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Fujimi ‘1967 Targa Florio’ Ford France GT40

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This kit was given to me as a gift from a GT40 fan, who I suspect has many more such models in his stash, so I thought I’d give it a bash and see how it’d turn out. Please bear in mind this is my first ever completed car kit as I never had an interest in vehicles as a young modeller, much preferring axis aircraft. Anyway, I found a few problems with the kit which caused a headache or two, but I eventually sorted myself out and learned that compromising was going to be the only way forward. Incidentally, I missed out an important process in the instructions which I didn’t spot until near the end of the build, but I’ll put that down to experience, not being senile! Can you spot the mistake?   :hmmm:

 For some reason the rear body shell was slightly skewed, the number and spot decals were much too large (I made my own smaller spot for the front, and luckily for me the prototype didn’t have a number on it), the rear wheels bind on the wheel arches and none of the clear light covers fitted very well. However, I think the finished model definitely has the ‘look’ of a GT40 and I learned so much from the building and painting of this model that I’ll definitely be trying more in the future.

As an aside, I also have the Tamiya Porsche GT1 as a WIP which was going to be my first car, but somehow this one jumped the queue, don’t ask! 


Please feel free to give any comments because I know it’s far from perfect, but as a first project I’m not too disappointed. 















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That's a stunning first car model,really gorgeous finish! I like the base too, sets the car off very nicely!


As to the 'mistake'- beats me! I was going to say the race numbers look a bit big, but you've mentioned that (& as they're on a white backround it wouldn't bother the race scrutineers anyway!)


Lovely job!



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Can't see any mistake but I can see a lovely clean build. Good work on that paint finish also - never too easy with pure white.


So what is the mistake!?! :huh:


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The mistake is that the lower bodywork (sill members?) directly in front of the rear wheels sticks out like a pair of horns and should have been cut off and sanded to shape. But anyway, thank you all for the kind words. 

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And I cannot see the so called mistake.



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