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Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

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I have some photographs that a friend sent me. He's in the police and keen on aviation. He asked me not to share them on social media but they show the aircraft being hoisted out of the crops onto the HGV. The damage is reasonably extensive but from a distance nothing looks to be especially serious on the fuselage. Nevertheless it all adds up to a lot of repair work.


Something to keep in mind as an object lesson is G-RNFH (the RNHF Hawker Sea Fury T.20) which suffered an engine failure, an undercarriage collapse and a short and fairly gentle slide along the grass albeit knocking down a marker sign beside the runway. 3 YEARS later from what was in the grand scheme of things fairly light damage it is presently undergoing engine runs getting ready to fly again. It has been worked on by a professional team and is relatively well financed. Granted, the airframe was mostly ready last year and since then they have been rebuilding a Bristol Centaurus which isn't such a problem for a Packard Merlin powered aircraft, but the point is that these "simple" repairs tend to take longer than 99% of people expect.


Still, it's as happy an outcome as it could ever really be. The pilot has climbed out unaided and seems fine and Miss Velma shall fly again - of that I have no doubt. In contrast N251PW - 1944 P-51D "Baby Duck" crashed yesterday claiming the lives of pilot Vlado Lenoch and his passenger Bethany Root in Kansas. What the families and friends of these two would give for Baby Duck to be sat on its belly in a field with a few dents, a bashed wingtip and a bent propeller with Ms Root and Mr Lenoch standing beside it contemplating their day.


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