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Found 27 results

  1. Looking for FS Standard number for flight deck Colossus-class aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy for the 1950's (Korean war period). Dark grey + white markings? Any FS number info would help. Any ship: HMS Colossus, Glory, Ocean, Venerable, Vengeance, Pioneer, Warrior, Theseus, Triumph, Perseus, Majestic,Terrible, Magnificent, Hercules, Leviathan, Powerful... Thanks.
  2. This is a warning for all those who have bought or ordered the new Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury. We just got our stock in today, when one of our regular customers emailed us asking if our kits were Ok, as he got one with a short shot tail fin leading edge, on the starboard fuselage. I checked all our kits and they all had the same fault. I phoned Hannants (that's where we got them from) and they said all the kits are affected! So we're having to send ours back for a refund and I would suggest everyone who has got one to double check it and see if it has the same issue. If it has, I would suggest contacting Airfix (as this is really bad) and returning it to where you bought it from (unless Airfix will take it back, which I doubt). If it is as bad as we're been led to believe, this is a pretty bad situation! thanks Mike
  3. My first GB of the year and straight into it with a big resin monster, Fisher Model & Patterns 1/32nd Sea Fury! I’m a huge fan of these guy’s, they turn out some of the best resin models available anywhere! I happen came across this model by chance and at a price significantly cheaper than normal so I couldn’t resist. The box is packed full of very carefully wrapped bits of resin….warning the photos below are pure hardcore resin porn!!!!! The fuselage is a one piece hollow cast thing of beauty with the only mould line being on the bottom of the fuselage, easy to fix and remove. The wings are cast in 2 pieces with the main gear wells moulded as a separate piece as well. They were moulded like this to easily allow you to have the wings folded, they supply all the extra bits for this as well. I’ll probably end up building her with the wings folded to help save some space. The rest of the bits, all nicely casted, the rockets are a wee bit wrapped but I may end up replacing/scratching building some replacements, something to think about there. The prop even comes with a special jig to help align the blades correctly as well.......which I forgot to add into the photo when I took it!! The final bits are the cast metal gear, they need to be as there’s some weight in this model and the canopy. It’s super clear and some of the most finely/think cast clear resin I’ve ever seen. The supplied decals are very extensive but don’t cover the bird I want to build so I’ll be using most of the kit supplied decals and the extra I need will come for the Nova Scale set for RAN Sea Fury’s. The scheme I've chosen is for a RAN bird that operated off the HMAS Sydney in 1951 off Korea. To go with this build I bought Valiant Wings “The Hawker Sea Fury”, it’s full of great reference stuff I’ll need, especially the wing folding section. The only issue with the model was that the spinner was broken, but I fixed this already. It’s a big build for the start of the year but it’s a model I’ve really wanted to build for ages. Plus with luck I'm on holidays for a week so with my shift pattern I get to have 3 week at home, so plenty of build time for me for a change. The only scary part of the build will be the folding wings……for that I have to cut up the wings!
  4. Just a heads up that Hornby just charged me for my 1/48 Airfix Sea Fury pre-order so these kits should be shipping imminently. I got rid of my Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Fury on ebay when this kit was announced so someone else will have to do that side-to-side comparison. I think I still have a few Hobbycraft Sea furies floating around but I expect that this new kit will be so superior a comparison won't be worthwhile.
  5. These are the Trumpeter and Hobbycraft 1/48 kits being done up as two aircraft that were involved in an embarrassing (for the RAAF especially) incident where an Auster took off without a pilot and several RAAF aircraft tried to shoot it down and failed so the RAN sent up two Sea Fury's to finally shoot it down. One of the aircraft had rocket rails on it so I hacked off the crap rockets from the Trumpeter rockets leaving just the rails.
  6. I shall start this GB with a pair of mighty Bristols Video to wet the apetite
  7. Decal printed Behemoth Decal. Regards, Eugen
  8. Hi all, I've got the "digging in my files" bug! There I was, hanging around the old GA area at Gatwick in the 1970s (can't remember the date and can't dig out my logs just now) and this and another turned up! Ex-German and of to Doug Arnold. Not something you generally see at Gatwick - certainly not nowadays! Martin
  9. Hi all, I just cant stop myself! Sorry. Here are just two that I came across in my files: I-BILL F-51 at Greenham Common in 1976(?). Sadly she was written of a short while after this. N232J Sea Fury at North Weald in the late 1990s. She was ferried to the UK by my old friend Norman Lees (sadly now winging his way up on high) Martin
  10. Hello, Sorry to say but I've gone lost concerning greys, or to be more exact Dark Sea Grey vs Extra Dark Sea Grey. And now I don't knew what to believe concerning what aircraft I can paint with wich grays. What I understand Extra Dark Sea Grey goes for NAA aircrafts and Dark Sea Grey for RAF aircrafts... ? And what about "Ocean Grey" ? Is it just for RAF wartime aircraft such as Spitfire and Tempest? Westland Wyvern S.4 Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky... Hawker Sea Fury Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky... Sea Harrier FRS 1 No. 801 NAS Extra Dark Sea Grey / White No. 899 NAS Extra Dark Sea Grey overall (HMS Hermes 1982). Sea Harrier FA/2 No. 800 NAS Overall Medium Sea Grey (HMS Ark Royal 2004) but with the nose in Dark Sea Grey or Extra Dark Sea Grey? Harrier T-10 No. 20 RS Dark Sea Grey / Medium Sea Grey (Wittering 1999). Harrier GR.3 Dark Sea Grey / Dark Green Supermarine Swift FR.5 Dark Sea grey / Dark Green / PRU Blue (?) And what about the upcoming FG-1 Phantom from Airfix? Sheers / André
  11. disney planes

    ooh watching disney planes on boxing day..so cool theres a sea fury! also a mustang
  12. New Sea Fury Modellers' Guide

    A new modellers' guide to the Sea Fury to be released shortly: Should be available for pre-order in the next week or so, release in April, I'm told. (No, I didn't write the 'blurb')
  13. Sea Fury in South Africa?

    A photo I acquired recently. It's Sea Fury VR951, Q/108(?) of 802 Sqn, HMS Vengeance. It was probably taken during the cruise off South Africa in 1948, alongside some other, familiar, photos that you see in the books. My question is - where was this taken? It is likely South Africa. The control tower/terminal/watch office complex is quite distinctive, but I've been unable to find a photo of anything remotely similar. Does anyone know where this was/is?
  14. Hawker Sea Fury questions

    After reading all the posts concerning the TERRIBLE Trumpeter 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11, I have decided to go ahead and build it, just for me. I can't afford to bin it, and try to find a Hobbycraft kit, so I will accept its problems. I MAY see if I can afford to get the Aires cockpit set & wheel well set, as well as the Barracuda drop tanks (at the minimum). That being said, I want to do my model in the markings of WJ232: 114-O, from the profile in the Warpaint book. The main reason is because it's got the recce camera fitted, but also because it looks cool with the 500 lb bombs under the wings. Does anybody have any detailed info (photos or drawings) on the bomb racks carried by the Sea Fury, and where were they mounted? It looks like the plane is also carrying the fuel tanks, so I assume the bomb racks were located where the inboard rocket rails would have been located.I am also trying to figure out what style/type of bombs they were using, so I can modify something in my stash, to better resemble the proper type. Larry
  15. Greetings one and all again, Whilst pottering through my Fulmar and Wasp builds something special happened to my family and I. After many years of hard graft and jumping through hoops we finally became Citizens of that fine country of Canada. So to honour my adoptive country I thought I would have a go at various aspects of Aviation Canadiana. Going through my stash I dug out numerous kits that could have Canadian tendancies. As shown below: So first up was the Sea Fury. I had every intention of building it as an RN version as my collection of FAA aircraft is growing and this one would have filled an important gap. But I did fancy something different to the usual sky/EDSG (not that there is anything wrong with that scheme by the way!). Whilst researching what to do I found a few Canadian aircraft and took a shine to a grey/EDSG version. I quick trawl through Hannants gave me the decals so they were ordered and it was time to crack on! The kit is the basic but relatively accurate Hobby craft version I got this on the Evilbay many years ago and it came with a basic airwaves etch and some nice undercarriage So it has been gathering dust for many years!. My intention was to go straight OOB and do a nice finish which would hopefully disguise any flaws, but straight away I noticed a couple of things. First up was the exhausts. They looked rather flat so tried to open them up, but as I didn't have a drill small enough I trashed them so replaced them with some cut down brass tubing. Before Mid trash And my high developed jig type set up to align the exhausts After a wee bit of whittling and a test fit it looks a bit better. Typically I got carried away with the build and forgot to take a phot of the cockpit. I used the Airwaves set to embellish it but as can be seen below there isn't a lot that can be seen! Oh hey ho, at least I didn't spend $$$ on something that cant be see! . It was all sprayed with Model Master acrylic interior black and given a good old dry brush, as is my standard procedure I did leave the seat out as I wanted it to have the correct height so here is a shot again sprayed up and dry brushed. I have gone for all black! And then finally for today all buttoned up There is a lot to do with the old filler and I think I have lost a couple of tools in those panel lines so more work is afoot. Later! Bob PS For those waiting for the Fulmar, work is still going on and there will be an update very soon
  16. Hello from Sunny Stockport

    Hi, my name is Pete and I'm returning to a hobby I last did when kits came with cardboard headers with stapled plastic bags attached, so obviously more than a couple of years and as a hobby it has changed out of all recognition. Have managed only three builds so far so need to get cracking as there's only one of them I'm really happy with, so rather than the displaying my latest forum I think I'll be more asking question on the 'how to' forums! All the best, Pete
  17. Has anybody on BM made these kits, and are they worth spending money on.
  18. I offer for your perusal, my interpretation of a Cuban Revolutionary Air Force Sea Fury FB11 at the period of 'The Bay of Pigs' conflict. Just 6 months later the FAR were converting to MiG 15's. The model is the Special Hobbies FAEC kit, the canopy has been replaced with a Falcon Vac form unit (the shape of the rear of the SH canopy is too blunt). The U/C doors and retractable boarding step are etched brass and the pitot-tube made from an acupuncture needle inside a hypodermic needle.
  19. Q: Sea Fury wing interior colour

    Have been looking at my Trumpeter 1/72 Sea Fury for a while. Since I will give it the "full Eduard treatment", I have decided to build it with folded wings. That raises the question about what the interior coulour of the wings, visible at the fold, was. In b/w photos it is clearly a light colour, but the question is which one: natural metal/silver paint, sky, or yellow primer? Any answers greatly appreciated.
  20. Sea Fury SR661 Colours?

    So a project in the near future will be to recreate Sea Fury 1st prototype SR661. This had the shorter vertical tail, short hook and a four-bladed prop, at least at first, which is how I intend to model her. My question is - what colours was she painted in, specifically the undersides? During WWII, British prototypes were often painted with Yellow undersides, and that is how photos of her look. BUT these photos could also be interpreted as MSG or Sky, and I have seen profiles with both. What is the learned opinion of this forum?
  21. Following on from comment in my A-4G Skyhook thread, here's some photos of number 2 in my RAN collection - one of the two dark blue Sea Furies based at HMAS Albatross in the fifties / sixties. This is my first "modern" build after returning to the hobby in 2011. It's made up from the Airfix 1/72 kit and was a test build to see if I could still manage to stick plastic together. The real target of the exercise (a Trumpeter Sea Fury) still lies in my stash waiting to be built. I bought the Airfix kit primarily for the extensive stencils and the better-shaped spinner which were both reserved for use on the Trumpeter version. RAN markings came from the Aussie Decals set. A few modifications include cutting the (rather thick) canopy to allow it to be posed open, using stretched sprue to better represent the exhaust pipes, a new tail hook, heat stretching a chup-a-chup stick to make the gun barrels, and adding a stirrup for the pilot to get up to the cockpit.It was kept pristine and not weathered although that could always be re-visited. Some slivering on the decals was later settled down with decal setting solution which I found can also "melt" paint when applied too generously. The colour was Gunze H328 Gloss Blue which came out of the airbrush pretty grainy and certainly not glossy - a learning experience - and not as apparent in the photos as it is in real life. Anyway enough talk, here she is ...
  22. A few of you may dimly recall this thread, about the Royal Navy Historic Flight's Sea Fury T.20. Not quite two years later I have finally finished my attempt at a 1/72 model of the same, made with minor adaptions from the PM T.20 kit: It's more an, umm, homage to VX281 than a real scale replica, and not just because of the various inadequacies that I gather are attributed to the PM kit. In particular I couldn't get correct decals for the white lettering on the sides of the fuselage and the tail and the exhaust pipes I added are too few in number and too large, but they're something that has always caught my eye on Sea Furies so I wanted something there. The PM kit was of a plane with a fixed tail wheel so I scratch built a well for it. I also had a go representing VX281's non-standard wheel hubs and I raised the cockpit floor by 4mm so the seats are slightly visible through the cockpit canopies. I added or modified some of the more obvious panel lines. This kit also saw my first proper attempts to add a bit of weathering. Not much as VX281 is kept in good condition but there are noticeable exhaust stains in several pictures and I also used washes in the wheel wells to try and disguise how shallow they are. Paints used were mostly Humbrol, with Xtracolor providing the Sky and Alclad the metallics. Decals were a wide mix, some from Xtradecal, some from Ventura, some from ModelDecal (the only ones I could find who did the squared-off underwing serial numbers, and they were on a sheet of interwar serial numbers!) and some from the decal stash of this forum's Miggers - thanks!. It is unfortunate timing that I've finally finished this kit not long after the real VX281's unfortunate crash landing.
  23. 1/400 FAA Aircraft?

    Does anyone know of any post-WWII FAA prop types, such as the Firefly, Sea Fury or Seafire. Tried L'Arsenal and WEM and neither does anything suitable, even for conversion. Wanting to build both my Heller Illustrious and Colossus, but can't find anything to stick on the flight decks! Maybe I should just have a bunch of crew watching a boxing match..... http://northstarmodels.com/2014/02/new-items-for-ships-in-1350-scale-askold-line/ Honestly, you can buy a boxing match, but you can't buy proper aircraft......
  24. PM Sea Fury

    Quick build for £2.99 no after market or anything just started dry fitting and before you know it out pops a sea fury. Decals are the ones in the PM kit Not worried about the accuracy of the kit just enjoyed building it and seeing the result. Rodders