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Avia B-71 - ICM 1/72

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CedB    27,891
8 hours ago, Procopius said:

I do rather like the "washed-out" look of the underbelly at a slight distance. Well done, Ced, a tricky kit few would have the courage to attempt -- or persevere with.


Thanks PC! :) I'm still saving that Beau you sent me for a time when I've built something and made no mistakes. It may be a while...


7 hours ago, Leonl said:

Nice work Ced. 


I do like a dirty bird.....


I'm glad that you've done this one as I don't the attention span to follow 2 Ced builds simultaneously!  


Thanks Leon :D I won't be doing two at a time again I don't think - they get in each others way too much.


6 hours ago, TonyTiger66 said:

There seems to be some wobbly worry about this one. I'm flummoxed. Because I think it's really good!


its quite feasible that it had a dirty day and the yellow got a bit streaky.


It's a trainer and I bet they were used quite intensively from muddy airstrips.


Well done on a unique and difficult kit Ced; it's a win, come back in a few weeks and you'll like it again and want to fondle it :D.


All the best



Thanks TT - I'm glad you like it! I've put it with the Spitfires, still waiting for me to decide how to hang them, in the hope some of the love will rub off. Maybe.


6 hours ago, giemme said:

Top surface fading looks spot on to me, the bottom is a good first try, you'll get the hang of this kind of weathering in a short time. Great saves on the Balkenkreuz! :clap::clap: 




Thanks Giorgio :) 


4 hours ago, bbudde said:

Halalala.  Looking good now so far ( top side of course!). Leave it as it is by now for a couple of days and watch at it again. If you like it, then leave it as it is . If not, John ( the Spadgent) would explain to you for a little yellow overlay again. An oil wash would have been easier, as you can wash it away, to which you like. It also deepen the colour, without make it dirty too much. Anyway

Ps. I'm  a bit surprised, that my english is getting better after alcohol and my german is  getting worse

Anyway I'm out now and couldn't resist to post that:


[U2 video snipped]


Thanks Benedikt - thanks for the music and enjoy Shrove Monday!

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