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British Army Diamond T Tank Transporter Project

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Bullbasket    1,709
On ‎06‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 19:20, Bonkin said:

This is my first vehicle build... previously I've always done aircraft. What it is doing though is giving me a fine appreciation of how much harder vehicle builds are to aircraft :).

Can I have that engraved onto granite please? Seriously, I know what you mean. I was an aircraft builder for more than 30 years before coming over to the dark side, and I definitely agree with you.

Really impressed with what you've done to this so far.

With regards to materials to use for the canvas, I have a couple of suggestions. If you at going down the route of soaking something in dilute PVA glue, chose a material with reasonably fine texture, such as Kleenex tissues. I also use the paper towels on a roll used to clean up in workshops. Another alternative is pewter foil. It can be purchased on a roll, cut with scissors and moulded to whatever shape that you want. Finally, there's good old Milliput rolled flat and cut to size.




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secu54    1

I missed some updates, still verry nice job. As a plane modeller who never tried big scale vehicles I can't say anythings about the difficulty. But I really enjoyed painting and wearhering on 1/72 tanks.



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louiex2    328
Posted (edited)

One Mystery Solved...


I got curious about the two mystery apparatus (apparati?) at the front on each side of the hood and by searching the web, I've found our answer: Trailer Brake Couplers. These units were located on both the front and rear, apparently so two trucks could be hooked together. The manual has all the details and photos on pages 318-320. Thank you Will (aka Killingholme) for the link.


Here's a link with some close-up photos of a restored T981: http://www.primeportal.net/transports/jon_arnold/diamond_t_model_t981/   The photo comment says they are post war additions which evidently is not the case. My best guess is, since all the post-war trucks photos I found show the left one painted red and the right painted yellow (probably a modern safety regulation) that may be source of the owner’s confusion.  However, that still does not address Bonkin's comment that the photos of his father's rig do not have them. Perhaps they were removed by the 1950s.


On a side note, fire extinguishers on the T981 were standard one quart hand pumped carbon- tetrachloride type. From all accounts, they were primarily there for decoration and so the safety officers could say each vehicle had a fire extinguisher. 


I couldn't find anything specific about the other mystery item, but I think Will is correct that they are davits.  The manual recommends putting lifting rings on cement ballast blocks and using the winch to get them in and out, but, in typical government fashion does not say how.  


I hope this helps a bit- I'm not expert on the T-381, so if someone has better information, I'm not offended by being corrected.


Lou in Utah

Edited by louiex2

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