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Found 2,898 results

  1. Hello guys, Years ago I started this nice model. As I got recently the DACO book of this aircraft I decided to continue this build adding some extra details. Landing legs where improved Refueling probe was replaces by a metal part Front wheel well was also improved Wheel tire lines were created Small parts were also improved Sanding around the wheel wells on the wings Removing these injection guides... Opening some details... Wings are glued Flap in down position....need to know if they are really down when the aircraft is on the ground More details on the legs Cheers, Pierre.
  2. Hi all, I'm working on this new (and excellent) model and want to do the ATAC N401AX aircraft here bellow: To start I prepared the antennas to be used regarding this ATAC version. Then I added some Eduard PE parts on the cockpit and glued the fuselage halves. Cheers. Pierre.
  3. This was released late last year from AVI models in 1/72 scale. For a modern kit, the quality of casting is a bit disappointing, or at least my sample looked to have the molds slip. The instrument panel had no detail (nor was a decal provided). The pitot tube and exhaust were also scratch built as these details were not provided. The markings on this particular Claude are of IJN ace Tetsuzo Iwamoto during operations over China. regards, Jack
  4. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    Does anyone know if there's a suitable 1/72 Mosquito kit out there that would enable me to make a post war one, eg an NF36 or similar, or an even later target tug one?
  5. The Thunderbolt has always, just, been my favourite of the US piston engined fighters, though it faced tough competition from the Corsair. I used to drool over the colour profiles in Bill Gunston's Aircraft of WW2, and wonder how it was that the biggest and heaviest could also have been the fastest. But there are no P-47s in my display case, and it's about time that oversight was rectified. I shouldn't really be building this. I promised myself that I'd finish off some of the half-built models first, and there's a bottleneck of models awaiting paint (I can only airbrush at weekends, and only if we have no household guests, since the spare bedroom is the designated spraying area. But after a two week modelling hiatus (thanks, Aussie 'flu!), I really wanted to start something new. I have only one P-47 model in the stash, and it's the Special Hobby reboxing (with added bits) of the Academy 1/72 P-47 bubbletop. The SH parts are intended to soup the base plastic up into a P-47M, with improved engine parts and airscrew, resin wheels and tanks, and a couple of PE parts. In the box it all looks rather neat: I've not photographed the Academy plastic - that's the SH sprue, resin, and decal sheet. All the P-47Ms served with the 56th Fighter Group, so the five decal options cover the three, wildly varied and unusual, schemes sported by the three constituent squadrons. My preference is for the blue/light blue markings of the 63rd FS, and Cpt Flagg's Darling Dottie, UN-F. The belly and leading edges are natural metal, which will be a first for me. Captain Flagg went on to serve in Korea, and then worked with NASA on the Gemini missions (and apparently also the early work on the Shuttle). I found some gun camera footage on Youtube that is apparently from Darling Dottie: Hopefully this won't be a taxing build, though I do need to double check my paint stocks. Thanks for looking in!
  6. Hi again Fellow Modellers, This is my first build in my new home, intended to be a bit of a mojo restorer however I tried to use Airwaves PE kit with it and disccovered that Mojo and photo-etch don't mix at all well First time with PE and couldn't work out whether you are supposed to stick the PE onto existing stuff or scrape/cut the plastic off, used only the seat belts in the end. The decals were from Sky models Spitfire sheet and paint is Tamiya and Vallejo MA. To me the tailwheel looks a bit long, this is the 'Project Airfix' edition that I think is based on the new tool. Thanks for looking........I know Airfix Mk1's are ten a penny after the Aldi/Daily Mail thingies. I've just noticed the engine has had a major oil-leak Either that or I've over-weathered again !!
  7. Here is my finished Revell Luftwaffe Tornado of Reconnaissance squadron 51 in its "Black Panther" scheme worn to the 2011 Tiger Meet. built out of the box other than the crew from my spares box and the stand, this is a great kit anyway with plenty of detail and minimal work needed to make it al fit together. Painted in Tamiya paints, the silver tiger stripes should have been a bit darker, but I'm not too worried as they stand out . I was a bit nervous with the decals as ive had some issues with revell in the past, but the colour is great and they are nice and thick. The decal sheet needs some studying before tacking them and it was fun figuring out the best order to build and paint this. It really stands out on the shelf and I may have to collect all the special scheme tornados CSC_0142 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0143 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0144 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0145 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0147 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0146 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0148 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0149 by matt wellington, on Flickr Some prior to the stores being added. The only issue with this is you loose the movable pylons as they are added after the decals. Not so much of an issue as it was being displayed in flight at 67degrees so they are glued in place now.. 20180215_171338 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20180215_171506 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20180215_171440 by matt wellington, on Flickr
  8. Hi again fellow modellers, As noted earlier I've recently moved so have not forummed(new word) anything for a while so I'm playing catch-up, so apologies for the amount of topics at short notice. This is Italeri's version of the Hellcat night fighter, pretty straightforward. I rushed it because it was my last build before the move so I'm hoping I've got the weathering OK; gloss sea blue is a challenge for weathering! The aerial in the kit is wrong, it's the forward angled one from the -3 version so fitted one made of wire plus whip aerials dorsal and ventral. I'm not sure but there may have been other aerials on the NF version but seraches on the net did not reveal anything. Paint is a ancient tin of Humbrol gloss blue and I think I put a satin vallejo varnish over it. Anyway here goes:
  9. Hi Folks, back again after a house move, have been modelling but not had chance to set up a photo area(still not really finished, hence the poor shots, for a whilwe anyway!). During the house move as I was shifting my finished models I noticed this. I'd dismissed it at the time as not good enough to pass muster for RFI, but on refelection have changed my mind, hence these shots of a two year old build. I re-did the exhausts as they were wrong ......and probably still are . Also some RPL's were erased and re-scribed(badly....not one of my strong points!) Anyway here it is, not many pics so shouldn't be too painful. Queries and criticism welcome. Paints are Vallejo Model Air IIRC. Cheers, Nige.
  10. Bf 110E

    Really enjoyed building this, the Eduard 1/72 Bf 110E. It's the Profipack version so lots of coloured PE for the cockpit, and I also added the Brassin gun-nose and wheels. The fit of the engine nacelles to wing is well documented but it just takes a bit of filing to get a decent join. I liked this kit so much I've just ordered the G-4 version.
  11. This is a project I finished on my last leave. I forgot got I had these photos with me here so here it is, my first helo built as an adult.😁 Looking at this I feel I really need to perfect my filling and sanding technique. 😣 (Amongst other things 😂 )
  12. One of the first models I started up my return to modelling, she slipped back for a variety of reasons but now is finished. The colour's are those as given by Airfix, so not really right, apart from the underside which is my own concoction in an attempt to get the colour I thought Airfix was aiming for. Anyway, on with the pics...
  13. I goofed up on the post a bit so I think you can see the same twice. My apologies. The kit is 99.94% done (as is, "It floats!" for any US commercial from the 50's buffs out there). Sharp eye might notice the landing gear doors not on (should be later this evening) the gun and rear cockpit need to be finished, canopy frames not painted yet and the exhaust pipe not in place (tomorrow's tiny battle). GREAT GREAT kit! The more I build Matchbox the more I love Matchbox...growing up in Michigan we has Lindberg, Testors, and the occasional Airfix. I never even built a Matchbox until I was past 50! I love them!. Greg in OK
  14. Hey guys, So I'm giving the submarine spree a rest and in the words of John Cleese, now for something completely different. I've always liked the Vulcan, and I live relatively close to a dispersal airfield of the Vulcan up at the former RAE Bedford. It's an iconic aircraft and so in the traditional fashion I've decided to plunge into the hole of the classic Airfix Vulcan, turning 35 years old this year! With it I've got hold of Wolfpack Models landing gear and update set, as well as Flightpath's photoetch set. I'm deciding against working too much on the cockpit because I've seen a few Vulcans made up and to be fair apart from the access hatch and maybe a glint of a few things inside you don't see much detail. I'll still be drilling through the two portholes though but the interiors black so nothing'll really be seen. Work so far has been minimal, and I've been looking at a few schemes. The idea I'm going with is one of the Anti-flash white ones from 617Sqn. Something about the three lightning strikes on the tail fin just makes the Vulcan look right, and the paled out scheme just encompasses all of the 1950s-60s Nuclear Fission fun! I chose XL360 because she's in preservation at the Midland Air Museum and tbf its a nice round number. I've begun by doing the simple-ish bits of the build and I've clamped the air intakes together with enough force to implode a small planet. The fit is relatively poor along the seams as the two ends meet at slight angles creating a slight V-Shape, but that shouldn't be too hard to fill (those wolfpack intakes are looking pretty good right now..) and I've primed a trunk already just to see where I'm at with it. I worked at it by squeezing humbrol filler into an (expendable) pallet and using an (also knackered) flat brush to thin it down to the consistency of plaster. I then painted it along the gaps and sanded it back again. for this I used a thick paint brush handle wrapped in sandpaper. I'm getting there slowly with it but I still need to bridge the gap between the two halves of the intake on the divide, where, right at the front there's still a slight indent. Meanwhile I've been working with the front undercarriage bay. It's simply just 4 pieces, but the detail is sublime. Painting it Humbrol 34 (White) I then picked out various pieces with black paint and coated it in smoke. It looks a little dark in the images but that's just the poor light. Finishing the bay off, I left the majority of it white because most of the wire trunking was painted over and so were much of the lesser replaced through maintainence areas. One striking thing I did note from the reference photos however (XL360 specific thank you very much, the highlights of building a preserved Vulcan!) was a bundle of wires travelling from the rear wall of the bay from what looks to be a format of junction box. I replicated this through using a small gauge black wire . The holes were funnily enough there but there wasn't any instructions to include the wires. Finally, I've been working on the cockpit, as said I'm not really putting too many hours into this as 1. It's all black and 2. No windows or access hatches are big enough to get a full view of the inside. Thus I'm just simply going to spruce up the entrance hatch. The cockpit thus far has been the simplest bit! Enough of me waffling! Thanks for looking Sam
  15. Hello Here is my most recent build with this 1/72 North American B-45A from Valom. This aircraft was from the 86th Bomb Squadron / 47th Bombardment Wing in 1954 at Sculthorpe RAF Station. The transfers came from a Caracal Models sheet and were very satisfactory. This kit is not for beginners and honestly one is enough. In the end the product is correct and will be published next month in the French magazine "Avion de combat". Patrick
  16. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi all, This just turned up in the post today so I'll be starting this soon. I just haveto wait for a new airbrush nozzle to turn up Thanks for checking in, -Cam
  17. Lancaster pilot's seat

    A friend is building the Lanc from the BoB flight set. Unfortunately he's lost the seat! Can someone give me the dimension from cockpit floor to the top of the headrest. He's scratched one but I think it looks a little over scale. Thanks All, Tom
  18. So I had originally entered the Academy A-10 (Iraqi Freedom) kit in to this GB but unfortunately this has suffered from irreparable damage caused by me stupidly knocking it flying off the bench. After a fair amount of expletives and raised blood pressure, I have since gathered my composure and being the bigger man that I am have decided to continue with the GB but only this time with the following kit: This is a superb looking kit with some excellent detailing - particularly for the cockpit. It comes with a variety of options for paint schemes and I am drawn to 2 at the moment - either the one on the front of the box or this one: As always - your assistance and feedback on helping me choose the scheme would be much appreciated. So in the meantime I've made a start on putting the cockpit together in its basic form with a bit of detail painting in readiness for the washes and PE to go in next. So this is how things stand at the moment: I've follwed this up by getting the RLM02 base coat on the fuselage and undercarriage section on the wings: So more progress to follow soon - hopefully this time I'll be able to make sure that it stays firmly on the bench!!!
  19. Since @Duncan Bseems to be having so much fun with his wee Modelcollect tank, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I mean it's not as if I have another dozen or so builds on the go already I knew I had this old M1 Abrams in the loft, so I dug it out: Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr Opening the box was a pleasant surprise - I had expected rubber bands but there's a neat (if somewhat simplified) set of link and length tracks. Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr The multipart hull is not particularly easy to put together, being thin, wobbly and lacking positive location points. It needed superglue and accelerator to fix it as it was impossible to clamp. It seemed best to crack on and fit the deck and rear panel, to give it all some structure: Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr Before closing up I noticed the hull was leaning inwards so I fitted a spreader bar from evergreen strip - seen here just aft the drivers compartment (if you look closely!) Esci M1 Abrams by jongwinnett, on Flickr It lacks the fine detail of a modern kit, and fit is challenging, but I'm hopeful this is going to build up into a decent early M1
  20. Hi all, No.2 in my planned ‘Battle of Britain’ 1/72 series - the rather nice Airfix Hurricane Mk I (fabric wing). The first offering was their equally nice (actually probably nicer even) new Stuka. I was waiting on a replacement canopy due to a slight overspray incident from Airfix. It’s just arrived as I write - very impressive customer service as it took 4 days from me submitting my request! So while that was on the back burner, I couldn’t resist dipping into the Hurri.. Extras are the beautiful Eduard interior set, canopy masks and camouflage masks (I’m a lazy builder). Additionally, I’ll be using decals from Xtradecal’s BoB 70th anniversary set. So far so good. The fit has been spot on and the Eduard set really brings the cockpit to life. Macro photography always highlights the flaws - and in this scale - it’s a nightmare! But I’ve done my best, and can only say I’m pleased with it in the flesh. I’ve managed to squeeze in a map so he doesn’t get lost - printed off the internet after being scaled down considerably: I really can’t take any credit for the instrument panel - it’s just the usual Eduard gem: The parts in situ: I’ve just closed her up and mounted the fuselage on the wings, the fit, again, is great. Just take care and time and it really slots together. I applied some filler along the edges, but it didn’t really need any, more of a just in case.. Thanks for looking, Guy
  21. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    Hi, I am currently building the Italeri Spitfire Vb and intend to paint it in the colour scheme of the 229 Squadron Spitfire Vb EP606 'X-P' flown by F/O. Ryan Gosling RCAF, Spring 1943. The research is from Steve Nichols 'Malta Spitfire Aces' which suggests the scheme is dark earth and extra dark sea grey with azure blue undersides, would I be correct in interpreting this as Extra dark sea area - humbrol 123; dark earth humbrol 29 and azure blue humbrol 157 (or is it humbrol 89)? Many thanks in advance, Russ
  22. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    The new 1/72 Special Hobby P-40 kits include the gun camera fairing as part B10 and, for the N at least, it's isn't grayed out as not for use. However, the instructions don't tell you where to put it, but a quick Google search showed that below the wing outboard of the starboard undercarriage fairing was the usual location. The photographic record seems to indicate that the gun camera wasn't fitted that often, but was there a set reason as to which aircraft may have had one? Like flight leaders, for example? Thanks in advance, Mike.
  23. According to Hannats, Roden will release a new Great War model, Type B WWI Omnibus Ole Bill kit, in 1/72 (no 732). It is nice they are slowly but steadily add new kits to WWI ground range in 1/72 scale.
  24. As a modeller I have become very set in my ways, aircraft (and not just any old thing but quite specific types), 1/72 scale with a drift into 1/48. The subjects are generally the same or very similar as I build to themes. Lately however my Mojo has been almost non existent so in an attempt to kick start it back into life I have decided that 2018 should be the year I just build models, no themes, no single type builds just build whatever comes along. So with that in mind here I am with my first attempt at an armour subject since the very early 1980's (even then I was 99.9% an aircraft modeller). The poor innocent kit about to be mangled is the Modelcollect 1/72 scale T-72BA. Please feel free to offer suggestions along the way. Before I go any further I must state that I know nothing whatsoever about the subject, the kit or the accuracy thereof or, in fact, how to go about building and painting it (which will probably become apparent fairly quickly). Here are the contents of the box. It all looks really nice and well detailed to me and I like the fact that there are optional tracks. A metal lower hull will give the completed model a weighty feel but I'd have preferred the turned gun barrel that they include in some of the other kits in the range. I suppose I'd better start cutting bits off the sprue! Duncan B
  25. Dear modelers friends, For my first presentation I have chosen work on Winter theme. Why winter? Today, after a long time in Zagreb, has fallen a great snow so maybe this is the reason. So, this dioramas were made in scale 1/72. The Opel blitz trucks are made by the Academy and Italeri manufacturers, and the Sd.Kfz 261 is from the ICM manufacturer. Figures are from different manufacturers; Preiser, Milicast and Revell and I had a lot of self-construction on them. The environment of dioramas I made from natural materials (earth, sand, stones) produced by Nature in scale. Trees and shrubs are from the well-known Noch manufacturer. Snow is naturally sodium bicarbonate bonded to white glue and all handled with glossy lacquer. The story I wanted to show was somewhere in the far Russia in 1943. All comments are more than welcome Thanks for watching