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Academy 1/48 F-15D "Baz" update 5-8-2017

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Arniec    3,140
Posted (edited)

Hi Guys,


I have got two models in the stash. Both are 1/48 Academy kits( F-15E &F15I). As I have understand is the F-15E more a D version than a E. So for this Groups Build I will build the E into a D.

I have got a Blackbox cockpit for a E, b ut that will be no problem as it was intended for the revell kit and they say you use the instrument panels from that kit.

I will have a look if I can find a reasonall priced eduard etch set. otherwise I will use the kit parts.


As I have got a Cutting edge decal sheet for Israeli F-15's I will use these. O, if you think what a Baz is than that is the name the Israeli's gave the F-15C and D's. It translate into Falcon.

I will build the F-15D called "Sky Blazer". It is from 106 squadron and was stationed at Tel Nov in Israel.This airplane hase got downed five Syrian migs and it will be painted in the standard USAF Ghost Gray scheme (FS 36375 and FS 36320). At least I will try.


Here are some pictures of what is in the box.

The box art 


The content. As you can see there are some parts from the sprue loose, but it is unstarted. I bought it a few years from a friend and it was already like this. 

And it was cheap (typical Dutch as I am).


The cockpitset from black box.


And the nice decals from the Cutting edge set CED48005.


And the scheme I will be using.


And some books I have from the F-15. It is not much, but I think it will be enough for this build. Otherwise there is always the internet.:)



I hope to start this build soon.



Edited by Arniec

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Arniec    3,140

Here is finally the update of what has been done this week.


This is a picture of the resin cockpit. It was intended for the Revell kit, so there are some modefications to do. Luckely they are minor.


It is a nice looking cockpit. Only a pity they didn't include the instrument panels. So now I have to use the ones from the kit as there is no upgrade set for a B or a D version from Eduard (to my knowledge).

Here I test-fitted it to see if there were much difficulties.   


It showed up that the back-part of the fuselage needed to be thinned and also the resin part that connects there was sanded a bit. I also needed to shave of a small amount of the backseat side panels to get a good fit. But overal it was not bad.


I also test fitted the exhausts.


I also had to plug some holes in the fuselage for the pods that are hanged there on the E but not needed on the D.


The intakes was a big job to do. There were loads of press points that needed to be removed/filled.


here is a intake done (top) and one not (bottom)


after putting them together there will be still a lot to do, as they aren't a good fit.

I also put the intake trunks together


As there is a big seam on the inside that is almost impossible to get rid of I have decided to close them with some covers. I have got some ordered online.

so I moved on and builded the main fuselage.


I needed some clamping, but nothing special. And here is she as of now with the air brake fitted and also the fuselage plug for a two seater.



I also did today the wings and plugged the holes for the outside pylons that are not on a D.

I only forgot to take pictures.:doh:


That is it for now.



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Hewy    1,599

Good start, nice job making the cockpit fit arnold, looks like some work ahead on those ejector pin marks, i  see the Israeli f15s kept their  turkey feathers. 



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Arniec    3,140

Friday I have got the intake covers (eduard) and some quickboost resin seats. The resin seats are a replacement for the ones that were in the cockpit set as the Israeli's used the early seat till they were replaced with the later ones when they got the Ra'am.

The seats (escapac) I use are originaly for the A-4.


Hope to do some work this week.



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