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1/72 Airfix P-51D - first model in two decades

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3 hours ago, Torbjorn said:

I mentioned showed a red that decidedly had quite some blue in it (although not quite as much as that Vallejo), but probably also some yellow. I’m sure there is a clear definition somewhere, but my question is - would that exact shade be used by all units, and why is there so many yellow red images around? Different reds at different times?

well,  the @  bit worked  and Dana added his input, which is something I was not aware of.


FWIW  the color images I posted all look to me glossy

13 minutes ago, Dana Bell said:

Glossy Insignia Red - the ANA color was not changed during the war, and was sometimes used on camouflaged aircraft


All are 8th AF planes.


regarding the 'blue' and 'yellow' reds,   I was trying to define the colour shift,  the model paint was red with a blue tint,  the photo examples above are red with a yellow tint.

a red with blue and yellow (blue+yellow = green, green +red = brown)  leads to a red-brown.


Model paint can have quite complex mixes of pigments, and these traces can change mixed colours significantly.


And, I now have access to my paint, and  Vallejo Red 70.926 is FS30160/RAL3004,  while Flat Red 70.957 is listed as ANA 619

see link for chart from

"American Fighters Over Europe: Colors & Markings of Usaaf Fighters "

https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=cieCm2eI5AsC&pg=PA15&lpg=PA15&dq=ana+619+red&source=bl&ots=f9xp00HFlQ&sig=N6J6b1-rKc-zOSmVDWu7xLTWpWk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_qu6lm-XXAhVmK8AKHRjxADsQ6AEIUTAJ#v=onepage&q=ana 619 red&f=false


ANA 619 is bright red, ANA 618 dull red.


Given the markings were meant to be distinctive and highly visible,  I'd go with the glossy bright red seen on the B-17 and Gentile's P-51B  (note the gloss shine on both)


It is of course your model and your decision on colour,   


but it's made me pay attention to my Vallejo reds and learn something new from @Dana Bell






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Hi Dana,


Many thanks for the information! I gather there is little way of knowing which one of those would have been used on this particular example. The model represents the plane some time in late '44, but who knows when the rudder was painted. I will try to match the ANA 619, just to make a choice - made easier by Troy's identification as Vallejo Flat Red (although I do believe it should be a bit more blue in it than in Vallejos flat red :)). Not so sure about the gloss. I did add a bit (Flat Red is really dull) but images of this plane does not suggest much gloss on the rudder, see for examle http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Group=352&Style=item&origStyle=list&Item=41&Temp=1054&searchString=

Photographs from [url=http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Group=352]littlefriends.co.uk[/url] shows a quite dark color, but I'm no expert in monochromatic images so this doesn't tell me anything. For anyone else building this plane, go to that site - there are many pictures of the plane both before and after it was assigned to E. James, with tidbits of info that should be highly reliable since the photos appear to be supplied by the crew chief himself! One such tidbit is the white trim rudder, for easy identification :) The plane carried the names Pinkie, Rose Marie (James) and 


After painting over the purple red with flat red, it now has a red with a hint of blue, so I'm quite satisfied how it turned out, see below. 

edit: here you can also see the damaged starboard aileron which I smelted - I didn't completely straighten it out apparently :D




Now waiting for decals to dry. Here Airfix made a little boo-boo - the serial number on the rudder was painted over with white for visibility, and got thicker in the process. On the side shown in the photo above, it is correct, but on the opposite side, where the '414' part should be on the rudder, the same font has been re-used (meaning a thin white 414 and thick black 207).


Then to try some light weathering, especially on the exhaust pipes and some of the panel lines on the blue-painted section/decals. The panel lines on the metal parts I'm already happy with. Then I just have to add some protruding bits and figure out how to seal the thing without changing the shininess either way.

Edited by Torbjorn

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The antenna was a fragile affair that went the same way as the control stick. This was for the better: I made a replacement filed from a scrap piece of brass and secured in a way suchthat the entire model will break before the antenna. I found drawings on the net showing the size and aerofoil shape (google AN-104A). Painted red, as suggested by photos.


Otherwise I drilled a hole for the gun camera and suggested its existance with a dab of dark paint. Tried a bit of weathering using oil paints, to put a little dirt and wear around the ammo hatches and fuel tanks. Nothing fancy here, I believe this plane was well maintained.



Finally, some pics of the finished model.  As you can see, the plane bears two names. The right side belonged to the crew chief Iggy Marinello, who named it ’The Kelly Kid 2’ after a relative of his (Kelly Kid 1 was the P-51B, also PE-E bar, that preceded this aircraft). The pilots, as they came and went, had the left side.  The plane was first flown by Lt Elmer Smith  (’Pinkie’ after his girlfriend) - when he finished his tour the plane was reassigned to Eugene Smith - and Rose Marie was his girlfriend. The invasion strips must have been carefully painted over because later images barely show traces of them if at all. This is one of several indications that the plane was well talen care of  at least I have gotten the impression the crew chief took his job seriously. The smoker flexing muscles is not Rose Marie but a copy of a Kelly tyre commercial placed there by Marinello.


When Smith in turn finished his tour one image indicates that the next pilot in line was one Samuel Dyke who christened it Captain Marvel - after that I found no reference. Although the pilots did have some victories and finished their tours safely, whatstruck my attention was the crew chief though, a reminder that there are not only pilots involved...


Anyhow, pics. Critiscism welcome (looking at these  images I see I should have spent more time of the wing leading edges).


I’m trying this on the phone for the first time, please excuse me if the images turn out insanely big or small.














Edited by Torbjorn

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Excellent result on the P51 build!

She's looking good.

Nice bit of historical insight too.

I came across this business about ground Chief "graffiti" starboard side/ Pilot aircrew stuff on port side when I was doing F86 Sabres in Korea. Models of them, I mean.

Even the pilot's kill tally on port/ aircraft kill tally on starboard side.

I don't know how universal the"rule" was, or how long it lasted - might still be going on...!


If you want critical feedback on the build, can I suggest the tyres look a little bit hard - a little bit of flattening might just give the airframe some weight.

I built this kit not long ago and the tyres have flat spots moulded on, and rectangular axles to place the flats on the ground. Did you get that when you were building? I'm asking because we didn't have any of that 20 years ago! The feature was certainly new to me, and not obvious in the instructions.

Otherwise, a bit of a flat might just help her "sit".


And wheel chocks - I've started making chocks. I love 'em!

Got a plan for the 2nd...?

Edited by rob Lyttle

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