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Heinkel 111P-2, Airfix 1:72, plus some extras

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11 hours ago, hendie said:

coming together very nicely.  Re: the cracked transparency... legend has it that a few aircraft of the time were involved in a bit of a tiff so I'm sure at least one aircraft around that time flew with a cracked window - I'd count it as 'weathering'

I believe I heard something about that, so I'll go with that scenario!


10 hours ago, TheBaron said:

For some reason the forum software isn't letting me give any likes  to this thread but consider those last few updates well and truly liked Ian.


The whole cockpit region is a lesson in precision and detail.


Great to see you cracking on with soldering too!


Highly likeable. :thumbsup:


Many thanks Tony! A decent iron certainly helps with the soldering....


8 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

Just caught up while cooking Sunday lunch. Wonderful work on this, the office is looking splendid, all the extra work you’re putting in paying off in spades. I must really try and pop in more often. Nice one Ian.


B) John.

Thanks John,  I hope lunch was edible after spending your time here! 


OK, so after having fixed something that apparently didn't need fixing anyway, just a little patience, I moved on with the canopy parts.

First, I tried to figure out how to attach the wiring on the engine gauges. The answer was, don't! They are simply bent to look right and left at that.




 No point in making additional work when it's not needed! Then the lower canopy parts were attached.








The secret is SLOW! Get it lined up, tack it with Plastic Weld, then gentle pressure to keep it where it needs to be. Finally, Plastic Weld carefully let into the seems, to secure it all where it needs to be. It WILL line up nicely, just don't try to do it all at once, and be patient!


Next up, the ventral gondola. Again, patience, line it up carefully, then zap it!




The forward fairing part was attached first, and needed a little careful sanding around the edges to get it to fit without spreading the sides of the main clear part and making that too wide to fit properly. Once again, patience and constant trial fitting is required. The rear part, with the MG attachment, seems to fit pretty much perfectly, so it will be tacked on for painting, then removed to add the gun and reattached and touched up afterwards. That's the plan anyway.


Then I had to think about the gunner's seat, something I'd been putting off. I used Jammy Dog micro masking tape for the sling and then added a piece of Tamiya tape cut to shape for the seat part. It was all given a coat of RLM02 and a grey wash.








I'm happy with that, so it was glued in place




That, folks, is where she sits tonight. Progress may be slow from now on as I have an interview next weekend in Dubai. Flying out on Friday night and returning Monday morning. A long weekend beckons, and if I get the job, an even longer hiatus with training and relocation......I'll keep you all posted!




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