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Lee Chambers

1/48 Meng Messerschmitt Me410A-1

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Hi guys, I'm not usually an aircraft builder however I decided to incorporate a diorama into this build and have a go at adding an electric motor to one of the engines, also this is my first attempt at modelling a grass base. I wanted a patchy and worn looking effect where a lot of work seems to have been carried out under the plane and the grass has suffered for it. I hope you like the results.



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As I said in the Aircraft RFI, this really is superb and deserves to be in the Diorama, so thanks for sharing it here as well!

The photos taken outside are particularly fantastic.. the natural light making everything look very realistic.

That grass is pretty good as well for a first time attempt. I do wonder if you can get away with 'static grass' at that scale? You could get away with a few tufts of the stuff at least. 


I hope you don't mind me mentioning one negative, which I'm SURE you are aware of... and that's the bad mould line across the pilot's helmet and running down his neck and arms? (You could just delete that next to last photo and I wouldn't have noticed!

I'm guessing you had intended to have the canopy closed so you weren't worried about it, then you changed your mind and opened it. I mention this because I can't see any other such oversights, and it seems very inconsistent with the rest of your work.






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Thanks Badder,i did intend to have the cockpit open,but the Meng kit had no crew,so this guy was robbed from a Tamiya Mossie kit,not the best quality figure,actually the seam isn't that noticeable in reality,the daylight was very low and it was more obvious with the light angle hitting it,guess i should have sanded it back a bit more,camera leaves no hiding place for sloppy finishing LOL !

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That looks superb Lee. Fantastic models and scene. Nice use of the motor too. Very well done. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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Thats very nice! I really like that . Nice caretta of poses that a fluid together. 


Maybe a ladder near the plane? How did the engineers managed to remove the engine cover without It?



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Cheers mate !,I did consider a ladder,but did not want to over clutter the scene,and besides it's only made of aluminium so i am sure there were enough burly lads to manhandle it on and off without too me hassle.

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