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Revell 1/24 65 Ford Mustang - Newbie Kitbash

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OK - This is my first ever go at building a kit, and leaning more to the creative side of things I decided I wanted to have a crack at kitbashing some kind of post apocalyptic Fury Roadesque kind of thing. Since this is my first try I thought I would keep it simple and keep the car mostly as is, just stick on some bigger wheels, go crazy on the weathering, and add 'war stuff' later when I get to that particular bridge. I don't have much equipment at the moment, and only four paint colours, so don't expect anything too colourful or exciting haha. 





I started putting together some little pieces, and realised once I had done the primer and started painting that the seam on the engine bit is really ugly. Urgh! Still getting the hang of using paint thinner, and how the paint goes on. I'm holding off putting on any of the super shiny silver parts until the very last.




Lesson learned with the seam, I tried to file the seat joins with a nail file. I'm going to prime them tomorrow and then scour the internet for seat painting guides. I want them to look old and dirty. I figured it was best to paint them before I glue them in.




I'm also starting to think about my back wheels. I figure if I'm in a desert wasteland I want bigger wheels. I'm trying to scare some up, but in the meantime I'm wondering how to make them work. Do I fix a way to have this thing I'm holding in the picture lower (which feels flimsy to me), or do I fix to lower the whole...uh...chassis is it called? Any ideas would be warmly welcomed. 


Apologies for my dreadful lack of any car knowledge and somewhat embarrassing terminology. I'll get there. 



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Small update, I've been pottering about putting together the remainder of the car and priming it. Today I also had a go at roughing up a tyre, and I'm ridiculously proud of how gross it looks. I used the chopped up lid from some fish food to make the spikes, and shaved pastels to add the rusty dust. 








The seats are painted too, and I'm working myself up to making those look distressed and battered. I also scored some spare wheels and tyres off e bay (so happy) and am really really looking forward to them arriving so I can make them look scary. 


This is incredible fun!

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Great wear on the seats, and I love that spiky wheel. Looks like you're a bit of a natural! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

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