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Mig E8, ART MODEL, 1/72 nd scale

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Hi guys,
Here are some photos of my recently done MIG E 8 from ART MODEL .
Before I bought the kit, I had no idea about the existence of this plane . In fact, the MIG E 8 was derivated from the MIG 21 PF and supposed to prefigure the new generation of russian combat planes for the years to come. 2 prototypes were built around 1962, one being lost in flight, almost killing the pilot. The project was cancelled but led to the MIG 23 fighters, using the same new engine.
ART MODEL already surprised me by the overall good quality and the originality of their kits .The MIG E 8 is another good example.
The kit comes with very well moulded grey plastic parts with nice recessed panel lines, the cockpit tub and the jet exhaust are made of resin, a clear but thick canopy and decals for one prototype :
Putting the kit together was anyway an uneasy task, above all with the air intake, the canopy and fitting the cockpit tub into the fuselage halves but after many test fits, everything went OK. I painted the cockpit interior in light blue-green color, so typical of the russian planes and the dashboard black. A silver drybrush enhanced the details. The ejection seat was painted black with dry brushed details. The inside of the air intake was painted aluminium.
Fitting the wings and the stabilators was easier but the location of the rear airscoops was very unclear so I hunted for some pictures on internet to confirm their exact position and I did the same to see how the plane "sits" on the ground.
Gluing the canard wings and the canopy were a nightmare and the worst part of the assembly.
I noticed on the pictures of the real plane that there is a black line surrounding the opening part of the canopy wich is not shown on the ART MODEL kit.
The inside of the landing gear bays, the innner parts of the landing gears doors and the landing gears were painted Humbrol grey 145.
The wheels hubs dark green and the tires in dark grey (scale effect).
A proper painting of the nicely molded jet exhaust will do it and I just had to insert it into the fuselage after painting the model in Humbrol aluminium .
A view from the front :
Some acrylic paint was put into the recessed panel lines and some panels were painted in darker or lighter aluminium to add some contrast ; the decals were easy to put and no softener was necessry. Finally, a coat of acrylic semi dull varnish was applied to the entire surface of the plane.
I must admit that besides a few fitting problems, ART MODEL has put on the market a nice kit of a very rare plane and I recently purchased their YAK 141 !
Critics and comments welcome,

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Well done on a nice model of a little-known aircraft. It looks good.


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Thank you very much gentlemen.

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