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Found 86 results

  1. Anyone fancy a go at this? Vulcan XL319, in 2010 with snow overload. Or the recovery 10 days later.....
  2. Hi guys Here is the Airfix Vulcan I recently finished. I built her for a guy who's dad used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions of 1982. He had been given the kit by family but never got round to building it. My club West Middlesex were contacted back in July 2016 asking if someone could build this for him. I volunteered as I built one as a kid and wanted to see how she would turn out by today’s standards. At this point I had no idea of the life tribulations that would come up as the build progressed. Everything modelling stalled from October 2016 until March 2017 because we moved house followed a month later the birth of our second child. Roll onto November 2017 and around 110 hours of work, she is finally finished. I decided to build XM607 from Black Buck 1. The aftermath was the famous picture of a string of craters including the single crater on Port Stanley’s runway. The build I was given free rein on this to do and add what I felt the build needed. The first job was to completely re-scribe the entire kit. This took an age but was well worth it. The kits raised details were optimistic to say the least considering how much sanding and filling is needed to get her decent. For aftermarket items I purchased the Master metal refuelling probe, 26 decals cockpit masks and Freightdog’s “Gods of Sea and Fire” decal sheet. Next we had @gazza l offering his stunning homemade turned brass exhausts. These are exquisite and really draw the eye when viewing from the back. Lastly @Jason provided the AN/ALQ-101 ECM pod from his spares box. The aircraft was painted with Gunze. WIP Here Thanks for looking. DSC_7998 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8001 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8005 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8006 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8007 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8014 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8017 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8029 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8032 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8033 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8035 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8036 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8040 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8041 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8042 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8043 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8044 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8046 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8049 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8050 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8053 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8057 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8062 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8067 by Mark Inman, on Flickr
  3. Morning all, Obviously 617 Sqn carried Blue Steel on their Vulcans when they were wearing Anti-Flash White, but did any others equip with it before they transferred to the grey/green/white scheme? I'm going to reboot my old Airfix Vulcan at some point and want to do a Blue Steel bird in AFW but would prefer something other than XL321... I've tried google and searching here but haven't come up with anything yet - bit I know there's plenty of repositaries of Vulcan knowledge on this forum! Thanks in advance.
  4. Vulcan B.2

    These are from a while ago, before the final decals turned this anonymous Vulcan into XM602 of IX sqn, circa 1978. I'll post those later in the RFI section. I think the underside grey may be a bit too dark, though I used 'light a/c grey'. I feel compelled to do a white Vulcan next, then maybe a wrap-round camo one!
  5. Rescuing an old Vulcan

    Many years ago I made an Airfix Vulcan, which still lives (just!) on top of a wardrobe in my old room at my dad's house. It's in a poor state now, with a wing hanging off from glue failure, a snapped probe and very badly painted in innaccurate grey/green camo, along with peeling decals. I know it may be beyond help, and so much easier to just buy another Vulcan, but where's the challenge and achievement in that? So, does anyone have any tips on rescuing this old kit? Does it need a soak in warm water to remove the decals? How best to repaint it? I was considering an all over satin white and make it into an early Blue Steel white Vulcan. Would this work or would I need to remove all the old paint first? (In which case it may be a challenge I shirk!)
  6. White Vulcans

    Good evening Does anyone know which of the XM-serialled Vulcans sported the anti-flash white colour please? I'd like to make the Airfix 'XH558' kit as a white one, but it'll need to be an XM serial because of the 301 style jet pipes on the kit. I read recently that some later Vulcans were delivered camouflaged and never wore the white scheme. Is there a list anywhere that shows which were white? I think the latest example of a white one I've seen is a photo of XM604. Can anyone recommend the best aftermarket decals for this colour scheme too please? Thanks!
  7. Vulcan and Lightning

    Found this pic on twitter the other day, don't know much about it but it looks awesome and projects the size of the Vulcan well;
  8. I have been looking at the Wolfpack parts for the Airfiv Vulcan. These include the engine intakes, landing gear chambers. They look great on the internet. Has anyone worked with these? How do you find them in actual use? How do they compare to the Flightpath items? Thanks so much. I posted elsewhere but didn't get much information. Randy
  9. This is my recently completed (though I may well add some more decals and a wee bit of weathering) 1:72 Airfix Vulcan XL390. Decided to go for the 70s Scampton scheme, and bought the aftermarket decals. Model is finished with a gloss cote as they liked to keep the Vulcans' shiny at that time. This has been the biggest project I have done (newbe 4 models in) and found the 80's plastic a challenge to work with, I seemed to spend weeks scraping plastic off and the intakes were a 2 week process of file > sand > paint > file > sand > paint x n to get them as smooth as I could. This was the first time I had modifies a model to get the desired finish too, filing the tail to round it. There's much I am pleased with, and also lots I tend to over reflect on. I know this is isn't as professional looking as most that is published here 'as finished', but some of us are simply mortal in the world of model making
  10. Once in a blue moon a rare site of one of John Aeroclubs Vacform 1/48 Avro Vulcan appears on a popular auction site........one has appeared recently and its a snip at only £575 plus a meer £28 postage and packing, check it out @ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-48-Aeroclub-BAe-Avro-VULCAN-B-Mk-2-/391678674581?hash=item5b31de4695:g:de0AAOSwNnRYfSDY I have no interest in this item, I just like to see what Johns Vulcans sell at. I dont think he made many and eventually he buried the moulding tool under his rockery in his garden. Try sneeking this box past your partner when she is not looking!!!
  11. Vulcan xj824

    My Vulcan xj824, I won't be posting every day due to school and a busy schedule, but I will make sure to post and update you on everything which happens! harry I'll be uploading shortly, in a couple of days when I'm back home.
  12. Hi all, This will be my first WIP on Britmodeller. My model of choice is the Airfix 1:72 Avro Vulcan. I worked on the restoration of Vulcan XM603 at Woodford over the summer and so I want to build a keepsake. I'll be using the three PE kits from White Ensign: Interior (PE7255A), Exterior (PE7255B), Bomb Bay (PE7255C). My plan is to recreate how it would have looked when it left the factory. Thanks for looking! Mike
  13. Finished at last, after a ten month build, and my first RFI. I really wanted to do this kit justice as the Vulcan is my favourite aircraft. My first encounter was in the early 70's when as a 9yr old we moved to Pontefract, Yorkshire and I remember the daily flights of Finningley's Vulcans over the town. Then there was the Vulcan scramble I witnessed at the 1977 Finningley air display to mark the queens Silver Jubilee. Anyone who has seen a Vulcan scramble will remember the sound waves travelling through your body and the ground shaking beneath your feet. The Vulcan was and still is, awesome in the truest meaning. I last saw XH558 flying at the Yorkshire air show at Church Fenton last year. I admit now that I had a tear in my eye as I watched it fly away for the last time until it was out of sight. So as you can appreciate I really wanted to do this kit justice, abs make it as accurate as I could as my own personal tribute. Hopefully I've achieved that. I started by rescribing the whole aircraft before I even began to glue anything together. I thought that it would be easier, then it would be a job of cleaning it up to make sure they meet when the parts were joined. I did think that I'd scribed them too deep, but looking at it now I'm happy with the results. Then there are the corrections to be made to the kit to accurately depict XH558 as she is now. First job was to remove the TFR radome off the tip of the nose. And at the other end, the cooling air intake (the elongated box) that fits on the right hand side of the tail is not fitted to XH558. I've also hollowed out many of the various air intakes and made the ducts inside the splitter plates inboard of the air intakes. I replaced the engine jet pipes with resin replacements. The kit comes standard depicted with Olympus 301 series engines and XH558 is fitted with Olympus 201's, the 201 jet pipes being narrower and longer. The other thing I wanted from the outset was to display her wheels up in a way that shows off the iconic Vulcan wing shape. I also wanted the underside to be clutter and hence stand free, so I had the idea of brass tubes up the exhausts and thanks to a friend who made the wooden base I have managed to achieve it. If anyone is interested, the work in progress thread is here - Vulcan WIP Here are the pictures I've taken so far. I managed to get some outside today as well. Hope you like. And finally here's a couple of pictures of her in her new home in pride of place. Thank you very much for looking, hope you liked it. Mark
  14. Sure this must have been covered before but search does not bring anything up ? Any hints or tips on building this vacform ? Just picked one up cheap and want to give a go. Especially interested in how the undercarriage is supposed to fit ? Thanks Paul
  15. Good afternoon all! Finally. Finally I have completed this build, as I am sure many of you know the old Airfix Vulcan kit is in need of a re-tool and in its current state it requires A LOT of work! So, shall we begin? Kit: -Airfix Avro Vuclan 1:72 Aftermarket: -White Ensign Model (WEM) Interior -WEM Bomb Bay -WEM Exterior (airbrakes, landing gear PE inserts) -Freightdog Exhausts Scratchuilt Items: -ECM bay -Interior of canopy (although I forgot to photograph this, it has a bulkhead built in with some texturing added to the interior) Paints: -Vallejo Model Air (the majority of paints were mixed to obtain the required colours) Weathering: -Vallejo panel wash -AK Interactive engine oil wash *Edit: Decals: -Freightdog- RAF Neptunes and Avro Vulcans WIP here, if you want: Click Here Picture time! (Don't worry I do not support the politics of East Germany! I just have obsession with Cold War history! ) Thanks for stopping by! Kind regards, Sam
  16. Evening all! It’s taken two years of on-and-off work, but I’ve finally finished my Airfix 1:72 Vulcan! The Vulcan has been my favourite aircraft since being wowed by the Duxford aircraft as a child, so without it sounding trite i tried really hard at this kit. Still, I am unbelievably glad to see the back of this, a really very strenuous build which required quite a lot of willpower to get through. Much whisky has been consumed and much filler dust produced! I used the following aftermarket stuff: · Wolfpack resin intakes and engine faces · Wolfpack resin undercarriage bay set · Master turned aluminium NATO refuelling probe tip · Fündekals Vulcan set for XM605 of 101 squadron RAF c.1977-8 · CMK resin Canberra PR9 ejector seats (they’re close enough through that tiny canopy!) I also did quite a lot of other mods: · Full rescribe including quite a lot of added panel lines and inspection panels, and correction of the lines around the nose radome. · Rear crew seats from the Airfix Valiant (though you need a torch and a dentist’s mirror to see them) · Scratchbuilt ladder, retraction jacks and interior around the inside of the door · Brake and other undercarriage hydraulic lines from wire. Thinned out the u/c scissor links and added several other details from plasticard. · Replaced pitot heads and aerials from plasticard stock, added several other details such as a tail bumper. · Lined exhausts with brass tube to approx. 4 inches deep, and used kit engine faces as exhaust faces at the ends of them. · Drilled out most of the small exhausts and intakes, and lined the four protruding heat exchanger things under the engine areas so they weren't see-through. · Thinned out the splitter plates at the inboard edges of the intakes with files, sandpaper and anger. It’s a mixture of rattlecan and brush finishing – the Humbrol 165 Medium Sea Grey was straight from the can, but the Dark Green (Revell Aqua 68) and the Light Aircraft Grey (Humbrol 166) were brushed on, as was the flat coat (also Revell Aqua). References include trips to XM594 at Newark and XM598 at Cosford, as well as the excellent BM walkaround threads here and here, and the magnificent "Vulcan B Mk.2 from a different angle" by Craig Bulman, and "Vulcan" by Ken Ellis and Duncan Cubitt. WIP is here although I've done more comprehensive WIPs in my time. Anyway, I'm very happy to move on but I’m pretty pleased with this one. Hope you enjoy it too! Addendum: I learnt loads for this build from surveying previous BM builds, so it’s only fair if I summarise some of my advice for taking on this beast of a kit: · The Wolfpack intakes and undercarriage bays are SERIOUSLY worth it if you can find them. They’re the most trouble-free resin add-ons I’ve ever used, very accurate and detailed, and fit pretty much perfectly if you are careful removing the kit undercarriage bays. The intake parts have one slight niggle, in that they are drop-in replacements for the kit parts and locate using the same hole on the underside, which fits a pin on the lower wing half. If fitted as per instructions, there’s about a 0.5mm gap between the intake lips on the kit and the front edge of the resin. I supported them slightly further forward with plasticard stock, and solved the problem.. · When sticking the kit together I recommend you join the three wing/fuselage sections of each half, then join two huge halves later, rather than the instructions' approach. That way the gaps are relocated to the fuselage sides and wing leading edges,rather than being large steps between inner and outer wing sections, which are very difficult to deal with. · The Fundekals sheet is the best Vulcan sheet by a country mile, and the only one to correctly depict the badge for 101 Squadron (the Airdecal offering is 50% too big and the colours are too dull!). It has only one fault which is that the fuselage roundels are about 2mm too small in diameter. This very much notices on the finished model, so replace from other sources. The Cartograf sheet for XH558 provided by Airfix in the recent boxings works perfectly.
  17. Excellent, well researched, deep enough but not too intense to be enjoyable. A very good book about aeroplanes. And who doesn't like a good book about aeroplanes?
  18. Vulcan Pilot Uniform

    Hi, I'm making an Airfix Avro Vulcan but I'd like to make it as if it was still in active service, not as a display aircraft (like it is in the set) So does anyone know what the uniform would of been like for the pilots, how many were there and Humbrol colours to paint the unuiform. Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  19. Hi guys West Middlesex Model Club was contacted recently asking if someone could build an Airfix Vulcan for a guy who used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions. He had been bought the kit many years ago and he has never got round to it. For some crazy reason I put my hand up and volunteered. I must be a glutton for punishment and it has been maybe 20 years since I last had a go at one of these. I will probably end up rescribing the beast as the horrible raised details will not survive the clean up required. I know this kit has many issues quality and accuracy wise which I am not fussed about. Really looking forward to a quick build and getting to the paint stage which I am looking forward to. Hopefully I can do a good job on this. Looking to mount on a wooden base at the end. I will need to do some research for a hard stand concrete base replica thing to mount to the wooden base. It could be interesting finding one big enough. Childhoodmemories. IMAG1442 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Here is where things are so far. IMAG1443 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Not much left in the box. IMAG1444 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Filling and sanding in easily accessible areas. IMAG1445 by Mark Inman, on Flickr
  20. Pitot and Refuelling Probes 1:32/1:48/1:72/1:144 Master Having released the Sukhoi collection, Master Models have also recently released several sets for Western aircraft, with particular emphasis on the three V Bombers in both 1:72 and 1:144. [AM-32-090] – This pack contains two parts to build up the pitot probe and fairing for the Italeri 1:32 Mirage II. Rather than brass, the two parts have been turned in alluminium and is a simple direct replacement for the kit part. [AM-48-118] – Another simple replacement pitot probe, this time for the Airfix 1:48 BAC TSR-2, it may have been along time in coming, but it is, nevertheless, a very welcome addition. [AM-72-097/AM-144-009] – These two sets have been designed for the Airfix 1:72 and any of the 1:144 kits from the likes of Micro-Mir, Anigrand or Welsh Models. Each set contains two very fine pitot probes to replace the slightly clunky kit items. [AM-72-098/AM-144-010] – These sets contain only one item, the prominent refuelling probe. The 1:72 for he Airfix kit and the 1:144 for either the Anigrand or Great Wall Hobby kits. Unfortunately even though they are meant to be different scales the review samples re exactly he same size, so do check when you buy your 1:144 as it would be absolutely massive when compared to even the kit part. In each case though, you will need to cut the kit part where it joins the nose fairing, drill out the hole then fit the metal part before adding to the model. [AM-72-099/AM-144-011] – The last of the V bomber sets is naturally for the Victor, either the Matchbox/Revell 1:72 kit or the Anigrand/Welsh Models kits. Whilst he 1:72 set contains the two wing tip mounted pitot probes and the probe end piece for the refuelling probe, the 1:144 set does provide the whole refuelling probe as well as the pitot probes. Conclusion Five more very useful additions to the Master Models range. If you thought the 1:72 scale stuff was small, you really should check out the 1:144 scale parts. I would love to know how they produce such small items, with such finesse of detail. Very highly recommended Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  21. Good morning! The postman dropped off the photo-etch pieces this morning so I thought I might as well start So, the base kit will be the old Airfix 1:72 Avro Vulcan, with aftermarket bits including: -Freightdog Resin 201 Series Tailpipes -White Ensign Models (WEM) Vulcan Interior -WEM Vulcan Exterior -WEM Vulcan Bomb Bay This build will be significant for two reasons; first of all, with AS exams starting in two weeks and proceeding over the next couple of months, it will be something to keep me sane! Secondly, it will be the first build where I've already had a go at doing some build-enhancing techniques before and needless to say I shall attempt to use these on this build, these include: using filler to get rid of those nasty gaps, using a scribing tool (Tamiya) to replace the notorious raised panel lines, working with resin aftermarket pieces and finally working with photoetch (I might have thrown myself into the deep end with this one!) XL360 is my second nearest Vulcan, the closest being Cosford, I have chosen this one because it's preserved (and has served) as a 617 "Dambusters" aircraft, I have also had the pleasure of sitting in the rear cockpit of the aircraft- I therefore have quite a bit of reference material to hand and finally because, unlike the shiny Cosford example, the Coventry Vulcan allows me to have a shot at weathering. Pre-build photos: Well, more updates shall follow in due course, don't expect them to be too frequent, unfortunately revision must take precedence over the next few weeks. Kind regards, Sam
  22. Started the build of my 1/72 Vulcan bomber last Satarday and i have to be honest it didnt go as badly as i thought.From the threads i read on britmodelers i thought nothing is going to fit,But apart from under the tail section all went fairly simple . A few moments reared there ugly head during the wings to body part of the build with only some small gaps in the wings .the intakes i was dreading as so much had been said that they were a bad fit ,dry fitted them and they went together ok ,as my mind played tricks on me i thought i had done something wrong but hey ho striaght in .A bit of tinkering and sanding seen the rear section go together but needed a fair amount of filler to get it into place and looking half decent. Iv decide to go for the smooth look as its going to go from the ceiling so ditched the wheels and access ladders.Cant understand why the model came with the missile and wing racks as i can remember XH558 ever being fitted with these(someone will put me right no doubt) So its just about ready to paint more than likely going to find loads of scratch marks and so on ,so its off to the car repair shop for some wet n dry paper and some stopper.Painting will be by rattle cans as the medication i take leaves me shaking like a freezing camel. https://www.flickr.com/gp/91786914@N08/dN7b4i https://www.flickr.com/gp/91786914@N08/Ke782p https://www.flickr.com/gp/91786914@N08/88kR49 https://www.flickr.com/gp/91786914@N08/6c2Ejc https://www.flickr.com/gp/91786914@N08/i248W6 40 plus years since i have made a model and the models themselves havent changed really,except im a lot older and have to concentrate a lot harder.I,ll post the finished result next week hopefully if it all goes ok. OF ALL THE THINGS IN LIFE IV LOST ,ONLY MY MIND NEEDS TO BE FOUND.
  23. Hi A couple of builds I started back in 2014 and struggled to finish until recently. Sorry for the photo quality, just have phone today. The first is Jaguar XX965. It's the Italeri kit with decals from a Hasegawa boxing and a Model Master pitot. I've seen this plane a few times at Cosford and love the yellow on black. This was very early on in learning to use an airbrush, sadly some of the paint came out a bit rough, but I certainly learnt from it. The second is Vulcan XH558 (the airfix kit, but built OOB without the corrections to make it a proper XH558). Again, the painting was a stuggle on this, I must have repainted the whole thing nearly a dozen times before settling. The grey is a little darker than usual, but it does resemble some of the photos I've taken of her inflight (on dull days) over the past few years. Steve
  24. Airfix 1:72 Vulcan Help

    Good morning, I just thought I might ask the advice and opinions of members of the forum in regards to a project i'm starting. I was thinking of doing a 1:72 Airfix Vulcan "properly"; with aftermarket engines, intakes (possibly, you'll see later) and the white ensign model (WEM) stuff. I've also thought it might be an appropriate model to do some rescribing for the first time, along with flory washes, photo etch and resin- I had to choose this model So the few questions I would like to ask are as follows: 1. Can you use a steel ruler and is it adviseable for linear panel lines as a guide- rather than masking tape? 2. (Perhaps the most important decision) Which Vulcan to do?! I've got a choice between XH558 and XL360- having been in XL360 and purely because I quite like the 617 tail marking (I might be turning into an "anorak" ) I feel a greater sense of attachment to her, although I have seen XH558 display at Throckmorton last year and so I am quite keen on her too! 3. Should I have "everything" open (gear down, airbrakes down, bomb bay doors open, crew hatch open)? Or should I save some money and (if I should choose XL360) build the Coventry Vulcan as it currently is (and save additional money with FOD covers for the ghastly kit intakes)? Note: I would have built the Cosford Vulcan but I'm not keen on the highly glossed finish of XM598 4. Any other advice for building the Airfix kit? Joins to watch out for, etc. I know that 2 and 3 are very subjective points but I would greatly value your opinions. Many thanks, Sam Edit: the 617 tail marking on XL360 Edit 2: -Are there any definitive colour matches out there for either 558 or 360?