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Astronaut Birthdays for January

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Vladimir Bugrov (1933) USSR

Selected 1966

Worked on the Soviet lunar landing programme

Retired 1968 for medical reasons; no flights



Anthony Boyle (1941) United Kingdom

Selected 1984

Part of the British Army's Skynet team and might have flown on a Shuttle mission but was forced to resign to serve on a committee of inquiry into alleged security leaks in a regiment he used to command. There was no suggestion that he was involved but his role in the investigation meant he had to leave the astronaut training programme five months later

Died 25 October 2011



Jeffrey Williams (1958) USA

Selected 1996 (NASA Group 16)

STS-101, 19 - 29 Mat 2000 (9d 20h 9m)

Soyuz TMA-8/ISS Expedition 13, 30 March - 29 September 2006 (182d 22h 43m)

Soyuz TMA-16/ISS Expeditions 21/22, 30 September 2009 - 18 March 2010 (169d 4h 9m)

Soyuz TMA-20M/ISS Expeditions 47/48, 18 March - 7 September 2016 (172d 3h 47m)

Total flight time to date 534d 2h 48m

Still on active flight status



Information from Spacefacts website

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I used to chat regularly to a scientist who was working on ELDEF. He was based in the Dublin Institute of Physics and we used to take the same commuter train to work each morning. That was back in 1982/83.

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Byron Knolle (1924) USAF

Selected 1962

Was part of a military astronaut group but never flew

Retiral date unknown

Died 6 July 2012



Aleksander Shchukin (1946) USSR

Selected 1977

Trained for a Buran (Soviet Space Shuttle) mission

Killed in crash of Su-26M aerobatics plane, 18 August 1988


Was backup on Soyuz TM-4



Information from Spacefacts website


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Buzz Aldrin (1930) USA

Selected 1963 (NASA Group 3)

Gemini 12, 11 - 15 November 1966 (3d 22h 24m)

Apollo 11, 16 - 24 July 1969 (8d 3h 18m) - Second man on the Moon

Total flight time 12d 1h 52m

Retired July 1971


Backup on Gemini 10; reassigned as backup on Gemini 9 when the flight crew died in an air crash and the original backups replaced them

Also backup on Apollo 8



Jerry Ross (1948) USA

Selected 1980 (NASA Group 9)

STS-61B, 27 November - 3 December 1985 (6d 21h 4m)

STS-27, 2 - 7 December 1988 (4d 9h 5m)

STS-37, 5 - 11 April 1991 (5d 23h 32m)

STS-55, 26 April - 6 May 1993 (9d 23h 40m)

STS-74, 12 - 20 November 1995 (8d 4h 30m)

STS-88, 4 - 15 December 1998 (11d 19h 18m)

STS-110, 8 - 19 April 2002 (10d 19h 42m)

Total flight time 58d 0h 51m

Retired January 2012


First man to make seven spaceflights



Magomed Tolboyev (1951) USSR (Dagestan)

Selected 1983

Trained for a Buran mission but programme was cancelled

Retired January 1994; no flights



Mohammad Masum (1954) Afghanistan

Selected 1988

Named for Soyuz TM-6 but dropped; the official explanation was appendicitis but some sources say it was for political reasons

Retired September 1988; no flights



Information from Spacefacts website

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