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Finemolds 1-72 X-wing

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Until very recently I didn't even own a single Star Wars kit - pretty much for the same reason that I don't own any German Armour kits, so many people build them that I don't feel the urge to join in... until now that is.


I picked this up on eBay a few weeks ago and when it arrived I thought it looked very nice so since we are doing "Anniversaries" as our Telford theme, what better way to commemorate the 40th Anniversary than to take the plunge and build some Star Wars! So lets start with this...




Nice decal sheel - I love that they give you clean and damaged versions of the markings




Japanese instructions... oookay...




English ones!




Construction is fairly strightforward so it didn't take long (ie pretty much a single evening) to get to this stage




The R2 unit and the detail strip behidn the pilot is nice




and paints up very well




I have begin painting and will be doing some paint chipping effects, so more on this later...

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Great start on the R2 Unit and pilot.

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Well work has been progressing and I've been forgetting to take photos so here are some from today and yesterday where I'm indulging in a spot of weathering and final construction...


Main components have been painted, weathered and some decals applied:




and today the wings, rear engine exhausts and wing-tip probes went on and a hole drilled in bottom for the acrylic rod to support it




Did quite a bit of weathering and this photo almost looks like I've overdone it, but it looks better in real life:




Still need to sort out the inside of the engine exhausts as they are looking a bit too bland!




Will finish off the smaller decals tomorrow and they take the canopy off again and get the framing painted - the kit provides a decal for the frame but I'm more than capable of masking and spraying it :)


The base has been started as well... you'll NEVER guess what the base will consist of ;)

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Claycrete and cotton wool? :D


X-Wing looking good, the gold engines are a bit different.



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lordy dordy - that X wing has seen some serious imperial damage - looks like it took the whole empire on itself - that's some serious weathering you have going on there Mr P


Good to see you finally leaving Tracy Island and temporarily joining the Alliance - the Force will be strong this year at Telford..

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