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Found 2,460 results

  1. The North American A-5/RA-5 Vigilante W.I.P. by Andrii Dzhuran, Revell kit 1/72 History: The rapid evolution of aircraft design in the 1950s led to new aircraft types with sleek lines and impressive performance. One such aircraft was the North American A-5/RA-5 "Vigilante". The Vigilante was designed as a carrier-based strategic nuclear bomber, but would see action over Vietnam as a fast reconnaissance aircraft. In the postwar period, the US Navy was determined to obtain a nuclear strike capability, first acquiring the North American AJ "Savage" and Douglas A-3 "Skywarrior" bombers. These were both subsonic aircraft, and since aircraft design was evolving quickly at the time, both soon became obsolete for the missions for which they had originally been designed. The new aircraft was originally referred to as the "North American General Purpose Attack Weapon" and later given the company designation of "NA-233". After discussions with the Navy, the NAA-233 concept took shape as a twin-engine aircraft with advanced combat avionics, Mach 2 performance, and an interesting "linear bomb bay" in which a nuclear weapon was popped out the tail to give the aircraft a better chance of escaping the atomic blast. North American engineers also considered fitting the aircraft with an auxiliary rocket engine powered by jet fuel and hydrogen peroxide for an additional burst of speed over the target area -- but the Navy didn't like the idea of handling a nasty, toxic, reactive, and unstable substance like hydrogen peroxide on board a ship, and so it didn't happen. The Vigilante was long and sleek, with a relatively small high-mounted swept-back wing, and all-moving slab tailplanes and tailfin. The aircraft had tricycle landing gear, with the main gear retracting into the fuselage. All three gear had single wheels and retracted forward, with the main gear rotating 90 degrees during retraction to fit into the wheel wells. The Vigilante was powered by twin General Electric YJ79-GE-2 engines, with engine bays made mostly of titanium, and covered with gold film to reflect heat. The aircraft had a large fuel capacity to give it long range and permit extended flight in afterburner. This period of history is interesting to me. Also, you might be interested. My new build in the WIP chapter “The North American A-5/RA-5 Vigilante” by Revell`s old kit begins with: Day 1 - Review of the kit; - Instructions study;
  2. Well hello everybody! I have decided to head back to the Gentlemans scale for a nice relaxing stress free, almost spring time, out of the box build. (Probably) Since My Father's Day gift from the kids last year ( Tickets to the Cosford air show ) I haven't been to an air show since I was knee high to a grass hopper and the sight and sounds of such a wonderful aircraft have stuck in my head. The rest of the show was pretty cool too. Here's a brief glimpse of the Typhoon in flight. I had bought the Revell kit from the bargain bin in my LMS in Birmingham a few months before not knowing that I would be seeing one in flight. Long story short, this will be my next build, it's a far cry from my last mammoth three month long build of the venerable Airfix Bf109-E. Back to the matter at hand...... The boxed offering is a "Eurofighter Typhoon F2, R.A.F Coningsby UK, 2005/2007 No.3 Squadron. It is the magic number after all. There are other schemes but this one is the one I put a pin in. The Cosford jet was a FGR4 but it was a single seater like this one so that's good enough for me. I hope you will join me in building this lovely kit. Let's hope it is a lovely kit eh? Any hoo here is the obligatory box shot after I have cleaned the bench and set up the almost ritualistic first shot of a new build. Nice innit? I'm going to post now and follow up after dinner. Take care and hope you're all having a lovely Friday eve. Happy Modelling. Johnny Typhoon.
  3. I recently moved my modelling into my new mancave and the first kit out of the stash is a Sword Seafire III. This will be a quick WiP because I just bash kits together. Anyway, here's the stash: Here's the box-top: And the back of the box: I'll need to get hold of some EDSG & DSG which means a trip to my local hobby shop or an order from Sovereign Hobbies. The kit is Sword's Spitfire MkVc, with extra bits for the fuselage and folding wings. Not the world's best photograph (I'm testing-out an old digital camera, rather than using my phone) but you'll notice the are several spare cannon on the sprue. Both boxings I have also include almost everything you need to make a Spitfire Vc. I have made a start. The seat & bits: The interior painted (Humbrol 33 and Sovereign Hobbies Interior Green): Some Tamiya Aluminum on the un-painted bits and a wash of poster piant black to make the detail stand out (not that it'll be seen once the fuselage halves are joined). The interior bits, with Tamiya tape seatbelts: The fuselage halves joined: Wings on: (note my mini Swiss Army Knife, with the tool for opening pots of paint, on the RHS of the photograph). More to follow in due course. Thanks for looking, Beard
  4. As a Swiss, I decided to build some aircraft models in Swiss markings this year and the first model will be the Mosquito PR Mk.IV in the colours of HB-IMO used by Swissair for a short time. This aircraft has an interesting history, being delivered to No.1 PRU at RAF Benson with serial DK310 where it received code LY-G. More about how it ended up in Switzerland in my next post. I will use the Tamiya 1/72 kit of the Mosquito PR Mk.IV for this build. I like to dedicate this build to Rolf Blattner who is known here as popeye. He past away very suddenly last October which came as a big shock for all who knew him. Rolf was a founding member of the IPMS Swiss branch in the Seventies and the reason I got into building plastic models after meeting him and seeing his already then huge collection of built 1/72 aircraft models. Sadly I missed the opportunity to get in touch with him after my return to scale modelling two years ago. Rolf’s passion were reconnaissance aircraft from the Luftwaffe, but he also built other PR aircraft including DK310 in No.1 PRU markings, which is why I dedicate this build to him. Cheers, Peter
  5. Me 262 build starts here! I started this build on Sunday 28th August. I've cleared up my environment so I'm free to make models once again, although it has been some time, so I thought I'd brush up on my skills again before I finish/ruin that harrier! So far I've been working on a mister craft hawker hunter which is near ready for paint and the aforementioned Airfix harrier which I've been dabbling with...... So, on with this build.... I decided it's going to be fast and from the box! A few parts make up the nose section and wings the fit is excellent, the wing/fuselage joint just clicks in, as does the cockpit assembly. This area was a bit fiddly! I superglued the console to my finger and I lost the control column to the carpet monster.......which, on a clean wooden floor is some feat.... (Oh yeah, there is also a big glue finger print melted into the port wing. Once dry I sanded this up. Looks ok now..... Glad I chose to practice!!,) After getting bored of searching for the missing part I picked out a few colours and laid down some paint.....first use of the gun in a while! Felt goooood! Went to bed, woke up, found the control column. Happy days. I used tamiya paints; German grey for the cockpit. RLM 02 for the undercarriage legs, doors and bays. Me262 round 2....... Cockpit. Some parts of this type I'm unsure of, I couldn't help but look for some pics to see what you should have here. Clearly seatbelts and seat cushion are missing. Also the gunsight is missing. There are a few more little details but I want this to be quick! The piece of foil that holds headache pills has a light embossed pattern. I've read about using this for belts. Why not have a go? It took longer than expected! Cut with a steel rule and scalpel, the "belts" were fixed with superglue. Seat cushion from styrene sheet, rounded a bit with a file so it looks more ummm, cushiony? Painted with games workshop acrylics. Browns on the cushion and bone for the belts. A few (because they were nearest) Airfix acrylic colors were used in the tub for switches and dry brushing. Tamiya flat black for the dials and green for the rediscovered control column boot. Looks ok. A fairly accurate representation of what should be. Except for the gunsight. Not sure about building one yet, I wanted a quick build. Sidewalls could do with something GAP filling... It should be fairly straightforward, looks to be parallel. Maybe next time? The fit of the tub assembly to the fuselage is excellent, it just snaps in... No glue! I just tacked it in with superglue. Me262 Weight and Luck! According to the instructions you need 5-8g in the nose. I found some appropriate sized weights. This time I'm using little screws, this turns out to be a lucky find! The small screws are about 0.5g and the big screws are about 1g. I could only fit two screws in the nose, so I had to remove the cockpit, that's the lucky bit, I'm glad I just tacked it with super glue. I got 8 small plus blu tac between the bulkheads, and I can fit 2 large into each engine nacelle. That's enough! This time I used the scalpel handle and blu tac to form a counter balance, just add screws! Me262 cockpit 2. I had to remove the cockpit to get some extra weight in! While it was out....... I broke the instrument panel off, by accident. While it was off....... I thought I'd add some of the wiring which can be seen through the glass... I discovered this detail while looking for the cockpit references. This took ages but I advanced my skills my a bit. I made some little instrument backs from the spares box, drilled some holes for the wire which was sprayed yellow and everything was superglued into place and trimmed to length with cutters. Then the panel complete was refitted to the tub. I think the wire was too firm for the task, I must try and get some lead wire. That's it for this part! Too much time wasted time for the engines. (Pic to follow......)
  6. Bandai's new TIE/SK x1 Air Superiority Fighter, or Striker for short, from the Star Wars Story 'Rogue One'. I wasn't sure about the design when it was first revealed, but it's grown on me since seeing the film, and more so while building it. A great kit, easily up to the usual Bandai standards, and quite large for a TIE, coming in at over 9" long (about twice the length of a TIE Interceptor). The one criticism I can lay at it, and it's not the fault of Bandai, is that it's a swine to photograph as the wings always seem to be in the way, hence the majority of the shots being from below. The wip can be found here Thanks for looking Andy
  7. I started these several years ago and had one almost ready for paint, but they have been languishing on the unfinished pile for too long now. The original plan was to complete one aircraft as per the box illustration, and I had intended to use a couple of CMK resin sets along with some Linden Hill decal and stencil sheets that I had purchased at a later date on the other. However I may switch things around and use the resin and the kit decals on the second kit in the box, and because the part finished kit is almost ready for paint, I would do something using the Linden Hill sheets to wrap this one up. The box, its contents and extras. It may be a little while before I restart but I am hoping to get them finished by the deadline.
  8. Well, this morning I shot some spray-can green on the interior bits of my Tiger Moth, so I guess that means that it is officially started. In my wildest fantasies (err, make that relatively tame fantasies...) I'd like to be done by April 2, which is when the next "local" contest is. For normal people that would be simple, but I seldom claim to be normal. My plan is to do a representative civil-paint example- I'll consult the rules to see how faithful I have to be. I'm also aiming to stick as close to "Straight out of the Box" as I can manage, BUT this'll also be my first attempt at rigging a model. I'm anticipating conducting pretty much the whole build through my magnifying desk lamp! To prove that I didn't cheat: bob
  9. Here's my contribution for the 70's NATO v Warsaw Pact GB: It's my second GB of the year so far as I'm currently busying away on the F-16 GB. This seems to be a nicely detailed kit with fine panel lines and some nice cockpit details. So far everything seems to be going together nicely. This is my progress so far: Next job is to work on the nose cone and exhaust and then look to close her up and start bringing everything together. This is my first Russian jet so I'm enjoying the challenge so far - hopefully I can do it some justice.
  10. Definitely want to build another de Havilland aircraft in parallel to my Mosquito build. I do like the twin tail jets de Havilland designed so I decided to build a CMR Venom in Swiss colours. The Swiss Air Force had some Venoms painted in some special colour schemes and the aircraft I decided to build is J-1577 which got painted in this striking scheme at Ambri in October 1979 as part of exercise PHOENIX. How did it come to this scheme you may ask. Well, it is a long story. From 1976 onward the retirement of the first Venoms was foreseeable. However, some of the Venoms with high airframe hours should be used for some special training of the maintenance troops. In the autumn of 1978, the first exercise of a "war damage repair" was conducted during the annual Wiederholungskurs (Refreshing course - the pilots flying the Venoms flew the type only for five weeks in autumn and not all of them were pilots when not flying Venoms) under the official title PHOENIX. The chosen Venom was fired on by 20mm canon and rifle ammunition and the resulting damage had to be repaired as quickly as possible by the maintenance troops under the supervision and assistance of the Air Force's technical service. The occasion was then used to paint the Venom in a very colourfull scheme before the presumably last flight of the aircraft after the repairs! J-1577 was the chosen aircraft to go through the shooting and repair cycle for the third exercise PHOENIX and upon its completion received the scheme shown above for its last flight out of Ambri and got scrapped two days later. It has to be mentioned that the painting of these Venoms happened without the permission of the Swiss Air Force high command and wasn't apparently appreciated But we modelers can now build some Venoms in very colorful schemes. Not a cheap kit but there is everything in the box to make a very detailed model Originally I wanted to build the Alley Cat 1/48 Vampire in Swiss markings. The kit looks great in the box, but after having a closer look, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed as it is a bit lacking in details. The following pictures illustrate why I was disappointed with the Alley Cat Vampire kit. The front part of the fuselage is a bit undernourished. But the resulting gap can be corrected of course. But what is more difficult to correct is the shape of the nose. The kit below is the CMR Venom kit which has the same nose as the Swiss Vampire received the modified nose after the retirement of the Venom. It is a rather complex shape and the CMR representation is so much better. The other issue is that the Vampire and Venom have the flaps extended when parked. Unfortunately there is no option with the Alley Cat kit to have them extended. If CMR can do it in 1/72 scale it should be surely possible to do it in the larger scale too. So the Alley Cat Vampire is no back in its box. As the GB commenced today, I spent some time on the Venom, removing parts from the casting blocks and see how thing fit. It was a bit disappointing to see that the fuselage of the CMR Venom is a bit too narrow as well But with a gap of 1mm it isn't too bad. I decided to glue a plastic strip of 0.5mm on each half. I then can glue the two half together like a normal plastic kit Well, its a start and I will try hard to complete this kit in the time frame of this GB Cheers, Peter
  11. Hello All, I've had a set of plans and a hankering to build a Fairey Long Range Monoplane for a long time now (since 1997), and a testing group build on another forum gave me the excuse to get going. There are no injection or resin kits of this, and the only vac-form I know of was produced in 1985. So it's a scratchbuild job! I dug out my balsa stocks and had a look. I didn't want to carve a one-foot-something tapered wing out of half inch balsa, so I started messing around with a composite structure: The idea was to have a curved upper surface of soft 1/16 balsa wood. More support needed! Shaping was done by plane first and then sandpaper. There wasn't too much to take off - mostly shaping the tips, LE and TE. Dihedral was added with a saw cut. I painted the balsa with Ronseal wood hardener (designed for rotting window sills, which is where I know it from) and then sprayed with Halfords filler primer, which is a jaunty shade of orange. Fuselage was six slices of 1/8" balsa, with the beginnings of a cockpit cut out, stuck together into halves which in turn were tacked together (hopefully I will be able to get them apart again) and roughly shaped with a razor plane. When the black line round the middle gets smaller, that tells me I am sanding down near the profile. I made tail surfaces out of 1/8" balsa, and sealed them with superglue. I used a plastic bag over my finger to spread the glue around - it saves a lot of finger scrubbing later! After some sanding and filling, I could put a coat of regular grey primer on the wing. I still need to touch up a few dings before it's ready to detail. So next up is to finish the fuselage, and then the basic shapes are done. Then I can resume regular modelling! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  12. And now on to my third GB for the year so far - no pressure then - the perfectly formed little De Havilland Vampire from Airfix: This is of course one of Airfix's more recently tooled models and for me it's a little cracker. I'll be building predominantly oob as is my way but there's plently of nice detail for the scale. You'll see from my pics below that I've filled the nose cavity and the space behind the pilots seat with lead weighting to prevent her from being a tail sitter. This stuff is brilliant - so small but yet so heavy and can be perfectly arranged to fit into even the tightest spaces and glued in place with PVA. I will be adding the pilots to the build too - pic below - although they need a lick of paint first. So below is my progress so far and will update as soon as possible: Instrument panel painted up and awaiting decal which isn't bad for this scale and should look fine once fitted
  13. I have a Revell DH-2 in stash and this GB gives me an excuse to finally start it. Greg in Oklahoma
  14. HI again fellow modellers, Some of you out there must have had the experience of building a model that at some point during the build you think 'this is the best model I've ever done; my magnum opus !' This was such a build, everything was going swimmingly, I'd got the 'patchy' Hornet scheme off to a tee and it went together well(my first Academy build) until decal time This was the Blue Angels version of the kit but I fancied a proper 'warbird' so bought some aftermarket decals(Techmod) from Hannants. They were pants. Kept breaking and the ones that didn't seem to have a really visible carrier film. I compounded this by doing my usual overweathering. To add insult to injury when I'd virtually finished I noticed various decals had 'disappeared', despite being matt coated, including the all-important 'Dirty Dan' title which was the major point of the excercise Then I forgot to do the false canopy until after decaling and the masking ripped off the national insignia(to spares box for a hi-viz insignia which I attempted to tone down with some dilute grey paint(partial success)). Anyway enough of my it is, warts and all !! PS: I know Marine Hornets rarely carried GBU's during Gulf I as they had no self-lasing capability, However this has a spot tracker/strike cam so it could drop these if buddy or ground lased..............that's my excuse anyway
  15. "And we go on fighting despite the assurance that we have lost the war. Why, then, do we go on dying? Out of despair? But there is no despair. You know nothing about defeat if you think there is room in it for despair." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras Hope is the only good god present among men The rest abandoned us and went to Olympus. -- Theognis, Fr. 1135-6 They came in the night. They killed everyone. I hid in the shadows. And then it came to me: The magic sword. -- "Kill Them All", The Magic Sword You're gonna have to do better than fear You're gonna have to step out of the shadows and fight. -- The Protomen, "Keep Quiet" "This then, my lords and gentlemen, is the message which we send forth today to all states and nations, bound or free, to all the men in all the lands who care for freedom's cause. To our Allies and well-wishers in Europe, to our American friends and helpers drawing ever closer in their might across the ocean, this is the message-lift up your hearts, all will come right. Out of depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind." -- Winston Churchill, "Speech to the Allied Delegates", 12 June 1941 I've just finished up three Eduard Spitfire IXs, and I was wondering to myself what would make a good follow-up to building three of a pretty great (but not perfect) kit of my favourite airplane of all time. Easy. Build four more. Since I have four of the quad-kit Royal boxings of Eduard Spitfires, I have plenty to spare. Poland's been much on my mind recently, as I'm currently reading Richard Lukas's The forgotten Holocaust: the Poles under German occupation, 1939–1944, and recently finished his shorter work Did the Children Cry?, about the brutality inflicted upon Polish children by the Nazis, so one of the four Spitfires I'm building will be EN526/SZ-G, Polish ace Aleksander "Gabby" Gabszewicz's first Mark IX, with the wide cannon blisters and short carb intake. I can't seem to find a photo of this aircraft, so if anyone knows of one, I'd be most grateful. In the event EN526 can't be represented by the model, I have a backup plan in the form of another Polish Spitfire. I'll also be building WZ-GJ/"Eleanor", a reverse lend-lease Spitfire LF.IXc flown by Major Garth Jared (3 + 1 probable + 1 damaged) of the 309th FS, 32nd FG in 1943. Tony recently built this aircraft, and I agree with his conclusion that it was painted in the standard Day Fighter Scheme rather than desert colours. Major Jared was a graduate of the University of California, where he met his wife Eleanor; he would later name his Spitfire after her. He served as a test pilot in the P-47 program before heading out to the front, where he was killed in action on 18 April 1944, when his P-51 was hit by flak. In addition to his wife, he left behind a year-old son, Stephen. I was able to locate Stephen on LinkedIn, but figured he would be unlikely to respond well to some weirdo contacting him with questions about his late father and so have not bothered him. My third Spitfire will be LF.IXe NH432/OU-D/"Waipawa Special", flown by Flying Officer Max Collett of 485 Squadron RNZAF. In 1993, Max Collett took the time to write a letter to a small boy in America after seeing his letter to the editor in D.C.O., the official magazine of the Spitfire Society. I've kept it ever since. It would be impossible for me to not build this aircraft. Lastly, I'll be building TB752/KH-Z/"Val", flown by Squadron Leader Henry Zary, an American of Polish descent (his birth name was Zartykiewicz) from New York City, enlisted in the RCAF in February of 1941 and remained with it throughout the war, though as an American he could have joined the USAAF and received much higher pay after his own country entered the war in December of 1941. He scored five victories, three of them in a single sortie on 25 July 1944, when he shot down two Bf109s and then, having expended all of his ammunition, caused the third to crash by skillful flying. He contracted pleurisy after the war and died in Quebec on 11 February 1946, aged 27. 20170208_223137 by Edward IX, on Flickr 20170208_223141 by Edward IX, on Flickr So far I've begun the seats. I'm doing one with the styrene seat armour for scientific reasons. 20170208_223125 by Edward IX, on Flickr
  16. Will be building this kit As the F-16D Digital Flight Control System (DFLCS) test jet With home-made tail markings lower middle on the sheet Sven Old Viper Tester
  17. Well hi everyone! my builds are mainly focused on little planes with roundels on and mostly from the ETO/MTO, however I got sent some Transfers in an exchange from a lovely chap in Chicago... you may know him? Procopius is his name and he kindly offered to send some mozzie transfers in exchange for a set of Hampden ones i had. i was surprised to find a number of other sets it the envelope for B-24's that flew in the SEA theatre, what a nice guy! so Mr P consider this for you and your growing family... since getting them I have really wanted to build the below Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr I mean who wouldnt?! its got a massive sharks mouth! I have been hunting for an affordable lib kit ever since.... so while taking a jaunt round Telford with CedB i noticed a bargain, as Ced said they are bargains for a reason, and this ones reason appears to be its bomb aiming window is short shot... Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Not an issue as the front turret is also the wrong type and the astro dome needs moving forward to the nose, so I bought the squadron vac form set which should sort all my issues!? Its winging its way to from hannats as we speak and should be here tomorrow! Anyway, I have 'Balls out' to finish, the revell P-47 and a wild cat that's nearly there, so once they have been sorted i will start this.... wish me luck as its a bit of beast, and its my first four engined bomber in some time! I will get shots up of the kit and extras once I start this.... if anyone has any watch outs about the kit then please let me know! Rob. P.s. I think i may have a SEA phase coming up.... Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr
  18. I’m hoping to do a few F-16s from The Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. The first will be this F-16B. Done as the Automatic Terrain Following test bird from the LANTIRN Test Force I’ll be using some home made decals for the tail markings (middle left): At some point I’ll do the “Bozo Fleet” (test support aircraft) markings as depicted in the Hasegawa kit, but I’ve yet to find a clear coat that does not yellow over time. Sven Old Viper Tester
  19. KittyHawk is to release in 2014 its first three 1/72nd aircraft kits. The subject will be the Lockheed-Martin F-35A/B & C Lightning II - ref. KH16101, KH16102 & KH16103. Source: The 1/72nd Lightning II kits released or on approach... - F-35A : Italeri, Academy, Hasegawa, KittyHawk - F-35B : Fujimi, KittyHawk - F-35C : Orange Hobby, KittyHawk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KH16101 - LM F-35B Lightning II - Marine Corps short-take off and vertical-landing (STOVL) KH16102 - LM F-35A Lightning II - conventional take off and landing (CTOL) KH16102 - LM F-35C Lightning II - Navy Version carrier-based CATOBAR (CV) V.P.
  20. Just putting it out there but as I advance in my years and the kits of my youth fade into a red wine oblivion I can't help but feel that there are very few of us out there that are building 1/72 scale. Is it our fat clumsy fingers? Is it our failing eyesight? Is it the never ending obsession for more detail?....... and more detail.........and more detail? Or am I just concerned that my stash is comprised of 99% 1/72 and I have already lost relevance on this forum?
  21. Hi all, this is Eduard's Fw190, out of the box, using the supplied decals. I got this after building the Airfix A-8, which I really liked the look of when finished. I'm using the same hangar (last time, promise!) A great kit, nicely detailed that fell together-recommended...(still not sure if I prefer the look of the Airfix though!)[/IMG Thanks for watching.. cheers, Dave
  22. I'm in need of a little luck, and as Stew Dapple and Procopius have proven, nothing does so like building Spitfires. I've had a number of Spitfire projects in the planning stages for a while now, and it's time to quit dilly-dallying get something started. I rummaged through the stash - both decal and kit - and have gotten everything together to begin my 1/72 late Spitfire project, which consists of: 1. 32 Sqn Spitfire FR.18 based on This Picture I'm planning on using the new Sword FR XIV kit, with a rudder from the Special Hobby Mk 21 kit. Apparently (after lots of searching here on BM), the rudder used for Mk 21 contra-props was identical to that used on the XVIII, while the five-bladed prop Mk 21's shared the same rudder with the Mk XIV. The wings will also require a little panel line work, but I think I can get it done. The rudders marked up on the SH sprues. 2. 208 Sqn Spitfire FR 18 in the Dark Earth/Light Slate Grey scheme I'll use the AZ Mk XVIII kit for this one. As the Wooksta has pointed out, the AZ kit's rudder is a little wonky and I think I'll try and replace it. I'm the SH rudder on the Sword kit, so I'll try and acquire one of the new Freightdog resin replacements or just invest in another SH kit (I can't stress enough how useful those kits are even if you don't build the actual [some say misshapen] model). I'll also be using the AZ wing as a template for rescribing the Sword kit. Sword wing above, and AZ below. While both the low back FR XIV and Mk 18 had E-wings, the Mk 18 had the C-wing MG panels completely removed, and a Desert Survival kit compartment in their place. Here's a random fuselage comparison: AZ above and Sword below. 3. 612 Sqn Spitfire LF 16 based on this Picture I'm planning on using the new Eduard Mk XVI kit for this one - well I think it will be the Mk IXe overtrees which are identical to the 'early' Mk XVI sprues. I just have to remember to use the proper left cowling half. Also, PC, if you're reading this, note the ailerons askew in the pic, so I'll attempt to take advantage of the unpopular separate ailerons 'feature' in the Eduard kit. I've got the Freightdog decal set for this one (8W-K second from top) - silver Spitfire with mismatched panels, what's not to love? OK that's three!
  23. Hello First thing I've posted in two years (or something like that), first thing I've finished in a long time and my first armour model since my early teen years So, this is Trumpeter's T-54B in 1/72, straight out of the box. I had great difficulties with the tracks, they really don't take regular modeling glue, or superglue, or anything.. I really have no idea what they're made of. Painted with Xtracrylics, LifeColor, Gunze and Citadel, with brush. No flat lacquer on it, sorry about that. -J
  24. Hello, everyone. My PZL.37 Łoś 1:72 by “ZTS” after daily flight is on approach now. First of all I want to thank all those who were not indifferent to my idea to restore Polish pride in the aviation phenomenon of the 1930’s. WIP of PZL.37 Łoś (Romanian version) is here: The result is in front of you. p.s. My competitions rank of “MikroModel 2017” 18-09.02.2017 awarded bronze, I'm happy. Thank You.