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Paul A H

Do 17Z-2 Photo Etch for ICM Kit - 1:72 Eduard

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Do 17Z-2 Photo Etch

1:72 Eduard




This suite of photo etched goodies represents Eduard's offering for the recently released ICM Dornier Do 17Z-2 kit. In the usual Eduard style, there is a general set for the interior and exterior, a set for the bomb bay and a set for the landing flaps. The seat belts are on a seperate fret, which seems somewhat strange given that most modellers are unlikely to buy the general interior/exterior set without also wanting to invest in a set of harnesses.



Do 17Z-2






This set contains one fret of pre-painted, nickel-plated brass plus another in bare brass. Included on the first fret is  a new pre-painted instrument panel made up from laminations to give a 3D look to the dials. A number of similar parts are included to provide detail to the sidewalls. The throttle quadrant is skinned with a more detailed pre-painted part, and has various levers added to the slots to give the area more life. The pilot's seat is updated with floor plates, while a cople of the other crew seats are relplaced in their entirety. The outside of the airframe benefits from a host of parts for the main landing gear bays, while the landing gear legs also received extra details and brake lines. Ignition wiring is provided to bring the radial engines to life, and there are ring and bead sights for the defensive machine guns. A replacement DF loop is also included on this fret.





Do 17Z-2 Seatbelts




This set includes seatbelts for the crew in flexible steel, pre-painted for realism. I guess the different material explains why they aren't included on the general set detailed above. Having said that, they should be easier to form to the seats than the old brass belts, which tended to suffer damage to the painted finish if manipulated too much.





Do 17Z-2 Bomb Bay




Consisting of a single brass fret, this set adds missing detail to the bomb bay. It includes the intricate latticework inside the bays and wing structure, plus hinge and structural details for the bay doors. Complete bomb "ladder" racks are included too, which will add substantial detail within the bomb bay. Replacement balistic tails are included for the bombs, along with a template to help ensure they are correctly aligned. The relief on the fins is pressed out using the tip of a ball-pen before they are added to the bomb bodies.





Do 17Z-2 Landing Flaps




Another single large fret containing all the parts necessary to mobilise the flaps that take up the rear of the wing inboard of the ailerons. The flaps themselves fold up from relatively few parts, so they will be a lot easier to build than they look. Some plastic will need to be removed from the kit, however, so measure twice and cut once. The upper-rearmost part of each of the engine/landing gear nacelles will also have to be removed in order to deploy these parts.







Together, these sets include pretty much everything you could want in order to super-detail ICM's fine new kit. The lack of harnesses in the general interior/exterior fret is slightly disappointing, but can be explained by the use of different material which should be better suited to their use. Overall this set is up to Eduard's usual high standards and can therefore be highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of 


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