys! 

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Apologies Sarge (now, how many times have I said that!).  The OEMs on my list are mostly 1/35-oriented, although some are multi-scale.  Most of the re-sellers are multi-scale and multi-genre (aircraft, ships etc).


Bozo, I think if you look at the ranges of products stocked by Jadar, Koenig, and Sockelshop (in particular) you might want to revise your "all under one roof" thoughts.  Their ranges are vast and completely unmatched by anyone in the UK.  BNA also have a large range and stock a lot of useful Japanese car modelling parts like ribbed tubing, braided tubing, coloured wire and tubing, unusual meshes etc useful for detailing engine compartments.  Their shipping is very reasonable from half way round the world.


One good thing about all of these 4 is that their stock levels are live and accurate, although there is always "basket speed risk" with limited stock.  2 of you put the last item in your baskets but the other guy checks out first.  But they all update baskets for stock changes every time you refresh them.

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Often followed by saying "one sergeant pressup, 2 sergeant pressups, 3 sergeant pressups ........ 10 sergeant pressups"................!


Jadar's site tells me that I've spent over €2000 with them, so much that I now get a standing 10% off.  This time round it was cheapest to pay in €, but it isn't always like that. It pays to check the rates for the 3 currencies they take.


Apparently I've also spent so much with the guys in Kiev that I now get 13% off there.  I'm waiting for them to have a couple of the MiniArt Tiran 4s available before I order again, and maybe a Grant. I need a T-54 with interior detail too.  Those and the interior T-55s are about €42 or £37 ex shipping.  But with the Grivna exchange rate being so much better than € at the moment, they're currently just under £29 in that currency.  The non-interior versions are under £25.


Even with the risk of import VAT at 20% and a £3 or so currency charge from Visa on the whole order those are still bargains in anyone's money, even without any extra discount.  You can pick up the MiniArt figure sets there for under a fiver: you pay twice that in the UK, and more.


So I think I'm saying again don't be afraid to buy overseas.  It's certainly worked for me.

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