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Dang, I had talked myself out of buying in January, but reading recent comments on this thread has  changed that and I now have one of the moebius discovery kits on its way to me from US.  I regret not buying the fine  molds millenium falcon kits when they were available





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The 4k release of 2001:

I hope they go back to the 70MM B/W triple masters CMY and make the 4K from that, as the details will be much better than the 35mm master. The Blu-Ray release was done from the 35mm master.  I got to see 2001 in London at the only cinerama curved screen left, but the projection set up was poor, 4K at home on a 55in+ OLED would be as good ,if not better, Stanley would have loved that. 

Yes, I recommend snapping up the kit ,even if it breaks the bank, and you wont build it just yet,  I have had to search a lot for other very good Chinese made kits as they disappear very quickly.

I started work as a draughtsman in  electronics in 1970 and several of the engineers I worked with left their jobs in 1965-6 to work with Stanly K on the movie, then just went back to their old jobs afterwards. LED displays were just in, but you can see Nixie tube numerals in the space bus consoles, that was as good as it was in those days. Also lots of Honewell lit rocker and press-swithches in the space pod. The screens were 16mm films.   The model makers detailing is described in a number of books, but the book : 2001 file; Harry Lange,  by Christoper Frayling has several paragraphs describing how the spacecraft were detailed. p74/75 give the best detail in black/white of the paneling of the Discovery command module.  and p.234/5 for the rear view. I get a feeling that not all the drawings in the book were by HL, the interior of the command module for example, also some seem to be done by a different hand, and may be edited to improve the contrast from the pencil originals. 

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aha, that FantsticPlastic space station is very small, about 8in in dia. around 1/1400 to 1/2800 or so. 

Glueman is re-working an old Luna Models Discovery  on Britmodeler,  that I had about 15 years ago, Here is a picture of the command module when it was painted:




I stripped the paint off before I sold it, and it was not a bad  rendering, but nowhere as good as the Mobeius version.



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