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Eugeny Knupfer

1/72 Polikarpov I-3 - work in progress

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My old project which was started more than two years ago has undergone a sort of renaissance recently, and it's finally starting to look like it will actually be released.

The subject is the Soviet biplane fighter I-3, developed by Nikolai Polikarpov. It was produced in significant numbers and served in Soviet Air Force for several years in the late 1920s and early 1930s.


The model was build using old-fashioned modelling techniques without employing 3D modelling and printing (except for one part).


9914100934_84ca380718_m.jpg 9914102764_aaacd03da2_m.jpg 9914018355_018ed45cff_m.jpg 9914192433_2253cacffb_m.jpg 9914100414_13d4d4b8b7_m.jpg 9914192303_9e12e3f948_m.jpg 9914020295_96c750be36_m.jpg 9914053776_a980ae8d8d_m.jpg 9914191863_9c7575d93e_m.jpg 9914020265_4f52ea9e20_m.jpg 9914101704_4b6fc00bbc_m.jpg 9914018895_d380209052_m.jpg 9914018755_6c1b8d15af_m.jpg 9914018195_a6737a8f9a_m.jpg 9914052036_2d58728965_m.jpg 10269532574_9bc009fdbc_m.jpg 10269533074_32f75120d3_m.jpg 10269620906_c230cccf4e_m.jpg 10269630805_fbd26f74ef_m.jpg

Tail surfaces.

9914187215_2ab96e7d2d_m.jpg 9914187075_005cb9a297_m.jpg 9914270124_e8f28a8f45_m.jpg 9914363313_0700837f6c_m.jpg 9914186445_a6426ee6b3_m.jpg 9914186225_e3afacdd22_m.jpg 24282846972_8fae6e8c2c_m.jpg 23762876914_5802a75f07_m.jpg 24282846902_c783dd7116_m.jpg 24095458210_a2aa8f1a02_m.jpg 24364856316_5204a4fa9a_m.jpg 9914222796_8d38d429cb_m.jpg

Lower wing.

9914345473_4df9c7a7a4_m.jpg 9914205606_f27f0ec847_m.jpg 9914252394_8bac817cc2_m.jpg 9914344983_93bbc63797_m.jpg 9914169305_c3b0188340_m.jpg 9914344813_4f9b5d51ff_m.jpg

Upper wing. One of my first experiments with 3D printing. The quality of the printed parts leaves much to be desired, but I managed to use them anyway.

24009620779_852ba7782c_m.jpg 24294917551_570c88e532_m.jpg 23749206884_fd4dd97cd5_m.jpg 24294916471_1aefe6d5f0_m.jpg 24009618709_57d4095d8c_m.jpg 24081802340_2c4ec1856b_m.jpg 24377391385_9138b5ef4e_m.jpg


9914203205_8d97905e1a_m.jpg 9914286184_b7f22b083d_m.jpg 9914378363_856f9202f2_m.jpg 9914237736_303c5834dc_m.jpg 9914377993_2f0fdb1215_m.jpg 9914377713_ebae63ee9a_m.jpg 9914283854_cd54963e1d_m.jpg 9914283834_98ec83c516_m.jpg 9914237646_c3aecb1597_m.jpg


9914371943_36696f597f_m.jpg 9914231126_8443f36b0f_m.jpg 9914371963_703f945897_m.jpg 9914277914_8ca3042f01_m.jpg 9914277834_48aa49a799_m.jpg 9914371563_e9b4e48cbb_m.jpg

Other stuff.

24382514805_7076e565e7_m.jpg 24382514365_5a60e5c207_m.jpg 24086926100_3cd80413a2_m.jpg 23754328964_b45ab5198c_m.jpg 9914216495_6d9c7d2d3d_m.jpg 9914298864_dd36294b70_m.jpg 9914215935_02b4b41a77_m.jpg 9914392933_bdeb04b94f_m.jpg 9914298104_5699bd103b_m.jpg 9914215785_54f9327c62_m.jpg 10269635756_1830ff50a6_m.jpg 10269646405_be4104f759_m.jpg 9914241706_a9a144df49_m.jpg 9914205945_af6edc8c5e_m.jpg 9914382333_7360c83a5e_m.jpg 24023566859_3444e89179_m.jpg 23764586823_725fbbff5b_m.jpg 24308907361_08fce48b6f_m.jpg 24283150882_138aa3a42b_m.jpg 24365162406_79343af020_m.jpg

Sprues (those that are currently completed)

24294953081_0d2111fb36_m.jpg 24294952661_2d9504f4bd_m.jpg 24269208852_9a24f89402_m.jpg 24269208592_016c7b0ab3_m.jpg 24009653659_12acd9186f_m.jpg 24009654569_a9d16b0dc9_m.jpg 24377425805_992ca084ca_m.jpg 24294952311_203eb087ae_m.jpg 24269212052_811a1f98cc_m.jpg 24294954251_76db22a8be_m.jpg 24081836930_f484633b3b_m.jpg 23750616413_08105d121f_m.jpg 23750617043_c3558355e8_m.jpg 24009656589_639cbe02af_m.jpg

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JasonC    649

That's amazing workmanship. Great stuff.


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stringbag    963

Wonderful stuff Eugeny.

Kate Moss will be a little upset to see another match stick getting more exposure than her.


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Learstang    2,088

That is brilliant! How much will this beauty cost in US Dollars?

Best Regards,


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