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Oliver d

1/72 scale light aircraft

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On 2017-01-24 at 10:02 AM, Flyboy72nd said:

They were part of the 'Spin Kit' mods that added to our (RCAF) Muskets in the '73 - '74 time frame. I arrived at the base in the middle of this mod. The parts were; the strakes on the upper cowling & fuse, 2 triangles added to the LE of the stabilator at the fuse and the fin under the tail, that at least one instructor used like a tail wheel!?!??? It was damaged so bad it had to be removed and taken to workshops for repair!! You can just see the stabilator strakes in the pic of '238.

I have a couple of these to finish my solo birds, my first solo bird was made from the Piper Cherokee Arrow by Airfix!

Ah, perhaps they weren't added to the Musketeer IIs which entered service in the 1980s, which would account for the fact that they're not visible in some photos.

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Hmm, not being entirely positive but reasonably sure that 238 was a Musket II and you can see the 'kit', so my answer would all RCAF Musketeers had the spin kit. Yes, final answer.

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On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 1:41 PM, Jessica said:

According to Aviation Megastore, Aero Modell also does Cherokee 140s and 180s to put beside the Musketeers.

Wish someone would do tapered wing versions of the cherokees. They've been standard since the late 1970s!

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On 12/24/2016 at 1:21 PM, alancmlaird said:

Don't forget Airfix's SAL Bulldog - civil examples are around, or not too difficult conversions to a Beagle Pup. Search also for Dujun - French manufacturer with a big range of light aircraft in resin. Also there are Zlin and Yak aerobatic lightplanes, plus a recent Stampe SV4C and Piper Pawnee. Heller has a Messerschmitt 108 that can become the civil Nord equivalent, and a Saab Safir. Kits For Cash had a Grob and some others I think.
The old Aurora kits in odd scales were Piper Apache 1/64th, Aero Commander and Beech 18 in about 1/78th and 1/84th respectively.

With the old Frog (etc) Proctor and Magister kits plus bit of imagination and a lot of filler can produce almost the whole Miles and Percival civil ranges.

Pretty rare now are 'Monty's' Miles Messenger (maker's name eludes me!), and of course the same aircraft in vac-form from Aeroclub -who also did some oher pre-war light aircraft.

 Kits For Cash  have sold out of the Grob and Tutor and wont be producing any more unfortunately.

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