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Found 612 results

  1. Just finished. Absolute dog of a kit, not too sure if it was me or the kit, maybe a bad run, but it fought me all the way. Poor fit in many places including the radiator, wings to fuselage and cockpit pieces. I was very close to giving it up at many times but I'm happy in the long run I didn't. Build OOB with the exception of a QB seat and True Details wheels. Thanks for looking.
  2. After the Apache, my dad now starts another Desert Storm project. An USMC Harrier using the sadly oob Hasegawa kit. The kit decals weren´t usable anymore so gonna use some from EagleStrike. DSC_0003 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  3. Hi folks, Over tea with a modelling mate yesterday. I have decided to start this as my first build for 2018 as our local modelling chapter is doing a phantom g/b mid year. Nice kit all recessed, will be going oob with the exception of resin seats. Deleted. Not the wanted area will start tommorow with the cockpit. rgds brian
  4. #5/2018 When German bomber pilots converted to the 262, they started to train on old trainers and biplanes, then usually moved on to 109s before they got to fly the Schwalbe. Partly these 109s were also used for combat with the KG(J)s. Sadly there is only one pic of "white 4" that shows it after it was shot down. In earlier years this machine was designated as a G-10. But there is a partial Werknummer known which is from an Erla G-14 block. Then there is discussion if it´s a normal G-14 or a G-14/AS. My dad went for a G-14. On the pic you can see a sharp edged light grey quadrant on the fuselage side in front of the cockpit. https://translate.google.at/translate?hl=de&sl=cs&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.leteckabadatelna.cz%2Fhavarie-a-sestrely%2Fdetail%2F534%2F&sandbox=1 That was usually the case when the bulge there was removed, either by mechanics or by force, like here: https://me109.info/display.php?from=site〈=de&auth=e&name=version_display&fotonummer=12757 Build thread here: Hasegawa kit with Cutting Edge decals, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, EZ Line for antenna wire DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  5. China Dog

    I saw this scheme on a 1/48 build on another forum and was really taken with it. This is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, a really straightforward and enjoyable kit.
  6. QF-104A

    Intended for the Starfighter STGB but finished a few days past deadline - build here An old mould Hasegawa F-104J which started out as a build in Japanese colours with some scratch building in the cockpit and wheel wells. Unfortunately the near 40 year old decals fell to pieces (I know. Foolish of me to think they’d do otherwise). Kit was halfway toward the shelf of doom (or the bin) when I decided to see what I could do from spare bits and bobs of decals. Some modifications to change a F-104J into a Q-104A and some scrabbling around the internet for references and here we have it as per (the resolution isn’t great but that gave me some leeway for improvising with my cobbled together decals) http://www.916-starfighter.de/916starfighter/pics/camo/55-2957 QF-104A 52957 AFSC Eglin 1964.jpg History (& fate) here http://www.i-f-s.nl/f-104-miscellaneous/qf-104-drones/
  7. Hasegawa newsletter for January 2018 http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/201801/ 1:24 プラモデル ザクスピードZK891 発送:2018年1月10日 20324 1:24 プラモデル フィニッシュライン マツダ 767B 発送:2018年1月10日 20325 1:48 プラモデル ポリカルポフI-153 “フィンランド空軍” 発送:2018年1月12日 07461 1:72 プラモデル F-15J イーグル “201SQ 千歳基地60周年記念” 発送:2018年1月12日 02265 1:24 プラモデル 三菱ランサーGSR エボリューション IV 発送:2018年1月16日 20257 1:48 プラモデル ミグ25RBT フォックスバット “ロシア空軍” 発送:2018年1月18日 07462 1:72 プラモデル J-15 “中国海軍 2017” 発送:2018年1月20日 02264 1:24 プラモデル JTCC 綜合警備 BMW 318i 発送:2018年1月23日 20326 1:24 プラモデル トヨタ 2000GT “1967 鈴鹿 500km レース … 発送:2018年1月23日 20327 1:72 プラモデ 発送:2018年1月25日 X72-16 V.P.
  8. My dad is still on a 109 run, just finshed the Graf 109K now he has already started a new one. Gonna do a G-14 which was used in KG(J)54 for pilot training (KG(J)27 is possible too), maybe also for airfield security, later transferred to KG(J)6. Bomber pilots that converted to Me262 usually started training with old biplanes like He46, Go145..., then moved to 109s and the to the 262. DSC_0009 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr wrongly? designated as G-10, if it´s true a (partial) Werknummer is know which would be an Erla G-14 block DSC_0011 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr and already half on the way DSC_0010 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  9. Hi all, First post in a wee while! Here's what I've been working on - the 1/72 Hasegawa SBD-5 Dauntless with markings courtesy of the old Aeromaster "Royal New Zealand Air Force in WW2" sheet. I've also used the Eduard etch set for the divebrakes - definately NOT designed to be mounted closed!! Hence it looks a bit ropey around the trailing edge of the wing. Hopefully the pics will show up as this is the first time I've used Photobucket! Preferred Imageshack, but they've gone pay only.... Mike.
  10. From the Tintin book 'The Red Sea Sharks'. It's the Hasegawa 1/72 Mossie kit with (heavily modified) Blue Rider decals. Depicting it in flying mode meant closing the undercarriage doors, which required a lot of filling/sanding. The only other deviation from the kit instructions was the re-configured nose gun arrangement, and I added Skut the pilot. My figure painting ability is – appropriately – comical, but he looks OK under glass.
  11. Good morning to all! I'm glad to present my last work... a restoration of an old Hasegawa A-4 that I built ten years ago. I decided to put it back to workbench due to the "crack" of the fuselage: 21616109_10210113589216277_2086911637920727775_n by valerio, su Flickr While I was at it, I scratchbuilt a new UHF dorsal hump (the one in the Hasegawa kit is wrong in dimensions and shape) using the cutting plotter: A-4SU Restoration_11 by valerio, su Flickr A-4SU Restoration_10 by valerio, su Flickr There was other details to fix, like a small naca intake on the main right engine intake, but the model was almost assembled and was very difficul to add this new parts. This is the final result! the decals are from Miliverse - many thanks to Mark (the owner) for his advice and pics! SU Finito_6 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_9 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_14 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_11 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_10 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_9 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_8 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_7 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_5 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_4 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_3 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_2 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_1 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_15 by valerio, su Flickr SU Finito_16 by valerio, su Flickr ... and here... a comparison with the 2008 version: DSC_3424 by valerio, su Flickr DSC_3429 by valerio, su Flickr DSC_3420 by valerio, su Flickr Thanks for your attention! Cheers from Rome, Italy.
  12. I am a big fan of Japanese twin engine bombers and the Nell in particular I think is a great looking aircraft. Build was usual Hasegawa - perfect fit and no dramas to speak of. Paints used were Vallejo Japanese set for top and Mr Color for underside. In the cabinet: With his IJN friends....
  13. I know this doesn’t start till next weekend but want to leave this here to remind me Exhibit A - an elderly 2nd hand Hasegawa F-104 Exhibit B - the somewhat basic innards plus a rogue additional set of HobbyBoss decals
  14. After having posted a D-5 and a G-2, here´s finally a B-2. Hasegawa kit with Eagle Strike decals, Italian bird captured by the Brits in Lybia
  15. Hasegawa kit, Werknummer was done with Montex mask (nowadays this scheme is available from EagleCals) inner canopy frames done with elecrtical tape, overlapping lower frames of pilot sliding canopy done with plastic sheet. night exhausts from Quickboost, interesting that they were mounted inverted on the original Luftflotte 4 aircraft, end of war, captured by US troops
  16. Hasegawa 1/48 plus Eduard, Master and CMK resin. Camo - Major Edward Rector - Flying Tigers - 76 F.S. 23 F.G. China july 1942.
  17. #17/2017 Number 3 of the Persian quartet finished. From 1960 to 1961 the IIAF got in total 52 Sabres, F-25 and F-30 Blocks fitted with either 6-3 hard wings or F-40 wings. Initially they were in a nmf livery. 1965/66 they were flown to Israel and overhauled by IAI (think of that nowadays...) They also received the Asia Minor camo and were used then as trainers and fighterbombers. The last ones stayed in service until 1971. Some found new use in the Ethiopian Airforce. Hasegawa F-40 kit, the same paints used as with the Phantom, Gunze H311 FS36622, Gunze H309 FS34079, Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown and Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan mixes with XF-59 Desert Yellow. Decals from Hi-Decal, some stencils are provided on this sheet, the rest came from the RoG Canadair Mk.6 kit. Not all stencils are correct and some are missing but you gotta use what you have. The main seat is from Quickboost, the rear part from the kit seat. The model shows an aircraft of the 41st TFS at 4th TFB in Vahdati in 1969. DSC_0022 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0023 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0024 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0026 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0027 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0028 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0029 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0030 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0031 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0032 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0033 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0034 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0035 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0021 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  18. Seen in the Eduard Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany 1/48 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter???? - New kit (MiG-21 style!)? - Reboxing: Revellogram, ESCI or Hasegawa + improvement sets? - New PE or/& resin sets? IMHO the DACO set (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933435-148-lockheed-f-104-starfighter-updatedetailing-set-by-daco-released) and decals + the Hasegawa kit are good enough. V.P.
  19. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    So timing is everything. Just debating what to start next and I saw this group build pop up. I have a Hasegawa F-104G/S in the stash. Plus I have a few days off and and so can sort out using Flickr. And the tin of Xtracolour X255 RAL7001 that has been on back order has finally arrived, so I plan to build this one - http://www.i-f-s.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/D-8107_306sq_LWD_01feb82_HPrinsX.jpg Using these decals from Modeldecal set 43: Also have an Airframe Orpheus pod in the stash: Have a couple of references as well: This will be my first group build and so will be keeping it simple. Looking forward to starting this at the weekend.
  20. Second kit off the workbench this month; this is the mount of Japanese Army ace, Captain Yoshio Yoshida from mid 1945: FredT
  21. Tropical Hellcat

    Hello Everyone ... Been busy over in the group builds lately but i havent forgotten that i build things with wings. I’ve been finishing up some models in my down time from the group build stuff. This is Hasegawa’s F6F Hellcat which i started last fall but just got around to finishing yesterday. I chose to do it in the markings of a Hellcat from VF-33 on Espirtu Santo in late 1943. I found the marking scheme while looking at an Eduard Hellcat, and yes i have a photo as well. Though I didn't have exact markings i was able to find spares in the same style. So without further talk I present to you my Hellcat. Heres a photo of the cockpit during the build. And for those that are curious, heres the photo from WW2.🔺 I truly hope everyone like this, and as usual please feel free to leave comments, questions, or jokes. Have a great modeling day. Dennis 🔺* not sure if this is public record so i will state the ownership rights belong to others. I only use them for informational purposes. If i have to i will remove them.
  22. Hi all, Here are some (quite a few actually!) pictures of my latest build, it's Hasegawa's well know 1/48 F-104 Starfighter finished in the markings of 202 Hikotai when playing the role of an aggressor for one of their annual Air Combat Meets. These ACM's have produced some very nice and unusual colour schemes and it was difficult to decide which one to build, suffice to say that there will be a few more in the future. Anyway here are the pictures. Here is a link to the WIP and whilst you are there have a look at the other great builds going on in the GB. Thanks for looking in and all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  23. #9/2016 And my dad´s Luftwaffe saga continues. In 1943 the Luftwaffe started to copy the Russian low level bombing night harressment tactics. Several so called Störkampfgruppen and Nachtschlachtgruppen were formed, usually with outdated (training) aircraft like the Ar66 od Go145. In 1944 the NSGr 9 operated in Italy and used for example the Fiat CR.42, later they turned to the Stuka. The last remaining aircrafts of this unit ended in 1945 in western Austria near Innsbruck. Hasegawa kit (7323), seatbelts and the missing pilot headrest added, corrected the lower part of the pilot sliding canopy, used Quickboost night exhausts instead of the kit´s white metal ones, wing walkways are PE parts from an Italeri kit, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. The model shows an a/c of 2./NSGr 9 in Italy 1944. squiggle Stukas together
  24. Because Doozer wanted to see more ;-) here´s a second and last model for today in an unusual rare scheme that you may find interesting. The Model shows an a/c that flew with 1/2 Szturmowi Orliak in September 1944. At this time Bulgaria had already changed sides and fought with the Soviets against the Germans. Not 100% sure about the white ID markings but they seem plausible. The ususal yellow IDs for this area where most probably overpainted to avoid being mistaken for a Luftwaffe a/c and being shot down by the Russians. Used a Hasegawa kit. The decals are a mixture of Kagero, Kora and LF Model. The last two ones aren´t the best but workable. The missing pilot headrest was done with a part from the spares box, the raised wing walkways were done with plastic stripes. The add-on armour on the pilot fuselage sides were done with plastic sheet. The inner canopy frames were done with grey isolation/electrical tape. Also added some plastic sheet to the lower frame of the pilo´ts sliding canopy so that it overlaps the fuselage and looks more like the original, the Hasegawa canopy isn´t completely correct. Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, EZ-Line was used for the antenna wire. Kagero´s Ju87 Vol.III book was used as reference. Hope you like it, cheers, Reinhard and Franz
  25. #14/2016 As with a lot of late war Luftwaffe projects, also with the Ar234 nightfighter project, there are different info sources that differ and no, hardly any or not yet published pics. In late 1944 the Erprobungskommando Ar234 or Sonderkommando Bisping was establishe, led by Major Joseph Bisping. If it´s true, four Ar234 were used for nightfighter testing but it is not known if every machine was completely converted to a nightfighter. Bisping died in a take-off crash in February 1945. Afterwards Major Kurt Bonow took over command. It was assumed that Bisping crashed due to blinding reflexions from the runway lights in/on the glass nose, therefore Bonow painted the underside of his nose black. Bonow made one combat sortie without any success. In April 1945 the Ar234 nightfighter project was abandoned. Hasegawa kit, sadly decals weren´t useable anymore so I spent spome money, bought the Revell edition and my dad used these decals for the model, rest is oob, seatbelts added, antenna with EZ Line, Naxos radar cover on the "shoulder" is a piece from the sparebox. The model shows how the a/c of Major Bonow could have looked like. As I mentined above, there are no pics of that show a complete aircraft, only some partial pics on which you don´t see any camo pattern or markings. Mosquito hunters united