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Aliens Power Loader - Halcyon 1/12 - FINISHED!

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Old decals, scoop them out of the water 

using the paper they came on. 

Put spit on the model, slide them on.

Used like this, spit is slidier than a slidey thing.

This is looking very good indeed.

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looks really superb - I love your working environment too - lots of stuff going on all around


very nice model - looking forward to the end result once the figure is ready

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Thanks for the nice feedback guys, it inspires me to do a good job!


Great spittle tip, Pete! It works in the mask when snorkelling so why not here! I'll give it a go when I tackle my next Halcyon kit with crusty old decals, I've got the Narcissus, Dropship, and Sulaco in the stash, and I'm sure their decals will be in the same condition.


As for the mess around me, Gimme, having all those half started projects is something I'm trying to get under control, I really need to concentrate on one project at a time. I've got a half started Bandai mini Millenium Falcon, a Screamin' Freddy Krueger, and a paint it yourself Stormtrooper helmet that was in the kids' craft aisle at Kmart on the bench. I need to stop starting kits.


And I'm afraid I won't be doing the Ripley figure, it's just too hideous. I'm going to have it as a waiting-to-be-used Power Loader. Although I do have a Bandai 1/12 Sand Trooper and a Scout Trooper, maybe they'd like to go for a ride?

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Quick update, here she is all weathered up. I was worried I’d gone too far, but then I rewatched the first powerloader scene, and Spunkmeyer’s loader is filthy as, so I think I’m alright. 




Just need need to do a bit of scratch building to finish her off, which will be my first time doing any. There’s the toe buckles, the safety harness, the blowtorch cables, and the light to do. Then I reckon I can all it quits!

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I was a bit worried about the tone of the yellow when you first started laying it down, but it has come out looking pretty good. :thumbsup:

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Thanks, chaps! Another quick update. Did a bit of scratch building, my first attempt! 


Took the the bulb out of an old nightlight of my daughter. Used that as the light up top, it’s a bit large, but looks quite good. No room for the turny bit, not that you’d really notice it. Also added the foot straps. Found a bit of old ribbon and painted it, then glued it in, simple!






Then I got some old wires to make the blowtorch cables/hoses. Rummaged around in the unused parts of my King Tiger kit and found some little connector parts for the bottom of the blowtorch and the connection point round the back. Then I used some rubbery plastic covering the head of an alligator clip to recreate the zip ties. Couldn’t put on as many as Ripley’s powerloader had as the PE parts were in the way, but this isn’t her loader anyway. 









So not much left to do, make the safety harness, paint all the tubing and then assemble! 





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Cheers, guys.


Well, she’s finished! I made a safety harness out of some ribbon, a couple of bits from a stug and a king tiger to make a buckle, and some unused PE parts for lengthening/shortening bits. It looked really good, but then I accidentally bashed it whilst drunkenly handling it, and thought I was sober enough to fix it properly. I ended up overdoing it on the superglue, so now it’s all a bit patchy and wonky. Oh well, still doesn’t look too bad. So here’s a few pics of the harness:









And here’s a little walkaround of the finished loader.


















And here are a few close ups.










One from up top 




And one with a dark background to make it stand out. I should really do these pics with a nice background, not just on my dirty old desk!




So thanks for looking guys and following along. It’s taken me a while, and I’m really looking forward to working on something else!





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