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A BIG Rolls Royce

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10 hours ago, Endeavor said:

For what it's worth, I think the number of louvers is less important and less noticeable than the distances between the louvers and the front and rear edges of the bonnet panels.


I would guess that the width of the louvers and the spaces between them are too small so Pocher added additional louvers to make the position of the louvers on the panels and the size of the blank spaces on either end appear reasonably accurate.

A perfect statement of the real problem David.

Nothing I will do about those issues at this late stage. But I can make small adjustments and the result, I will be happy to live with.

I don't think Gurney or Nutting will be displeased with me...

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Really creative solutions here Mr. C. I am glad the kit hoods could be adapted to fit. Also the new sides are looking good.  Will be curious how many louvers you go with!

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