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'afternoon all.

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After lurking in the background for far too long, I've taken the plunge and joined up as a poster!

I live near Ely, Cambridgeshire and have been a modeller since a nipper.

I'm in awe at the standard of modelling here, I only hope I don't go dragging the averages downwards! Be gentle with me.


I'm old enough to remember 2/- Airfix bagged kits and have built more than a few over the years. I swing both ways now, building and collecting.

There is a school of thought that says that any kit stored away for later building makes you a collector, at least until the building starts.

I'm more than happy to have a mint unbuilt kit sat alongside a built example. My builds are slightly odd in that I model the model, if that makes any sense. I'll build a kit box stock, display it alongside it's box and instructions plus a tube of vintage glue and a few old tins of Humbrol paint and be more than happy with that. Scale air in the tyres is less important to me. Weather that's me being difficult or owning up to fading eyesight and abilities is something I ask myself now and again. 


Here's the kind of display that floats my boat...




Anyway, enough waffle. I'll post up a few of my attempts in the relevant threads and throw myself at your mercy.



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Added picture.

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:welcome: aboard Tony :)  I had that very Fortress, and the Bucc too, although in different boxings (I'm not quite that old :S).

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Welcome Tony ... nothing wrong with box stock builds. Your work looks good in the one photo 👍. American here mostly WW2 and Cold war aircraft, but starting back into the steel box with tracks things again. If i can help with anything just ask.

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Hello Tony.

I have always liked that type of display. Sadly I threw away the box when the kit was built  stuck together with copious amounts of Britfix77 and painted with gloss Humbrol or Airfix paint.

It appears that the boxes themselves are now in demand.


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