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Found 2,748 results

  1. Pair of P-47s

    Built the ongoing radial engines GB. Revell (camo) and Academy (bare metal) Thunderbolts. Academy seems to have too much rake on the undercarriage but by far the nice kit. Thanks to @warhawk for helping me out with decals WIP here
  2. I remember I desperately wanted a Shackleton when I was a kid. It's brilliant we've now got Revell and Airfix making them! My initial thoughts on opening this were it has a lot of parts! I don't know if anyone else has found this too, but where the pieces join the sprues the plastic is quite thick - it needs careful cutting so as not to snap thin parts or leave tears on larger parts where they were attached. Apart from that though, what an amazing kit this looks! Beautiful lines on the surfaces, and so far fitting together well. I'm going to use satin dark sea grey spray for the bulk of it, I'll mask the transparencies and leave the props, etc off until the end. Impressive amount of detail for the interior ...
  3. Hello all! A really great range of aircraft to find myself amongst here - the best of luck to all of you taking part! I'm going with the <'venerable'/'well-known'/'not entirely without problems'> Dornier Do 18 from Matchbox, meaning that it will require some not insignificant work turning the 'G' variant OOB into an earlier 'D'. I'll take you through some of these issues in a moment. The Roy Huxley box-art is characteristically gorgeous and evocative: I don't intend holding things up by doing a kit review of already well-documented issues but will simply point out the things that need doing for a 'D'. The transparencies have already been thrown away on the grounds of optical thickness: I should add that the kit came without instructions or decals. The former I've sourced in digital form from Scalemates, the latter will be dealt with at the time by a combination of painting and printing my own decals. The particular aircraft I'm intent on modifying the kit to represent is M7+YK, a Dornier Do 18 D-3 from 2/Kü.Fl.Gr 506. Piloted by Lt z See Wilhelm Freiherr von Reitzenstein she was shot down by Skuas from H.M.S Ark Royal on 26th Sept. 1939, reputedly the first Luftwaffe loss of the war (though this has been questioned in some quarters). Other crew members were the observer: Leutnant zur See Ernst Korner, Radio operator: Unteroffizier Walter Heckt, and Flight Engineer: Unteroffizier Fritz Schmalfeldt. My interest in this incident was piqued by discovering a wartime HMSO volume on the Ark Royal from 1942 in a Dorset bookshop back in the summer: In it was a sequence of shots of HMS Somali rescuing the crew of M7+YK, that I hadn't seen presented together before: There was something about seeing this sequence that gave an immersion in the incident that a single image alone can't reproduce. For some reason the sunglint on water in the final image is resonant of a particular moment in time and place. History, in fact... There is little substantive material published in web or book form on the Do 18 to base a detailed build upon - let alone the 'D' variant - so I purchased a complete set of flying and maintenance manuals from Udo over at Luftfahrt-archiv-hafner. The level of detail is astonishing in them and despite the contemporary gothic font hampering my minimal language skills, provides all that is required for this project. If I punch up a composite of kit and ladenplan for a 'D': ...you can see that Matchbox did an excellent job of getting length and much of the shape right for the most part. Same for the dual-engine upper-works: Only some minor addition of shape at the rear beneath prop where it curves inwards. Aside from panel lines - both those present needing toning down and those needing scribing-in - the main things this needs to be 'D-ed' up are as follows. 1. Complete re-shaping of nose - from sharp prow-like 'G' to rounded 'D': You can see where I've sketched the difference in between the two in the image above. 2. Propellor blades and bosses. Not exactly sure how yet but these need to be reshaped and re-profiled, with the rear and front props being slightly different diameters as well (don't ask me which way round, I've got it written-down somewhere...). 3. Interior. Supplied cockpit and other interior parts need completely re-doing - I'll cram as much other detail in as seems appropriate at this scale. Supplied kit guns are risible (the cannon for the'G' turret is just a stick!) so I've a set of these on order, plus some spare mags to line the gunnery positions: That's the only sop to AM parts, everything else will be scratch built. The question of how the aircraft will be presented in the final display has required some thought. It was no real temptation to try and create a diorama of the shots taken from the Ark Royal publication as to be quite honest, I'm no great fan of building dioramas of actual events. What I want to try is something I've not seen done with this aircraft before: having a number of the access panels opened up as if it is being overhauled prior to an operation, fuel tanks being removed etc. I suspect lack of references have stopped people trying this before but with the maintenance manuals to hand, you've got to try and give your audience something different - haven't you? How far we proceed down that route depends on the deadline for the GB or course, as well as family and work commitments, but let's see how far we can push the process. Conscious of the 20% rule, I've done some preparatory work in vacforming a new canopy and starting to re-shape the nose profile, but nothing to contravene the rules. I'll post some shots of these processes up tomorrow rather than make today's starting installment too heavy. Looking forwards to this immensely and hope you are too! Tony
  4. P-47 Thunderbolt double build

    About time I dipped a toe in the group build waters. In the stash I happen to have sets containing a pair of P-47 Thunderbolts that would fit the remit. and Unfortunately on inspection the box art on the Academy one is waaaaaay off and both actually have very similar colour schemes which would be a bit dull. Thankfully @warhawk kindly came to the rescue with decals for two alternative schemes So mulling over what to pick for the jugs I realised one set depicts a plane called Ole Cock III and another is Balls Out and the immature Viz reader in me had the casting vote over which decals to use.
  5. PK-104 Curtiss SB2C-1 Helldiver

    I had originally intended to do good old PK-18, Grumman Hellcat which I started the other day, but partway into the build, I realized the replacement vac-form canopy in the kit was not correct for it. It looks like a Corsair one, so it was pushed aside for the Helldiver. After seeing Tony's (@tonyot) build I thought I would also jazz up the cockpit a little. It won't be as funky as Tony's but I will hide some of the gaping gaps in there. Pictures soon. Oh and if anyone has an old spare canopy to fit the Matchbox Hellcat I will happily take it off your hands
  6. My contribution to the GB will start with a pair of Italian Air Force Starfighters, a recce pod-equipped F-104G from 28o Gruppo and an F-104S from 102o Gruppo. Here's a jumble of parts from which I'll build the pair, and the eagle-eyed will spot more than enough bits for two models; with any luck I'll also attempt a third kit in the pile, an F-104J that was started many years ago. At some point in the intervening years I've attempted a refurbishment of the incomplete model, only to put it aside for a rainy day or a F-104 STGB like this... A bit of reference material - and the odd instruction sheet, in case I get confused about what goes where... Thanks for looking. Andrew.
  7. The deadline is OK for me so I hope I would be able to finish this one in time. Anyway I have to build this model before Special Hobby comes with their one so a good excuse. The box art is great, really impressive. The box is not that great as it is very difficult to smuggle home - and you can’t use the popular sentence "oh no darling, not a new kit, I have had this one for ages…" The Eduard masks and Zoom set has been ordered for this beast. And (no surprise here) it will be the Dakar Aeronavale option.
  8. Boba Fett's Slave 1 Finemolds 1/72 Hi everyone This is Finemolds 1/72 Slave 1, Boba Fett's customised Firespray patrol ship, built August-September 2014. I added some fibre optics to the cockpit instrument panel and backwall along with LED accent lighting and hull lights. The paint chipping was done with masking fluid applied with a sponge. Paints are a combination of Vallejo, Tamiya and Gunze. The long term plan for this is to construct a maintenance bay dio for it to sit in, hence the removed hull panels and port blaster. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do that this year, time permitting. Hope you enjoy the shots As the internal lighting doesn't show up that well under the lights, this is an earlier shot before the canopy was fitted Thanks for looking Andy
  9. Evening all. I'm late to the party, but will be trying my skills out on the Sword 1/72 Seamew kit. Here's the obligatory shot of the unstarted kit. First impression is that I had forgotten how small 1/72 is (where's that magnifying glass?). The detail looks well defined but there is a fair amount of cleaning up required. The resin parts are a nice touch too. The name of this particular subject seems apt considering the type's history. Off we go!
  10. Hey fellas, I'm sure there are a few of you who would benefit from this news, and it may not be news to some. I have come across a site that has rare kits hat are reproduced from wonderfest etc where quantities are extremely limited and finding them can be impossible. I have ordered from this site before, and I assure you the casting is of top quality. The rare VF-19 battroid from the Macross+ anime had a few variations across the gross series. One was the racing type that I found here in 1/72! http://www.e2046.com/p/22702/ I preordered a couple, and I thought I would share my discovery with anyone here who happens to be as crazy about these models as I am.
  11. This will be my entry for this Group Build: the new-tool Hasegawa Kawanishi H8K2 'Emily': It looks a lovely kit, I hope I can make a decent effort of it. The initial edition of the kit came with a free cutaway poster of the aircraft which will be useful for painting the interior detail and crew figures (though the text is wasted on me, unfortunately): Pictured here are the instructions, and the canopy mask set included with the kit - this includes the turret glazing but not masks for the little fuselage windows: Transfer options are provided for 3 aircraft as well as the national markings and stencilling: I was a little concerned by the amount of carrier film around the wing walkway decals in particular, but this chap has built the kit and rated the decals very highly, so I am somewhat reassured On to the sprues then: ...and four of these: Surprisingly (as most manufacturers including Hasegawa seem to have stopped doing this) a full crew of 11 are provided (actually 16 figures are included on the sprues so some can go to the spares box) as multi-part mouldings giving the potential for a degree of mix-and-match to avoid exact duplication... these are beautifully-sculpted little guys and I'm looking forward to making them up. For the purposes of display I'll need to attach the externally-fitted wheel arrangements and it will perhaps seem odd to include the crew with guns deployed as well as these, but I can't not use the crew so please indulge me The paint scheme is the same for each marking option: Imperial Japanese Navy D1 Deep Green Black* over aluminium. I'll be using Colourcoats ACJ01 IJN D1 Deep Green Black for the uppersurfaces and most likely Alclad Semi-matt Aluminium for the undersides. The interior is mostly (painted) aluminium, apart from the section forward of the wings - Hasegawa don't really give specific information on what this colour was, simply suggesting mixing 50% Mitsubishi Interior Green with 50% of a choice of three different greens. I'll be up in Aberdeen in a couple of weeks doing some Sovereign Hobbies stuff with Jamie and Gill so I'll see if we can match the colour with the interior pics shown on the cutaway poster when I am up there. Apologies for the excessive preamble Cheers, Stew * Nick Millman was kind enough to confirm this - the slightly lurid green used on the Emily that was until recently displayed in the USA was a post-war repaint from a time when we were perhaps less particular about the colour accuracy of paint used on restorations of captured aircraft.
  12. Hi all, My entry for the GB is the Yokosuka K5Y2 floatplane (nickname, “akotombo”; Allied reporting name, Willow). The K5Y2 (and the land-based version, K5Y1) were used by the IJN as an intermediate trainer from 1934–1945 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yokosuka_K5). I had originally planned to use the Arii K5Y2 kit, but the Valom one (land-based K5Y1) was on sale, and is a much better kit, so I went with the latter. It has the same plastic parts as the Valom K5Y2 floatplane, so I’ll just need to get the appropriate instructions (maybe from http://1999.co.jp/eng/ or similar). Here are some figure that I hope to use: And the original Arii kit, should I need it: I will attempt a water vignette and some IJN and IJA figures to model a scene like the following (I really don’t know what I’m getting myself in for): Also, here is a Youtube link with some cool footage of the Willow: This will be my first attempt at a water vignette, PE parts, and a short-run kit. What could possibly go wrong? Hey, wait, where are the locating pins?? This should be a fantastic GB, and already there looks to be some really interesting projects being slated! Regards, David
  13. Hello all, Have just been puttering away on various old projects; not certain whether many would make a good WIP. However, there is one (actually of many) items that have been worrying my feeble mind for a number of years, trying to decide how to go about modeling them, the Ryan FR-4 Fireball, which is essentially an up-engined and modified FR-1 Fireball. These modifications were enough to make this version 100 mph faster than the original. I read somewhere on line that this aircraft held the world's speed record for a brief time. The visible modifications (or at least those of most concern to the modeler) consist of 1) removing the jet intakes from the leading edge of the wing 1) replacing said wing intakes with NACA intake ducts, and 3) lengthening the aircraft by some 4 inches. Judging from drawings and photos, the latter seems to consist of a longer tailpipe, so not too bad to manage. The best photo I could find of the FR-4 is this one, which shows the hardest areas of the needed mods: Not very exciting in terms of markings, is it? Note especially the raised lip around the NACA intakes; they are NOT flush with the outside of the aircraft! We shall attempt to duplicate them a little later on. For now, we begin with the basic MPM FR-1 Fireball kit in 1/72 scale (The ONE TRUE SCALE for all you slackers out there!) It looks like this: Note the nice brass PE -- probably the hardest part of the stock kit, other than a little flash here and there. BTW, don't even think of trying this mod with the Pegasus kit! It has so many problems that most wise men would probably bin it instead. I didn't, whence cometh the ire! I began by marking a straight line across the wings, showing where the protruding intakes need to be removed, by my trusty razor saw: I then sawed off the offending bits, as well as the front part of the wing that was molded onto the fuselage: Next the wheel wells were painted, and the leading edge of the wing was stuffed full of Milliput's finest, and the the wings were squeezed together, glued and clamped. The Milliput was then roughly shaped to a rough airfoil, pending more accurate sanding later. Those of you familiar with Milliput ill understand the need to get it shaped as well as possible before it hardens. It's not impossible to sand, but tough: And sanded: Also, be sure to clean any excess squeeze-out from the wheel wells! Well, that's all for now. Just a bit to peak your interest, assuming you are crazy enough to follow along. By the way, if a "grognard" (a soldier of the "Old Guard of Napoleon) is a very avid wargamer, what are we as modelers? Ed
  14. Have just finished this one from Airfix new range of very nice kits, build out of the box one with aftermarked decals from OWL. cheers Jes
  15. "How easy it would have been for National Socialist Germany to misuse its superiority in the air just as Great Britain has always done at sea. But in Poland, Adolf Hitler gave the world proof of his military leadership. The Luftwaffe followed his orders and attacked only military targets." -- SS-Standartenführer Toni Winkelnkemper, Der Großangriff auf Köln. Ein Beispiel (Berlin: Franz Eher, 1942) (trans. Randall Bytwerk) "Suddenly two German planes appeared from nowhere and dropped two bombs only two hundred yards away on a small home. Two women in the house were killed. The potato diggers dropped flat upon the ground, hoping to be unnoticed. After the bombers had gone, the women returned to their work. They had to have food. But the Nazi fliers were not satisfied with their work. In a few minutes they came back and swooped down to within two hundred feet of the ground, this time raking the field with machine-gun fire. Two of the seven women were killed. The other five escaped somehow. While I was photographing the bodies, a little ten-year old girl [Kazimiera Mika, actually aged 12] came running up and stood transfixed by one of the dead. The woman was her older sister. The child had never before seen death and couldn't understand why her sister would not speak to her..." -- Julien Bryan, "Warsaw: 1939 Siege; 1959 Warsaw Revisited" "If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all their own way: they would never feel afraid, and so they would never alter, but would grow worse and worse. When we are struck at without a reason, we should strike back again very hard; I am sure we should—so hard as to teach the person who struck us never to do it again." -- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre "I keep thinking of Winston Churchill down at Westerham, full of patriotism and ideas for saving the Empire. A man who knows you must act to win. You cannot remain supine and allow yourself to be hit indefinitely." -- Sir Edmund Ironside, Diary entry for 27 July 1939 It's always a struggle to pick out a kit these days, because I know I'll have pathetically little time to work on it and it will take ages and ages, and do I really want to build it for that long? But sooner or later you either have to get off the pot or do what you sat on it to do, so here we are. I decided to build the Trumpeter Wellington Ic I have in my stash, one of three of their Wellington kits I own, and given my current build rate, it will likely be finished around the time the presumably infinitely superior Airfix one comes out (though most Airfix kits these days seem to come complete with one clanger in the box, cf. the Harrier GR3 tail or Hurricane canopy and wing panels). I'll be building Wellington Ic R1593 OJ-N "for Nuts"/FIREFLY of 149 (East India) Squadron, whose motto was Fortis Nocte; Strong By Night. The squadron served as both a night bombing unit in the Great War (flying the delightfully ungainly-looking F.E.2, a personal favourite) and in World War II, where it flew a whole panoply of types: Heyfords, Wellingtons, Stirlings, and Lancasters. After the war, it flew Lincolns, Washingtons, and Canberras, before finally disbanding in 1956. R1593 was damaged beyond repair during a raid on Bremen on 14/15 July 1941, when she was coned by searchlights at 8,000 feet and hit hard by flak. Skillful evasive maneuvers by her pilot, Sergeant (later Warrant Officer) Donald Anthony "Tony" Gee (23/1/1920-7/10/1942) brought the aircraft down to 2,000 feet and enabled her and her (miraculously unhurt) crew to struggle back to Mildenhall, where she crash-landed. Sadly, Warrant Officer Gee was killed in a flying accident on 7 October 1942 while instructing on a training flight in Wellington Ic R1801 from 28 OTU when a piece of fabric tore off the wing while the aircraft was airborne. He was 22, had flown 37 missions over enemy territory, and left behind his wife Irene. The kit decals are a rather voluptuous, if not alarmingly sensual, red, and the codes are a rather anemic, unhealthy looking exceptionally pale grey (roughly the colour of the late Christopher Lee's flesh in Dracula...possibly drained of their vital essence by the roundels) which is why we're building N-Nuts off a Techmod sheet, rather than the kit option of a 301 ("Ziemi Pomorskiej") Squadron aircraft of the Free Polish forces. Also, I generally like nose art. N-Nuts in life. My workbench is as clean as it's gonna get. Let's get going.
  16. Hi and thanks for dropping by – may I introduce you to my first ever 1/72 AFV. It’s the International Harvester M5 Halftrack – or should that be half track? The kit is from the PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY and as some of you probably know – it’s really designed for wargamers rather than 'serious' modellers – but hey - you get 3 in the box – so how could an amateur resist… There isn’t really any ‘after-market’ for these bad boys, so it‘s straight out of the box. The only messing around I did, as my skills are somewhat limited, was to add a bridge weight disc with a 3mm piece of plastic. Also the ‘windows’ were solid – so I filed them out and it came with a ‘choice of 50 calibre machine guns – so I ‘up gunned’ it and used both. Oh – and the headlights were just plastic stumps – so I drilled a couple of small pits and put some chrome paint in. The paint is Vallejo Model Air and the dusty look comes from Flory washes – all finished off with Winsor and Newton matt varnish. Now no one is going to mistake this for your normal 1/35 fare - but just for scale - and because it is so cheesy - let's start with a 'penny shot'... OK - so here is the 'walkaround'... I should point out that I built this as a ‘mojo restorer’ and it certainly did its job – if you fancy taking a look at the fun and games along the way – the WIP is here… …as always any constructive comments are most welcome – it’s what the forum is all about. ...and don't forget - if you like it – then you can ‘like it’ with the buttons over there > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thanks for looking - Steve
  17. Hi This is another one for this year even if I started this kit many years ago. The 1/72 Hobby Boss kit is not the best in town but is easy to build except around the front part of the fuselage which is divided horizontally. I tried to compensate the poor detail level by chosing a multi-coloured scheme. This is the Armée de l'air (French Air Force) Republic F-84G-21-RE 51-10809 Thunderjet transfered to France and from EC 1/3 Navarre at Reims AB in 1953. The transfers came from the Hi-Decal HD72049 sheet. Patrick
  18. Hawker Hurricane IIc

    Hi folk's,laying a marker for later in the GB for the Hurricane,I've had such a great time with the little Spitfire I had to have a Hurricane too as digging around I found some spare decal's if the kit one's are no good £6:99 at King Kit be here in a day or two.
  19. Good evening everyone, welcome to my new build This is HMS Fife, a County Class Destroyer, built in the 1960's during the cold war, I personally served on her from 1978-1980 during which time we made the news around the world after we were turned around from going home and went back to give aid to the island of Dominica after she was struck by a hurricane I will use this page for now as an index, as i intend to work in stages, which is not how I normally build, where as i tend to go to what ever i fancied
  20. Hello, Here are some finished photos on my latest build, a Ryan FR-4, which is a conversion of the MPM 1/72 Ryan FR-1 Fireball; the FR-4 being 100 mph faster than the FR-1. The FR-4 differs in that the intakes for the jet engine were removed from the wing roots, and added back in the form of NACA ducts, on the front cowling sides. Without further ado: Next, some comparison shots between the FR-1 and the FR-4 (foreground). The FR-1 is the Pegasus model, and it was a tough build, mostly because the intakes on my copy were molded as blobs, and I had to basically rebuild the wing. Also, in these pictures, I just noted that about 12-15 years ago, when I built the model, I also put the stars ON THE WRONG WINGS! This model has been in the case for THAT long, and I just never noticed. Duh! But, I lucked out, and some kind chap on E-bay was kind enough to offer an instruction sheet (which I didn't need) and an original Pegasus decal sheet (which I do) for a modest price, so I snapped them up! This problem will be corrected soon! But, here are some comparisons: This was a tricky, but interesting build, and one that I'd never seen tried before. This model may very well be unique, but I hope some of you out there will give it a go! Here is the link to how I did it:W.I.P. Thanks for looking! Ed
  21. Just finished - after it was put aside for a while - the Amodel kit of the elegant Italian Piaggio P-180 'Avanti'..... Two marking options are given in this release - a Spanish-registered charter turboprop EC-LPJ - or an Italian Marina version.... I replaced the ill-fitting clear cabin windows with black decals - printed onto clear decal sheet using my inkjet printer. Because of the decal windows, I left out the fully-detailed cabin interior (which can't be seen cleary even if the clear windows are used). The Avanti is typically Italian - like a flying Ferrari - although I have heard some people say it is ugly??? I think it's gorgeous. Ken PS - Some more photos - plus sprue and build shots.... here.
  22. My entry. Built a number of Matchbox kits growing, but not this one. Looking forward to this, should be a fun build.
  23. Douglas A-20G Havoc

    Well, here goes build number 3, The Green Hornet. I have never built this kit before, and am hoping for as good an experience as the Bf 110. There will be a little bit of extra work involved with this one as the upper gun turret consists of a plain plastic disc to hold the gunners blister plus the guns. Here come the obligatory box and sprues shots.... IMG_2566 by IMG_2565 by IMG_2567 by IMG_2568 by IMG_2569 by Lovely box art on this kit, and transfers permitting will be the version i build. Theres a couple of progress shots thrown in, and so far all the parts have fitted perfectly. Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg
  24. Recently finished this lovely little kit from Airfix, joy to build Build out of box, with aftermarked decals from DP Casper. Cheers Jes
  25. Hi all For my next project I have decided to build an A-4B Skyhawk from Argentine Air Force during the Falklands conflict in 1982. Politics aside, the conflict proved that skilled pilots can make a difference even when using an outdated, or inferior material. In this case the old and still reliable Scooter (Douglas A-4B Skyhawk). This is a challenging subject, since the resources available are, quite often, not reliable or conflicting. I was fortunate to find an amazing tread in a scale modelling forum where the author (FAAMAN) made a comprehensive article (post) in regards to the Argentinian Skyhawks. This post will be my guide through this building, you can read it HERE. (Images used are in the public domain and used for educational purposes only) I have decided to built the A-4B C-242, as seen im late May 1982. It was flown by Primer Teniente (1st Lt) Guadagnini. Unfortunately he was killed on the the 23rd during the attack to HMS Antelope.  Primer Teniente Luciano Guadagnini Following is the accounting for that day: 23 MAY 1982: A flight of four Grupo 5 A-4B Skyhawks attack in two groups. The first attack is led by Capitan Carballo with Primer teniente Alferez Gomez flying his wing. They approach HMS Antelope fast and low over the water. The results of the attack are one 1000 lb. un-exploded bomb in the Antelope's stern. It is believed that the Skyhawk piloted by Alférez H. Gómez stroke Antelope with the 1000 lb. bomb that did not explode. (Later this bomb did explode while being defused, leading to further explosions that sunk the ship.) Capaitan Carballo's Skyhawk is severely damaged by AAA and an exploding SAM, and barely escapes a second SAM. Carvballo's damaged Skyhawk makes it back to base and post-flight inspection finds a damaged fin on one of his drop tanks. This may have been caused by striking the mast rigging of the Antelope.The second attack from this flight is flown by Primer Teniente Guadagnini and Teniente Rinke and results in another 1000 lb. unexploded bomb in the Antelope. Primer Teniente Guadagnini flying A-4B Skyhawk C-242 was killed when his Skyhawk was struck, mostly likely by a British Sea Wolf SAM from HMS Broadsword.Later,Argentine Navy Third Escuadrilla A-4Q Skyhawks, attack the British Frigate Antelope. The Navy flight consisted of Capitan de Corbeta Castro Fox and Zubizarreta, Benitez and Oliverira. Zuizarreta would die when his aircraft, laden with un-expended ordinance he could not discard, blew a tire causing his aircraft to veer of the runway upon landing. Zuizarreta ejected but did not have the needed speed to facilitate completion of the chute deployment and was killed. His aircraft, 3-A-309 ironically was not damaged. C-242 shot down by SAMs and AAA on the 23rd May 1982 whilst attacking HMS Antelope, the pilot Primer Teniente Guadagnini was killed, ‘B’ pattern camouflage with standard ‘official’ I.D. bands in six positions Photo Resource C-242 Before applying the yellow ID bands in 6 positions C-242 (forefront aircraft on the right) with yellow ID bands applied Here is the final model: Painted with Tamiya acrylic paints. That's all folks!