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Yes THAT red triplane.

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FredG    51

It is frequently described as Blood Red. so easy colour to match.  Just p r i c k your finger.

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Jeff.K    20

have to agree with Beardie on the most likely pigment being iron oxide. the photos of the relics bear this out. that would qualify as "blood red" (considering that blood is red from oxygen meeting iron). that said there's a distinct possibility that the pigment was rose madder based or that the painters used more than one red (basically whatever they could find). 

the dope would yellow and craze (causing the appearance of fading) rather quickly i've been told. so it would cause an orange-ish brown-ish cast (or accentuate it; red oxide already has an element of brown to it). i would expect samples that look more brownish today to have looked more orange-ish back in the day. 

over at theaerodrome.com, there are several threads where they hotly debate what the actual color was, and they show photos of the fabric samples. the most interesting sample is from the bottom of the aircraft where it flaked off to reveal the blue underneath. there are some patches where the dope too has flaked off, leaving the blue paint. where there's dope it's turquoise and where there's no dope it's sky blue. 


i don't know that there is any certainty that 425/17 was field painted but his other aircraft were. the consensus seems to be that it, too was. that is based on the fact that there are no records of it being factory painted red, and there should have been if it was. there is probably even some debate as to whether the photos of 425/17 are actually 425/17, and not some other of his red tripes, but these photos all look like the kite had a smooth, professional paint job. no sloppy brush marks etc. Compare to photos of 152/17 or any red Albatros he flew, where overpainted markings are clearly visible. so to my eye even if it was most likely field painted, this kite got special attention and was probably spray painted. 


in my experience red oxide as a pigment is very strong and has good hiding power, but that would depend a lot on the medium. the paint underneath in many samples of Richtofen's kites seems to affect the visible color quite a bit.  425/17 looks very nicely finished in comparison. 

my approach to this dilemma, when i do 425/17, will most likely be to use this: http://mrpaint.sk/farby/WWI?product_id=331


and then, after adding the markings, spray the whole thing with a faint hazy yellow ochre both to simulate the dope and tone down the color to simulate atmospheric perspective (i like to scale down the viewing distance too, and colors grey out and get less contrasty with distance).

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Twobad    43

The finish on Richthofen's DR.1 was surprisingly good.




The distinctive paint flaking around the cockpit indicates this was 425/17.


Note also that the aircraft weight table, usually shown on the port side just below the cockpit, is definitely absent on this aircraft. Though the Revell box art on this kit shows it there.


There are also conflicting views on whether the actual aircraft number "Fok. DR1 425/17" was painted on this aircraft. Paul Leaman in his "Fokker Dr.1 Triplane - A World War One Legend"* shows it as not being there, while A E Ferko in his book "Richthofen" has it there but showing through the red top coat having been over painted, so somewhat indistinct. It certainly wasn't clearly painted on in the manner adopted in most decals provided for this aircraft.


* The Paul Leaman book is 'the bible' on the Dr.1 but out of print now and can be pricey to get hold of. It is by far the best reference I've come across for this aircraft though.

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stevej60    15,411

Some great info coming to light folk's,It's hard to get a decent picture to show the darker shade of red I've mixed and differing shades

on various surfaces here's a none enhanced photo without light,interesting that the weight table may not be on this aircraft as the

decal is large and the other clear backed ones were a nightmare,the let down for me will be the prop I just can't master natural wood!

I'm building Revell's ancient 1/28 kit.



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Jeff.K    20

Looking good, Steve. keep it glossy, photos suggest that's the way forward. if the color's accurate yours has a nice hint of orange, suggesting the dope. 

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