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Found 67 results

  1. Hi guys, well it's been a while since I posted anything, but I've finally got round to finishing my Zaku kit. I put it together before Christmas and I've attached a picture of what the Gundam looked like before I started with the Slave 1 paint scheme. The plan was to use it as practice for trying out the paints for my Finemolds 1/72 Slave 1 kit. I hope you like how it turned out.
  2. I have been meaning to build a Z'gok, have a go at some water and build my own trees for ages, so i thought i might as well have a go at all three at once. I really enjoyed making the wire trees, the resin i usec for the water did cause a few small issues but all in all i enjoyed this one a lot. Well i hope you like it and your comments are all wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  3. This is a very old HG, i snapped it together last night in about 20mins and i now have a few possible ideas for the kit. I will be scribing lots a new panel lines but i might also put him in some water. Here is is for now. He might be an old kit but he still look cool.
  4. hay not posted much lately. just thought id share 2 third party kits coming from china soon. firstly, the nillson 1/60 red astray gundam. this to me is kinda interesting, i have the bandai 1/60 PG red astray, it looks alot bulkier than the master grade kit, alot of people like prefer the slimmer destign of the master grade, so this company called nillson has made a 1/60 kit based on the master grade design, i love this idea, perfect grade gundams to me are always over engineered and have far too many parts. other kit is sinanju 1/35 bust, by same company that did the unicorn bust. think it has 20 plus leds, decals and metal parts. i get my chinese stuff from taobao but if you dont use taobao a guy called samualdecal on facebook sells these kits and other stuff from china. https://www.facebook.com/Samueldecal/
  5. wip topic is here. hope you like it
  6. Hi guys, this is my first Gunpla build. The kit arrived last week, I spent a few evenings putting it together, my plan is to paint and weather it in Slave 1 colours as a practice for my upcoming Star Wars Slave 1 build.
  7. Lets start another project. I think think this suites design is one of the 5 best design in the Zeon Ms Suites. This is the original colours, i will change the colors...
  8. Final pictures wip topic
  9. Its been a long time in the making but its finished. Its a long way of a clean build and the decals are very annoying but other than that is was great fun to build and i learnt lot about scratch and kit bashing. The bits and bobs used to build up the TEER HG Exia HG Kashatria MG Sinanju HG IBO weapons kit A screwdriver handle, hose connector, sample pot, hair clipper grader, some sort of electrical connector picked up from DIY shop, a plastic tube and a few bit of pla-plate and tube, the odd bit of copper wire and a few paper clips. This is my imagined ship from the Gundam universe that they call a mobile armor, this one is a massive over powered gun designed for bowing up space stations, small moons or asteroids Spec: Length 87.5m Height 27.5M Wide 45.0 (with arms) Weight 415t Speed Mach 35. Hyper Mega Cannon 5 Funnels High Energy Beam Cannon 2 High Energy beam sabres Battle Claw I-Field Barrier
  10. Ok, my Zaku Cannon is almost finished, i can start a new project Its not a Mg kit, therefore there is not a lot of parts... let see what will be happen
  11. My latest build is the 1/100 Dragon Momoko testament Gundam, just a simple build and re paint although I did try out some flip flop colour change paint, the green and purple has worked out well it just difficult to show in the pictures. All comments wellcome Thanks.
  12. mechanicore

    so mechanicore are soon releasing their next totally retarded huge kit, heres the size of the box.... it stands nearly half a metre high and has over 40 leds..... heres some pics, these are test pics, not in final colored plastic...
  13. So a lazy OOB build for now, decals line and top coat only. This is the Dragon Momoko Testament Gundam, DM is a 3rd party maker of mobile suites and Gundam that are producing some very nice alternative kit to Bandai. Box art. I have made a start on the kit and i must say im impressed so far with the level of detail and the fit, it all very good.
  14. Lets continue with the old but handsome Zaku Cannon
  15. Finally finished. hope you like it here is the wip topic
  16. Zaku Head Exceed.

    Posting this up as these are just so good if you like Gundam and love the Zaku you need to get some of these heads. Ifand you live in Japan this is the kind of thing that come out of a vending machines for about 500 yen. I picked the set of three from ebay. They are basically about 1/40ish scale Zaku heads of the standard Zaku, one of the tristar Zakus and Chars Zaku. Very simple but quite well detailed and look fantastic. So here are a few pictures of what you get......
  17. RGC-80 GM cannon

    My little build has just be given a 3rd place for the build off, Im very please with that. Thank you all for entering! There was a great range of skill and concept on show so very well done to everyone who entered. Now to announce winners! Winners are as follows (all very close!): 1st: MrAdam5 - Powered GM Cannon Advance http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=458.0 2nd: naMECHianGunpla - MG 2.0 MS-06-J Zaku Ground Type (Melee Spec) http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=463.0 3rd: Rockpopandchips - RGC-80 GM Cannon http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?topic=437.0 I built this as a build off for over on the http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?board=22.0, it should be a great comp and my first. I hope you like it and any comments welcome. and a few arty ones Im trying out........ and one with my Gonk, in the living room!
  18. After finishing star destroyer, i started lovely Sazabi Ver Ka. Thats the box its pretty big, for size comparison i used 1/48 scale tomcat. and theser are the parts, i think this kit contain 600-650 parts so excited
  19. great downloadable instruction book on high level gundum building and modification. its a pay what you can thing, from $1 to $25 , i paid 5 bucks personally felt thats about right seeing how its only digital. heres the link to website. https://www.joshuadarrah.com/zeta-plus-wip-book
  20. 1/144 RGC-80 GM.

    This is somthing new for me an online building comp. Its over on the Mecha lounge here is the link and im sure there will some amazing builds in the GM vs Zaku comp. http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php?board=20.0 So for my build im going for a 1/144 RGC-80 GM but the only kit available is a really old Bandai kit, its so old you need to glue it together and with not much in the way of details im going to try and bring it a little more up to date by bashing it with a HG GM kit, and when i say bashing i mean cutting to bits and stick back together ( well thats the plan). Work so far..... http://mecha-lounge.com/index.php
  21. seems im forever doing things red or white! so this build will be the big boy, im hoping to have it done in 6 months to take to telford. its the sazabi ver ka kit, with both infinite dimension resin upgrade sets(ID are the rolls royce of resin upgrades the 2 sets cost me 200 quid) ive also got a full set of metal thrusters and pipes and ive got huge sheet of photoetch for this kit. il be braking the kit into 3 parts(legs and waist, upper body, backpack and the shield and weapons) that way il have less chance of losing a part and will stop me from getting bored. ive not started yet as i wanted to have a proper spring clean of my room but heres the stuff ive got and il show some reference pics for people not familier with these upgrades... the kit is huge to start with... heres the PE set, some of it wont be used as shoulders and fuel tanks are being scrapped for resin versions. and the 2 infinite dimension resin upgrade sets, 1 is mostly the body parts, the second is a redesign of parts for the outside of legs, new backpack funnel holders, new fuel tanks and new weapons. also metal thruster set... ive also got loads of little bits of PE il add as i go and one other change is i bought of these special pipes from korea.. il be using all HIQ decals for the warnings, as i do with all my mechs now.. and i got some logo decals custom printed, so will use the sazabi and S01 logos(the actual font is white but its blick for the photo) so thats about it, probably gonna be a few weeks of cleaning and prep, so will post when i have something to show
  22. This is my repainted gundam universal unit Zaku. Just a quick repaint of gashapon kit. There are some nice details on this little kit. And unlike a lot of other Gundam he can hold his gun up. And next to a 1/100 Gera Doga for size.
  23. 1/250 scale Zaku.

    So this littel 85mm Mobile Suit Gundam is Char's Zaku II, this kit is a line of sweets and model kits by Bandai and there are quite a few based on the mobile suits from the Gundam series and lots of other Japanese shows. Each box contains an 85 mm kit that works out to be about 1/250 scale and one piece of soda flavored gum ( i haven tested the gun yet). The kit come partly built but there are a few other parts on small coloured runners just like a proper kit. The body part that was pre built will come apart, very handy if you want to paint it like i will be. The over all detail and fit is very good on the particular kit. Box Art Runners and part built body. Built kit. ( apart from power cables on legs) And next to a 1/144 GM for size. "Mine is still way bigger than yours" Thanks to Shane at Japan Cool for sorting me out with this, i didn't know about these kits until i rang him. Kits found her. http://japan-cool.co.uk/epages/950003803.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003803/Categories/Gashapon
  24. Heres my latest build, made a few color changes, but still mostly standard colors. ive been getting into painting my inner frames gray and putting more effort into them by putting warnings on the inner frame and also using PE and painting it light gray to give extra detail on the joints. drilled out forearms and added black metal exhausts, the knees were drilled and screws added, the side skirts were glued, filled and pla plate added to parts where i could not fill seams, the blue part on side skirt is a seporate part, so removed some plastic and added the gold mesh to the vent. the shoulders were drilled and JAO parts screws were added. HIQ decals were used for all warnings, and logos are all custom made by wessex transfers, used carbon decal on backpack which i guess isnt really "in-scale" but i like it. bandai dont make the proper claw hands for the 1/100 kit, but found that you can use use the 1/144 lupus rex oversized hands which are perfect fit for the 1/100 lupus. color changes... shoulders went from red outer and white inner, to white outer and red inner. and changed center of V-fin to white and also made foot claws white to match white claws on hands. primer alclad white. gaia brilliant white mr color yellow gaia ultra blue mr color red inner frame grays mr color 331, 73 metallics... gaia blade silver gaia starbright gold alclad chrome gaia clear red(shoulder inner part)
  25. Finally finished with this model I took 3rd place in a local model competition