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Humbrol acrylics - gaps in range

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Yes, another Humbrol Acrylics question from me. When I was still using enamels, I came very close to finalising a complete (personal, approximate) colour match chart for Humbrol colours to the various kind of things I work on. Unfortunately, switching to acrylics has thrown some of this out of the window because Humbrol don't have equivalents for all their enamels. 


Do we know if Hornby are actively working on expanding the range to fill existing gaps and any timescales on this?


Alternatively, I've bought some Xtracrylics from Hannants and am generally impressed with how they paint on and turn out. I'd be happy to use these to fill gaps, if someone can help me with matches? Xtracrylics don't seem to have a full colour chart and it's hard to guess shade by name.


Off the top of my head, some of the key Humbrol enamels that I can't find in Acrylic (and therefore need a substitute for) are:


77 Navy Blue

112 Field Blue

133 Brown

144 Intermediate Blue

145 Medium Grey



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May I add these colours:


31 Slate Grey

72 Khaki Drill

105 Marine Green

149 Dark Green

150 Forest Green

159 Khaki Drab


Best wishes,



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Some Vallejo equivalents :



77,   70.898 Dark Sea Blue FS35042

112, 70.868 Dark Sea Green FS36118

133, 70.843 Cork Brown with a satin varnish FS20215

144, 70.903 Intermediate Blue FS35164

72,  70.987 Medium Grey FS36306

159, 70.924 Russian Uniform WWII FS34127

157, 70.904 Dark Blue Grey FS35189

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Thank you. I don't plan to branch out into another brand of paint but the FS numbers were very useful. Seems Xtracrylix 1005 Extra Dark Sea Grey is close to Humbrol 112. Humbrol's own Ocean Grey, Dark Sea Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey to me look too neutral grey but from pictures online the Xtracrylix versions of those colours look like they have a nice blue tint, which is whay I'm looking for (and what I used to achieve with those dull dark blues I listed).


The general theme here is I'm looking for medium and dark grey-blues where Humbrol seem to only have neutral greys or straight up strong blues.

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