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Northrop Delta - 1:72 Azur FRROM

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Northrop Delta

1:72 Azur FR.ROM





The Delta was designed by Jack Northrop alongside the the Gamma in 1932 when the Northrop Corporation was set up with as a joint venture with The Douglas Aircraft Company. The Gamma was to be a mail plane where the Delta was to be a passenger transporter. It was a low wing monoplane with a fixed undercarriage. The wings were common to both aircraft with the Delta having a wider fuselage for the passengers with the pilot being seated upfront behind the engine fighter plane style. Space behind was for 8 passengers.  The Delta flew in 1933 but suffered from a change in the regulations in the USA which prohibited single engined aircraft from carrying passengers at night, or over rough terrain. Only three aircraft were made before this regulation came into place with the first being used by TWA, the second by Pan-Am's Mexican subsidiary and the third to AB Aerotransport of Sweden. A single example was built for the US Coastguard and 7 more were built as executive transports. Of these three were purchased by the Spanish Republicans for use in the civil war there. Two of these were captured by the Republicans and used by them. The third was later used by the Republican Airline LAPE until the end of the war when it was also handed over to the Air Force.


In addition to the US Built examples the Delta was built under license by Canadian Vickers where it was used as a photographic survey aircraft by the RCAF. The first example was supplied to Vickers by Northrop part assembled, and 19 examples were then built by them. This would be the first all metal stressed skin aircraft to be built in Canada. These aircraft were capable of being used with wheels, skis and floats although the latter was not a success due to corrosion issues. Delta were used for anti-submarine patrols in early WWII, but were withdrawn to training roles by 1941.


The Kit
The kit has 4 main sprues of injected plastic , and a clear sprue. The plastic is more limited run than main stream, the parts are well moulded with restrained panel lines, however there are a lot of ejector pins to clean up, all though on unseen surfaces. Construction starts without any surprises with the cockpit. The single cockpit for the pilot sits in the middle of the fuselage slightly higher than the main cabin floor. The rudder pedals are moulded to the cockpit floor, the side consoles are added along with the pilots seat. The instrument panel is then added along with the control column. Next up the 8 passenger seats are added to the main cabin floor. The cockpit and main cabin floor can then be added into the main fuselage along with the rear cabin bulkhead. Lastly before closing up the main fuselage the cabin windows need to be added. One correction here is that if you are building C/N7 then this aircraft had an enlarged door with one of the cabin windows removed to make way for it. Ffrom provide details for filling the window and door panel lines, along with a template to scribe a new door in.




Once the main fuselage is together the engine is added to the front of the fuselage. The wings can now be added. These have a main full span lower wing with left & right uppers. Once the main wing is on the tail planes can also be added. The Spats and enclosed wheels are then built up and added to the main wing. To finish up the exhausts, tail wheel, aerial, pitot tube and propeller are added.





Decals - Civilian Version
This boxing of the kit gives three choices of markings, all in BMF.


  • C/N 7, SE-ADI "Halland" used by AB Aerotransport Sweden, 1934-37
  • C/N 3, X12292, TWA 1933, LA to Kanas City
  • C/N 4, X-ABED, Aerovias Centrales (Pan-AM) 1933-34. LA to Mexico City.




Decals - Delta Over Spain
This boxing of the kit gives three choices of markings, all in BMF.


  • C/N 7, ED-AGC LAPE airline, Spanish, ex AB Aerotransport Sweden. 1937-1938
  • C/N 7, ED-AGC LAPE airline, Spanish, ex AB Aerotransport Sweden. 1938-1939
  • C/N7, now 43-18 Spanish Air Force 1939-45




All decals are by Aviprint, look to have good colour density and be in register.

This is another left of field release from FFROM of an lesser well known but good looking aircraft from the earlier years of civil aviation. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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Thanks for the review. Is the scribing template for the new door printed on paper or is it something in a hard material? Interesting that of the six decal versions available, four need the model to be converted.

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The template is like vinyl masking material, the instructions state it can be stuck on to create the door, once one of the windows are filled.



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Great review Julien, many thanks and I'm very pleased to see that (Special Hobby)/Azur Frrom have released this.


It has rendered my (very!) old Dekno kits in the stash worthless, but I can live with that, they weren't one of 'old' Dekno's best.


They are also bringing out a boxing for US and RAAF (and later in the year, one for Canadian service).


I've seen a review elsewhere that must be incorrect, as it says all of the first three boxings have the same parts.


The RAAF/ US boxing would need different fuselage halves to the boxings reviewed above, or at least fuselage top as it has the more usual two seater cockpit, unlike the quite unusual single seat 1/C.


I wondered if you had seen the US/RAAF boxing yet Julien, and if so how they have tackled the two person cockpit?


Best regards


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No sorry not seen the 3rd boxing, but I am sure it will arrive in due time. 


Looking at the sprues I would suggest they have a new fuselage in there as these two only have the single cockpit. I kind of like the look with a single fighter cockpit up front.



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I'm waiting for the RCAF version.




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