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Scratchbuild of a Lancia D50

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Only found this thread now but I regret not having seen this earlier, a fantastic job !

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17 hours ago, BeastieBoy73 said:

That is a magnificent model. It's early days for me with regards model building but I have my lates Grandfathers Cowells lathe gathering dust that I'd love to think could be used to build even just one part of a model like yours.


He built a 3.5" Gauge live steam train (same as the one below) using the lathe so I'm hoping some of his skills have rubbed off on me. So far, any skills that he may have passed on have remained very hidden...




BB73 ... glad you like my D50.    A lathe can open the door to scratchbuilding some nice parts so, have a go on some scrap materials.  Lots of good how-to videos out there.   I hadn't touched a lathe since high school (1951) but it's mostly common sense once you work out how the bits move!   A live steam model is an impressive piece of model engineering.    Raises the bar WAY above scratch building.   I have some idea of what it takes to build a locomotive having made a display model of one ... Flying Scotsman.   And now I've started another!  :o

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