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Three tenths of a second before the music died

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cambridge    265
Posted (edited)

i think it's not distasteful.  i mean he is depicting an historical fact in the end in a respecting way, he is not making fun of them or being morbid about it showing gory details or things like those.  He may have chosen to depict the very moment of the impact, with the fireball, the plane losing parts and so on, would have been much more spectacular, but one may find it edgy and morbid.  But this i think is also quite evocative, it's a diorama that makes you think about what you're seeing and i think is always a good thing and it also raise emotions, wich again i think is a good thing.


I think also is a good thing this discussion emerged from it i find it interesting to see where everyone draws the line. 


One could find distasteful the whole fact that people have fun playing around with scale model of military machines designed to kill people and that produced a lot of suffering around the world  or find distasteful that people are entertained and have fun watching movies depicting a traumatic event like the d-day landing or even worse playing war videogames, they may have a point but we actually don't care.


Why this would exactly be different? i mean i've heard someone saying these being civilians and not military would be a reason.

Well he should consider many of the military during ww1 or ww2 weren't volounteers, they were forced to go in the army, possibly not even fighting for their country ( like soldiers from british colonies or from german occupied countries  ) and they would have loved to stay at home but they had no choice. Does that makes it distasteful than? 

is building a B-17 or a Lancaster Bomber or the B-29 Enola Gay distasteful considering they were used to deliberately bomb civilians trying to get the higer number of kills they could get in order to spread terror and lower morale but building a Sopwith camel not because of the romantic idea of dogfights cavalry?

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Ed Russell    975

Well executed diorama. Sad but not tasteless. That's just my opinion - others are quite entitled to their opinions too.

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