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Found 58 results

  1. Ok, my Zaku Cannon is almost finished, i can start a new project Its not a Mg kit, therefore there is not a lot of parts... let see what will be happen
  2. RGM-96X Jesta 1/100

    My current build is the RGM-96X Jesta, another one of the mobile suites from the Gundam universe. This one will be my first resin conversion kit and it gives the eye popping details Bandai don`t seem to bother with on most of there MG Gundam kits. I have been working on most of the resin parts on and off for a few weeks now and have got to the point were Im adding some paint, so a few pictures to bring you all up to speed. Going together OK so far. After a bath. No idea why I bother as its going to all be cover. A bit of kit bashing going on with the gun, I will be extending the butt and I might change the scope as well. Some gaps it fix. And some nice bright paint, I needed a change after all the drab green on the Zaku tank.Its not the Gundam colours I intended to use for the kit but I like them better. And they look like this painted on. The Valllejo and the XF8 are very simulate bu the vallejo has a bit more purple to it. I might add a bit of white as well in places.
  3. Lets continue with the old but handsome Zaku Cannon
  4. RGC-80 GM cannon

    My little build has just be given a 3rd place for the build off, Im very please with that. Thank you all for entering! There was a great range of skill and concept on show so very well done to everyone who entered. Now to announce winners! Winners are as follows (all very close!): 1st: MrAdam5 - Powered GM Cannon Advance http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=458.0 2nd: naMECHianGunpla - MG 2.0 MS-06-J Zaku Ground Type (Melee Spec) http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=463.0 3rd: Rockpopandchips - RGC-80 GM Cannon http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=437.0 I built this as a build off for over on the http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?board=22.0, it should be a great comp and my first. I hope you like it and any comments welcome. and a few arty ones Im trying out........ and one with my Gonk, in the living room!
  5. My latest build is the 1/100 Dragon Momoko testament Gundam, just a simple build and re paint although I did try out some flip flop colour change paint, the green and purple has worked out well it just difficult to show in the pictures. All comments wellcome Thanks.
  6. seems im forever doing things red or white! so this build will be the big boy, im hoping to have it done in 6 months to take to telford. its the sazabi ver ka kit, with both infinite dimension resin upgrade sets(ID are the rolls royce of resin upgrades the 2 sets cost me 200 quid) ive also got a full set of metal thrusters and pipes and ive got huge sheet of photoetch for this kit. il be braking the kit into 3 parts(legs and waist, upper body, backpack and the shield and weapons) that way il have less chance of losing a part and will stop me from getting bored. ive not started yet as i wanted to have a proper spring clean of my room but heres the stuff ive got and il show some reference pics for people not familier with these upgrades... the kit is huge to start with... heres the PE set, some of it wont be used as shoulders and fuel tanks are being scrapped for resin versions. and the 2 infinite dimension resin upgrade sets, 1 is mostly the body parts, the second is a redesign of parts for the outside of legs, new backpack funnel holders, new fuel tanks and new weapons. also metal thruster set... ive also got loads of little bits of PE il add as i go and one other change is i bought of these special pipes from korea.. il be using all HIQ decals for the warnings, as i do with all my mechs now.. and i got some logo decals custom printed, so will use the sazabi and S01 logos(the actual font is white but its blick for the photo) so thats about it, probably gonna be a few weeks of cleaning and prep, so will post when i have something to show
  7. mechanicore

    so mechanicore are soon releasing their next totally retarded huge kit, heres the size of the box.... it stands nearly half a metre high and has over 40 leds..... heres some pics, these are test pics, not in final colored plastic...
  8. So a lazy OOB build for now, decals line and top coat only. This is the Dragon Momoko Testament Gundam, DM is a 3rd party maker of mobile suites and Gundam that are producing some very nice alternative kit to Bandai. Box art. I have made a start on the kit and i must say im impressed so far with the level of detail and the fit, it all very good.
  9. Zaku Head Exceed.

    Posting this up as these are just so good if you like Gundam and love the Zaku you need to get some of these heads. Ifand you live in Japan this is the kind of thing that come out of a vending machines for about 500 yen. I picked the set of three from ebay. They are basically about 1/40ish scale Zaku heads of the standard Zaku, one of the tristar Zakus and Chars Zaku. Very simple but quite well detailed and look fantastic. So here are a few pictures of what you get......
  10. Scratch building/ kit bashing time, So Im going to have a go at building my own 1/144 Hyper mega cannon mobile armor, the sort of thing you would find in the Gundam universe. I have been trying to get this one started for ages and found myself with 1/2 hour at the bench and didn't fancy anything much so i pulled out the parts box and made a start, not a serous one but i do like the look of how this fits together, for what we have so far I started of with a hose connector a screw driver handle and versus Gundam parts and this is what I ended up with. The pointy end is supposed to be the barrel of the cannon and the fat end will house the engine, I now i need to some inspiration the mid section and engine. Any help tip comments or resources are most welcome.
  11. Finally finished. hope you like it here is the wip topic
  12. After finishing star destroyer, i started lovely Sazabi Ver Ka. Thats the box its pretty big, for size comparison i used 1/48 scale tomcat. and theser are the parts, i think this kit contain 600-650 parts so excited
  13. 1/144 RGC-80 GM.

    This is somthing new for me an online building comp. Its over on the Mecha lounge here is the link and im sure there will some amazing builds in the GM vs Zaku comp. http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?board=20.0 So for my build im going for a 1/144 RGC-80 GM but the only kit available is a really old Bandai kit, its so old you need to glue it together and with not much in the way of details im going to try and bring it a little more up to date by bashing it with a HG GM kit, and when i say bashing i mean cutting to bits and stick back together ( well thats the plan). Work so far..... http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php
  14. This is my repainted gundam universal unit Zaku. Just a quick repaint of gashapon kit. There are some nice details on this little kit. And unlike a lot of other Gundam he can hold his gun up. And next to a 1/100 Gera Doga for size.
  15. great downloadable instruction book on high level gundum building and modification. its a pay what you can thing, from $1 to $25 , i paid 5 bucks personally felt thats about right seeing how its only digital. heres the link to website. https://www.joshuadarrah.com/zeta-plus-wip-book
  16. MS-06F ZAKU II Gundam Suit 1:100 Bandai Master Grade Gundam or as often referred to Gundam Series is a sci-fi franchise created by Sunrise in Japan that features giant robots or "mobile suits", that carry the name "Gundam." The franchise began in the late 1970s as an anime TV series called Mobile Suit Gundam, this featured the giant robots in a militaristic war setting. The popularity of this genre has spiralled from there, and they have since appeared in multiple television series, movies, manga, novels, and video games. The franchise has also led to the creation of one of the biggest toy and hobby franchises in the Japanese toy industry currently pulling in approximately £100 million a year in sales. The Principality of Zeon, also referred to as the Duchy of Zeon and Zeon Dukedom; is a nation featured in Mobile Suit Gundam. It was in control off the colonies of Side 3 and fought against the Earth Federation. The MS-06FS Zaku II is one of many variants of the standard MS-06F Zaku II created by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. The suit features head mounted 40mm Vulcan Guns. The suit features a shoulder mounted ballistic shield to block incoming ballistic and explosive projectiles, and can also be used in close quarters battle with enemy mobile suits. Other hand held weapons include A Heat Hawk axe-shaped close combat weapon, which uses a super-heated blade to cut through the enemy's armour, the thermal energy being generated by suit's thermonuclear reactor. The machine gun is the standard 120mm weapon for Zaku type mobile suits. This is a shell firing gun that does not require energy to be used, its effectiveness against heavy armour is very limited and it holds 100 rounds per drum, with spare drums that can be stored on waist armour racks. The other major hand held weapon is the 280mm Bazooka, and super bazooka. These fire explosive rounds that are quite effective against the armour of Earth Federation mobile suits and battleships. These can an be stored on the rear waist armour of the suit when not in use. The Kit The kit comes in a bigger box than I thought which gives some idea of how large the suit will be even in 1:100 scale. Inside there are six sprues of light grey plastic and four sprues of light green plastic. There is a clever spure which combines Dark grey, light grey, green and clear plastic all on the same sprue. Finally there are two sprues of a flexible plastic, one of these has a second colour plastic moulded around the primary colour. All of the parts are extremely well moulded with no imperfections that I can see. It should noted that the kit is designed to be put together without paint, or glue. In the instructions they suggest only the pilot be painted if you wish. As this kit will be the subject of a build review I will leave you with the sprue shots and combine the construction notes into the build review. Conclusion Gundam is a new genre of the hobby to me, and when researched it has a massive following in Japan which now seems to be taking off in the west. There are it seems a vast array of kits in different scales, as well as TV series, films, books etc. It would seem the sky is the limit. There are even an array of tools available for building the kits (See Japan Cool's Website) This looks to be a well engineered kit which should fit together with no problems (I hope! build review coming soon). Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. 1/250 scale Zaku.

    So this littel 85mm Mobile Suit Gundam is Char's Zaku II, this kit is a line of sweets and model kits by Bandai and there are quite a few based on the mobile suits from the Gundam series and lots of other Japanese shows. Each box contains an 85 mm kit that works out to be about 1/250 scale and one piece of soda flavored gum ( i haven tested the gun yet). The kit come partly built but there are a few other parts on small coloured runners just like a proper kit. The body part that was pre built will come apart, very handy if you want to paint it like i will be. The over all detail and fit is very good on the particular kit. Box Art Runners and part built body. Built kit. ( apart from power cables on legs) And next to a 1/144 GM for size. "Mine is still way bigger than yours" Thanks to Shane at Japan Cool for sorting me out with this, i didn't know about these kits until i rang him. Kits found her. http://japan-cool.co.uk/epages/950003803.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003803/Categories/Gashapon
  18. Well, my wife and son have just bought me this as a present....... I have never built a Gundam before or even watched any of the animations so I'm a proper noob at this genre. However, my tastes are far reaching and I can't wait to get stuck into it some time soon along with doing some research. Any of you experts out there have any advice when it comes to building and more specifically, painting? All of the colour call outs in the instructions are in Japanese so I'm at a bit of a loss there for a start.........
  19. Heres my latest build, made a few color changes, but still mostly standard colors. ive been getting into painting my inner frames gray and putting more effort into them by putting warnings on the inner frame and also using PE and painting it light gray to give extra detail on the joints. drilled out forearms and added black metal exhausts, the knees were drilled and screws added, the side skirts were glued, filled and pla plate added to parts where i could not fill seams, the blue part on side skirt is a seporate part, so removed some plastic and added the gold mesh to the vent. the shoulders were drilled and JAO parts screws were added. HIQ decals were used for all warnings, and logos are all custom made by wessex transfers, used carbon decal on backpack which i guess isnt really "in-scale" but i like it. bandai dont make the proper claw hands for the 1/100 kit, but found that you can use use the 1/144 lupus rex oversized hands which are perfect fit for the 1/100 lupus. color changes... shoulders went from red outer and white inner, to white outer and red inner. and changed center of V-fin to white and also made foot claws white to match white claws on hands. primer alclad white. gaia brilliant white mr color yellow gaia ultra blue mr color red inner frame grays mr color 331, 73 metallics... gaia blade silver gaia starbright gold alclad chrome gaia clear red(shoulder inner part)
  20. Finally finished with this model I took 3rd place in a local model competition
  21. After 3 plane model, i missed my gundam kits And started to this handsome I will try first time reverse wash process, i hope i can handle it.
  22. EDIT: Not sure why the picture are enormous (at least on my Mac) - sorry about that, the imgur album is here if thats easier: http://imgur.com/a/JF7H9, although I've just looked at this post on an iPad and its perfect... If someone could tell me how to get it to look good on a mac (safari) and what it looks like on a PC that'd be grand, likewise if imgur is a bad choice please let me know. It's my second model and I'm reasonably pleased with the result but I'm looking to improve and would welcome comment/criticism/feedback. I don't know anything about Gundam but I got this awesome robot model as a gift. I couldn't quite believe in him as 1/144 scale, 30m high robot so I rescalled him (via the road markings on the base) to a 1/20, 4m high robot, which felt more 'real' to me. I really wanted to try to create that sci-fi trope of something powerful being powered up for the first time in thousands of years... I learned heaps on this build about masking, paint and weathering. The paint work is my first effort with an airbrush and 'salt weathering' - I doubt I'll do it again (at least this extensively) as it's messy and hard to control. The 'steel' parts were hand painted (before I got the airbrush) and I rather like them. Spraying Vallejo Model Air was easy and I liked the result, spraying Tamiya acrylics was a pain in the bottom and I'll probably try to avoid that in the future. Overall he is I think a shade too bright and I should have done 'something' to dull the overall look - maybe next time I'll try a dark filter rather than the ochre one I applied here. Cheers. I don't mind the effect but I don't know how the LHS of the vents ended up looking like that I painted him 'azur' blue as I loved the colour and thought it'd contrast nicely with the rust. When I came to do the feet I mixed a darker shade, just to break things up and realised that the whole model would have been better in this colour... Ah well, next time... There was a backpack thing I didn't care for so I weathered the attachment points as exhausts instead. The vent surrounds were done in a different colour and then chipped - I rather like the effect here. Cheapy base - it serves the purpose but I need to do a bit more experimenting to get it to look like tarmac.
  23. Hi all first my apologies not been on much of late ...been battling my depression over past couple of month and everything's has been going wrong since ie, my laptop packed up then my tv now my tablet..haveing to borrow a old pc that swear is ran by a hamster in a wheel as so slow!!!!and not even watched any daily vlogs/shows since before Christmas as cant get them to play without continuous buffering etc....but have kept on modelling as to be honest is the only thing that keeps me busy and sane..well if was sane in first place ...finished this build just last week and was alot of firsts for me in the way that was my first::RG kitfirst true gundamfirst attempt ever at paint job on this par.Totally enjoyed the build other than the amount of parts and paint sessions lol...as got 50 or so clips but had to do in all prob 5-6 lots...the whole kit was painted other than the gold as couldent find a sutible shade. for the paint everything was done using alclads. first everything was black based then the frame work was painted in gunmetal and some bits in chrome, the red was again black base then chrome followed by transparent red, i had before hand done several test pieces of different reds and found this to give the deepest shade and best looking metallic effect i wanted.the kits stickers were replaced with some waterslide decals that was lucky to of been offered..but overall enjoyed it and yes few little mistakes lol but the paint was a test of my skills and happy with it, the overall fit was good but did find some issues at the end and if try to change the stance some bits are likely to come off ...
  24. ZakuTank 1/100

    I thought I might as well move this into the RFI link to is here, WIP So this is one of those 3rd party kits from the Gundam franchise made by Motor King found mostly from Chinese suppliers. Its a great fun kit to build and paint and I pushed my building skills with the weathering, painting technicians and the diorama. I still have a wood frame to make for it but that will come when I can muster the enthusiasm for it, so here it is and once again I really struggled taking any sort of good pictures of this, something I need to practice at I think. I hope you like it and all comments welcome. Thanks Brian.
  25. Time to throw everything except the kitchen sink at a sinanju! so a master grade 1/100 sinanju, a side3 resin armor upgrade kit and a full metal parts kit as well. master grade sinanju side3 resin armor upgrade kit.. the resin is the most perfect casting ive ever seen, also one of bonuses i didnt know when i bought it is it also comes with an extra bazooka and 2 gatling guns so you can fit the bazooka and the gatlings to shield. the great thing is about that is i can fit the plastic kit bazooka and machinegun together and hold that in the other hand, so it will be dripping with weapons haha. you are also given 8 metal barrels that fit to the gatlings, which is a nice touch. the metal parts upgrade kit, which is mostly 3 part thrusters and watch screws, there are 2 versions of the kit you can go with red thruster bells or gold ones, i went with gold as it would give me more options if i didnt want to go with the standard red color scheme. got a standard sheet of 3rd party decals, an alternative sinanju decal sheet which i just bought because of the silver logos, only cost a quid so not bothered if i dont use them. and i also have got a mega huge 1/60 sheet i bought for the logos to use on another kit ive got, but if needs be i can use one or two of these huge logos. standard size, sorry for crappy pic... and this oversized huge set lastly, ive just bought i different set of fuel tanks for a sazabi verka kit. so i will have a set of tanks free to use on this, il try to use them, but have to see if the will fit as they are alot fatter than the ones that come with the kit, they would look great but will have to see if they can squeese in place. so thats what ive got to work with PAINT. im still thinking of what i want to do, ive been enjoying doing glossy builds lately but i think the extra panel line detail and the use of shiny details(thrusters and pins) i nice matt paint scheme would give better contrast. as for colors im not sure yet, just know i want pastels, lol lots of pastels haha