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Mosquito Wheels (5 types) - 1:48

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Mosquito Wheels (5 types)
1:48 Ultracast


Ultracast are a well-known Canadian aftermarket company that produce top-quality resin, as well as stocking a range of items from a number of other companies. This month sees them release a gaggle of resin replacement wheels for pretty much all 1:48 De Havilland Mosquitoes, with a variety of tread and hub patterns that should cater for most needs. Casting is first rate, and detail is very crisp indeed, with only a small casting gate to cut through to liberate the wheels from their blocks, which is situated on the very slightly bulged and flattened weighted bottom. A pair of triangular support "wings" are there to assist with casting and the easy removal of bubbles, and there is a little bit of clean-up needed where this intersects the tread pattern.


The five types are as follows:

Spoked wheels, block tread bin-small.jpg
Spoked wheels, diamond tread bin-small.jpg
Standard wheels, Australian Z-block tread bin-small.jpg
Standard wheels, block tread bin-small.jpg
Standard wheels, diamond tread bin-small.jpg

Tread patterns are very well done, and all but the Australian tyres have Goodyear logos, plus tyre data on all sets. The spoked hubs are heavily cut-out to give the illusion of depth, and they even have tiny valve cut-outs with an almost invisible valve cap projecting from the rim. Some very good casting, to be sure!

These sets give the Mosquito modeller a great way to both improve the look of their model, in the Revell kit's case do something about the over-large wheels, and add a little individualism to the finished model. Quality is very good, and once the casting block has been removed they are a drop-in replacement for the kit parts.

Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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Hi Mike

nice photos.

I posted a thread up a while back pointing out how NO 1/48 Mosquito tyres are accurate, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944213-mosquito-tyres-in-148th-are-any-accurate/?hl=%2Bmosquito+%2Btyres

So these are a really useful item.

In photos I looked at when researching the above thread the only ones I have seen have the Standard block tread, I don't know what the Diamond tread pattern was used on [Canadian? ] and I presume the Australian ones are only for the Australian built planes?

No info that I can see on the Ultracast site as to use.

As for getting Ultracast, well, post from Canada is painful for even a couple of items, and then dicing with import charges on a larger order,

so a quick FYI that 3D models seem to be the cheapest place to get Ultracast in the UK, note £1.50 flat post rate.


If items are not in stock Stewart orders on a regular basis so just ask for items.



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