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Found 471 results

  1. HMS Hood 1/350

    I started this kit in 2014. It's actually the reason I was put in touch with White Ensign Models' liquidator - I had just bought the kit from WEM but was going to buy the paint later, then they announced they had ceased trading a week later! I've never run any threads on this, just chipping away at it on and off in my own time. Due to WEM's demise I bought Flyhawk's detail-up set and their resin turrets to go with, but ended up needing a WEM set later when they were back in production. The deck is from Pontos Model and that was a liberation from Sovereign stock also. As we all know, I did get my paint in the end . I've learned a great deal more since I started this through close contact with a few select contacts I've made since starting Sovereign Hobbies, and mostly that translates to my current fine PE parts work being better than it was when I started this, with particular emphasis on gluing pieces in place. I've tried my best at this one and there are deficiencies (some glaring) in my execution, but I'm going to finish this one, move on, and try to get the next one better as is always my approach. Overall, I think it's probably fair to say that I've done a lot of experimentation with different techniques on this one. Some I like and have formed part of my style, others I haven't done well with (but I've tried them).
  2. Challenger Mk.1 Mk.2 Questions

    Hi, I haven't built a Tank in 25 years and have very fond memories of the 1/35 Chieftan by Tamiya which I have bought. I am also planning to eventually build a Challenger 2 in early spec and colours. The exact Tank I want is modelled by Trumpeter in their Challenger Mk.2 Boxing but I have come across numerous threads about various innacuracies and (compared to Tamiya) poor moulding on this kit. I wondered the Tamiya Challenger 2 desert kit or the Tamiya Challenger 1 kit could be combined to make a more accurate Challenger 2? It seems that the reactive armour is moulded into the Challenger 2 which would make it hard to back date, is the lower hull and running gear common between the Challenger 1 and 2? Could I then bash a Mk1 and Mk2 by Tamiya together and use the short skirt armour from the Trumpeter kit to complete it? Does anyone make a really good Early Challenger 2 in 1/35 given that taking potentially 3 1/35 Challengers and trying to create 1 tank will cost a lot and give me an interesting spares box! Thanks. :-)
  3. Folks I'm doing the Trumpeter 1/32 Lightning with the Whirlybird conversion. I'm at the decalling stage but Trumpeter's serials are bigger than the supplied Xtradecal sheet. Can somebody please tell me what size the serials would be in 1/1 scale for fuselage & underwing, so I can scale down. thanks Steve.
  4. Sources: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234951965-trumpeter-new-tools-148-f-106-testshots/ http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=270956 Strange. Interesting images but no source... Just the topic title announcing a 1/48th Convair F-106 Delta Dart by Trumpeter. Prototype pics are from a F-106B. Looks like a Monogram kit revisited. Bad news for the similar (I mean the single seat F-106A) AvantGarde Model project. Wait and see. V.P.
  5. Hi all, Having rested a day or two from my previous endeavors, I have decided to begin another project, hopefully a smidge easier, and pray God a little easier! I have decided to tackle the 1/72 scale F-100C quandary. I have read that some of the older kits are quite accurate, but lack modern detail. I have been told that the Trumpeter offering of the F-100C has detail, but is not accurate. Perhaps we can combine them for a better outcome. We shall see: My candidate materials for this effort are shown below: Model-wise, we have the Esci F-100D Thunderbirds marking kit (I have three in the stash, so there was really no other older kit choice for me), and the Trumpeter F-100C. Other potentially useful pieces are the Obscureco F-100C conversion kit, and the Aires F-100 wheel set and the F-100D cockpit set. (The latter is not really needed for the entire cockpit, as the Trumpeter's offer isn't bad, but the Aires set has one critically needed iitem -- secret for now.) In addition, "The F-100 Super Sabre In Detail & Scale" Part 1 by Bert Kinzey, features drawings direct from North American Rockwell, with a right-side view added by Mr Ed Moore. These drawing are accurate enough for me. This book only contains drawings for the F-100A and C models, with the D-F models covered in D & S Vol 33. The latter also has drawings for the A and C models, but fewer pics of these are in the later book. Now, for the background. There seems to be four major complaints about the Trumpeter kit: The too-shallow and flattened nose shape; the incorrectly shaped vertical stabilizer, the wing and the wrong ejection seat. These is also a complaint about the wheels being too large, which is easily corrected by sanding down the kit wheels, or easier yet, the Aires resin set. There is one other issue, the fact that the wings are too shallow, which leads to the wheel wells also being too shallow, I will ignore this problem, because my models will not get picked for examination, after they are complete. I also have read that the afterburner can (the original style, not the F-102 type) is too short front to back. The one in the kit measures pretty close to the drawings, so I will also ignore that concern. Now to begin sorting the rest, we have a comparison of the Esci F-100D wing to the drawings: A dead fit, except for the tiny area at the tips. Kudos to the older kit! By cutting back to the C-type wing outline, and filling the flap lines, and re-scribing a few lines here and there, you could have pretty much a nice C wing. You would not, however, have the open leading edge slats, de riguer for any Hun on the ground, whose crew hadn't taped up the slats. You can, however, chop up the wings and do your own slats, which I started on one of my stashed Esci kits. Next the Obscureco solution to the wing problem: It solves the problem, but the shape is a little off -- at least compared to these drawings -- but, they are also short, just under 3/8" short in real life. Now the Trumpeter offering: Except for being a bit wide, chord-wise, it's pretty much bang on. It is interesting to note that all of these possibilities have differing views on where the aileron and flap lines should be, They don't agree with the drawings, nor with each other. If this is a problem for you -- have fun. Next, we look at the Trumpeter vertical stabilizer: Here we can see that the shape is too tall, and not seen here, the chord is too broad, at the "kink". The model is not fully aligned with the drawing in this photo, to show the former. Next, the Obscureco tail: Pretty much an exact fit. And, for the final determining factor: The Trumpeter tail has too many segments in the area under the ECM pod down toward the fuse. This was pointed out in someone else's blog, but I couldn't find it again to give credit. My apologies. There is however, one bit of fairly good news concerning the Trumpeter F-100C tail -- It wouldn't take much carving (but a lot of scribing) to turn it into the earlier X and A style short tails: For me at least, the above information tells me that I'm going to build the Trumpeter F-100C, but use the Obscureco tail. Also, to be fair to Oscureco, my example was one of their very earliest copies, and they may be more accurate today, which might sway someone else's choice. Well, that's it to start with, as my brain is burnt out and it's almost time for the Super Bowl -- Yeah Falcons! When next we meet, we'll look into the nose issues, and my solution. Later, Ed .
  6. Hello everyone. For those who have been following my build thread here: Build Thread Here are the final pics for the Trumpeter F-100C, all ready for inspection: Oops, just noticed the slats are at two different angles. Have to fix that! Like many a lady, she's not perfect, but she is very pretty. Kudos to Lt. Col George Laven, who thought of the color scheme first! Hope you enjoy, Ed
  7. Hi Guys, While working on my P-51´s I thought I need something different and I started to paint the superb Academy F-4 pilots. Looking thru my stash, my eyes spotted the nice looking T-38A from Trumpeter in 1/48. It took only a few seconds to check the fit of the two guys in the new cockpit. A new projekt was born! More pictures can be found here: http://petesmancave.blogspot.de/p/trumpeter-t-38a-talon.html Hope you like! Pete
  8. I built this one straight after doing a MiG-29S as part of a recent Mig-mania spree All the pros and cons of Trumpeter's Fulcrum kits are here. The pros: very good fit and exquisite surface detail. The cons: bad nose fit needs a lot of filling and sanding which will wipe out the detailing and require a delicate rescribe. It's annoying but not a deal breaker in my opinion. Trumpeter's narrow canopy issue is carried over to both the S and SMT kits despite having a chance to correct it since the upper fuselage is a completely different piece in each of its kits. Most glaring, however, is that only ONE Krypton missile is included despite the manual and box suggesting that two are in the kit. What was Trumpeter thinking?!? There are also only decals for one of them so something clearly got lost in the chain of command. This is really annoying as it forced me to use an asymmetric weapons load which I'm not sure the Russians do. Unrealistic? Probably. But at least I got to use this lovely monster missile. Decals were entirely from the kit, there's not that much variety anyway. Went down well with just one pass of Microsol after applying. Now, an issue with camo which hopefully will help any modellers having a go at the kit or the upcoming Zvezda version: the AKAN set is woefully inaccurate! I know, this is shocking, since AKAN is the gold standard for Russian colors. But I think they really messed up this one. There are two sets, one which depicts the older green splinter camo, and another which has the more recent grey splinter. The only difference in both sets is the presence of the classic Fulcrum grey/green vs the new dark grey. All other five colors are the same ones. The problem is that none of the other greys appear to match the real thing, they all have a beige-ish tint that is inappropriate. Which means the set is a complete waste of money since only the dark grey is useful (the other useful colors, the radome grey and the wheel green are in the basic Fulcrum set so if you have that, you're sorted). Since none of the greys matched the real thing, I used the following. For the light grey, I used Vallejo 36495. It looks the part although some SMT pics show it slightly darker. I guess you can't go wrong with any light neutral grey. For the medium grey I used the dark grey lightened up with the off white at about a 1:4 ratio. I was quite pleased with the mix. The dark camo is the dark grey which I do think is the only accurate color in the set. I am £17 or so poorer... but wiser. With knowledge of the camo colors, I want another go at the SMT so will probably do the Zvezda once it comes out next month. I especially like that it will come with a much greater variety of air-to-ground ordinance. Until then, enjoy the pics. Despite the issues, I am quite happy about how the kit came out!
  9. Hi everyone, Have not posted much lately but that has not stopped the modelling. I'm on a bit of a Fulcrum spree and here's a go at the 1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29S painted in Ukrainian markings. I was aiming to build one of the gorgeous blue/gray camo birds but could not find decals to make any of the units that I have photographic proof of their existence. The next best was to build a possibly fictitious Blue 02 based on the Blue 01 in one of the Hasegawa kits and with the decals coming from the wonderful (and huge!) Begemot set. Comments on the kit and the build: Build: I love Trumpeter's Fulcrum kit. It has fantastic fit although some accuracy issues, namely a non-existent "step" between wing and fuselage, as well as a canopy that tapers too much in the rear, although this is not too obvious if left open. I don't think these are kit killers, and I strongly recommend it otherwise. However, my main gripe is the fit of the nose, the one area that truly deserves attention. It inevitably requires filling and sanding which will annihilate the panel detail and require a delicate rescribe. Zvezda found a much more convenient way of engineering the nose that avoids this. Aside from that, most of everything falls in well. Camo: I have the AKAN kit for the standard MiG-29 which provides the camo gray as well as the radome gray. The question was how to make the lovely Ukrainian light blue. After mulling over mixes I realized that it looks a lot like USAF Air Superiority Blue. Unfortunately, only Lifecolor makes it in acrylic and it looks a bit dull vs the Ukrainian shade. I then saw that Gunze has it in its Mr Color range (sadly not in its Aqueous range). I'm not a fan of spraying anything other than acrylics but I had no choice this time. The result was great and it is certainly a brighter shade than Lifecolor and closer to the real thing. Decals: Markings come from the Begemot set from an unrelated unit. The stencils come from the kit. Trumpeter's decals were excellent: went down like a charm after a single coat of Microsol and no silvering either. They were also super thin. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure whether they are 100% accurate. For example, there are no nose stencils (aside from the radioactive warning) even though these appear in pics. Also the prominent semi-circular stencil on the starboard fin is not included. Most annoying was that there were no fuel tank decals. I borrowed them instead from a MiG-29SMT kit. Conclusion: It's a great kit with the only major issues being the nose fit and the inaccurate decals. In this sense, the Zvezda is the kit to beat for a truly accurate MiG-29S. Unfortunately, the Zvezda has no rivet detail and therefore looks a bit plain in comparison to the beautiful detailing on this one (I have the Zvezda but have not built it). It also annoys me that Zvezda has the upper air intakes molded closed. Yes, I know they are typically closed when on the tarmac but they look so much cooler open. That said, there are no air-to-ground weaponry on this kit, which the Zvezda does include to represent the MiG-29S's modest ground attack capability. I hope to do a Zvezda kit in the near future and compare side by side. In the meantime, enjoy:
  10. Hiya. Here's my latest project. After few WWII vehicles. I wanted to go for something modern. Few years back I was in Berlin and found a hobby shop. I bought Trumpeter's Grizzly for a bargain price as box was a little damaged. This is an outcome of this. Trumpeter's Canadian AVGP Grizzly. I read few reviews indicating that model is full of mistakes. Maybe it is, but it's fun to build and - in my case - for painting colour modulation training. See for yourself. That's it. As I said, it was great fun to build. Hope you like this. Thanks for watching. Dawid
  11. Hi there, I'm going to be doing a trumpeter DH.100 Vampire, not sure which scheme yet, have to have a think about that. See you soon!
  12. Hiya, folks. I finished my Willys, so it's time for something new. This time I decided to build something more modern. I found this Grizzly in my stash. I bought it once in Berlin for a bargain price due to the box damage. It's an easy to build (i hope) model with no interior. It has lotsa mistakes - too bad. I'll try co correct some of them. Here's what's inside the box: But first, the box itself... Rubber tires. Some PE parts. Clear parts. And the sprues. The Hull. I also started on lower hull and suspension. So far everything fits fine, no problems. Some more details added. Some close-ups. As lower hull is nearly done, I'm gonna go for upper one. First I'll fill these 3 holes in the center of the image. They are incorect, the hull should be flat. That is it for now. Cheers. DAwid
  13. 1/32 F-14A Pudycat

    When you say 1/32nd and Tomcat together most people think "Tamiya" but this project involves the new kid on the block - Trumpeter. You may have heard or read positive or negative things about this kit and to be fair it has a few peculiarities which are somewhat of a Trumpeter trademark. So many areas are damn good and then you discover areas where the usual designer must have gone for break and some crazy guy adds a few parts which do not match the rest of the kit. So let's get started by taking a peek at this rather large pudycat. This is no ordinary box, it is also a piece of luggage and comes complete with it's own carry handle and strong securing points to stop the box from opening unless you really want it to. When you do reveal the inside it is packaged very well with separate boxes and containers to protect the contents. The upper and lower fuselage halves come together in their own plastic tray with a clear cover, this should mean that they stay stress free and do not become out of shape. This kit comes with three decal options, all light-gull grey over white schemes. VF-1 Wolfpack, VF-84 Jolly Rogers and VF-111 Sundowners. But enough of this hear you cry! This is supposed to be a WIP and not a review so let's start at the beginning which is the best place to start so I'm told. For those of you thinking that Trumpeter supply a nicely moulded set of throttle handles to go on the phallic gesture sticking up - you'd be wrong as that's it! Deep breaths now and put it down to that crazy guy having his fun whilst the real designer went to the loo. You'll see more of this later. The kit comes supplied with another cockpit tub and instrument panels for an F-14B, so I put aside the original "A" cockpit tub and went to town on the "B" version. Starting by sanding down all the side console detail as I intended to try something using the Eduard cockpit etch in a new and unusual way. I dislike working with photo etch parts so scanned the fret on the computer where I could correct and change certain bits and then print out what I needed on to matt photo paper. More on how this worked out later on. The F-14A should have two circuit breaker panels inside the pilot's foot well so some surgery was required.
  14. Here's my 1/35 Trumpeter BTR 80A. It's a great kit but you must get the sit of the suspension right early doors - I didn't as you will see. I tried to sag the tyres with small screws but I was in great danger of wrecking the hubs and adjusting the screws when the wheels were on was tricky Painted with Vellejo acrylics which I still find tricky to get consistent results from but does give authentic looking colour I think. The KFOR script was done with some stencils I picked up which I was pleased with. Let me know what you think - plenty still to learn but getting there Cheers David
  15. Hi folk's sad but my aircraft mojo has gone on vacation I get a project out,stare at it and put it back so as I,m building the last subject in my other armour thread I thought as a companion to the Chieftain next up would be it's replacement. The kit comes in a sturdy box with lid. And the box is packed with sprue's. Must get a bigger table! Some beautifully molded parts,vinyl track's which actually bend with each link and a little fret of PE.There are a lot of extra parts in the box including a dozer blade and fitting's. Should get started soon.
  16. Good morning, a few weeks ago, I started my biggest modeling effort so far: the well-known and praised USS Nimitz from Trumpeter. A fine kit, and to make it even better, I got the Eduard set, the Starfighter decal set and some more airplanes. After all, it should look rather busy. My idea is to have the carrier look like this: http://www.thunderstreaks.com/spotting/carrier-visit-uss-nimitz-august-16-17-1976/#prettyPhoto , with some minor changes on the aircraft layout. Let's start with the aircrafts: first problem, the trumpeter ones have folded-out wings, but on the original, almost all wings are folded. So, fist step, is to cut the outer wings, are reglue them straight up. That's however nor possible for the intruder/prowler/skywarrior, since the wings overlap. Corsair and phantoms are easier, they point straigt up, thus painting and decalling should still be possible. After glueing, they receive a small blob of maskol, and a black priming. You see the difference later. That's some 60 aircrafts, of many different types and colours. And that's why I build the old one, still with the phantoms. After the black priming, I airbrushed the white, and then brush painted the light gull grey. The decals are the ones provided with the trumpeter kit, only 6 corsairs of the "sidewinder"-squadron. And you can see, the cockpit without the black priming is far too bright. And that's a corsair with black priming and the starfighter decals. They are nice to handle, but still can drive you crazy. All decals are separate, where they could have been grouped together. In the front fuselage, there are some 6 decals on each side, which could have beed grouped easily together. Oh, another nice point of the black priming: the intake looks rather realistic. If you don't spray the white head-on, it looks like the real thing, as it is dark grey. With some more 60 aircrafts to go, don't expect an update too soon... it took me 90 minutes for one aircraft, but the others have a bit less decals than the corsairs. Alex
  17. Reposting due to problems with the photo's uploading on my last attempt so here we go again., hopefully with some photo's this time? This is the Trumpeter 155mm AS-90 with a few added extra's Photo Etch set Metal barrel with sagged recoil sleeve Scratch built cam nets and poles Accurate Armour GPMG (The kit one is a horrendous attempt at a gimpy) Accurate Armour GMPG ammo boxes Lights & indicator lens purchased as self adhesive gems from a craft shop A great kit and as an Ex-Gunner I couldn't help a pic next to my last 155mm build, one of the guns the AS-90 thankfully replaced an FH-70. Hope you enjoy.
  18. We've got the following new kits due in later this week, with more than 10% off RRP! AZ Models - Hampden TB 1, MB.5 'Sea Baker', Bf109 V-tail aces and Bf109 V-tail/R6 KP Models - Bf108 Taifun (both boxings) Trumpeter - MiG-29UB They can be found in the following section of the website and if you put your email details in the boxes, you'll be notified when they are in stock, so you can place an order. http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/0-all-manufacturers-future-releases-383-c.asp Also, we're expecting Eduard's latest kits in either this week or next, again pop your emails in the boxes provided so you know when they are and you can then order. thanks Mike
  19. T-54B

    Hello First thing I've posted in two years (or something like that), first thing I've finished in a long time and my first armour model since my early teen years So, this is Trumpeter's T-54B in 1/72, straight out of the box. I had great difficulties with the tracks, they really don't take regular modeling glue, or superglue, or anything.. I really have no idea what they're made of. Painted with Xtracrylics, LifeColor, Gunze and Citadel, with brush. No flat lacquer on it, sorry about that. -J
  20. - The weather is quieter for a while so , the photos can be taken ib the openb at last -One of the main mistake of the Trumpeter kit is the bad shape of the rear fuselage. The first photo show the kit OOB This one is the real thing now the KZ About Begemot decals ,the Su 24 sheets are wonderful and I couldn't resist to the sharkmouth. The transfer is very large and so, difficult to settle around the nose gear well, door and nose both side probes. The instruction sheet says nothing about this . I've been obliged to resort on a hand painting job I cannot do better unforetunatly. notice the forgotten masking tape on the laser range finder and on landing lights; THe weathering is very heavy according to Begemot but Ididn't know to what extent I may have been heavy handed
  21. It seems that AS-90's are like busses. You don't see one for ages then two come long at once (ukmodllers on Sunday). Added extras include: a seriously fiddly photo etch set metal barrel and drooped recoil sleeve. Accurate armour GPMG (the kit one is horrendous) Accurate armour GPMG ammo boxes I also found some rather useful stick on glass studs in a craft shop which I used for the head lights, indicators and brake light lens I also added a few stowed items including the cam nets, cam poles and an air identification panel more to add a splash of colour, lets call it an Orange Forces gun sub somewhere on Salisbury Plain? It's a good kit which I have made before many years ago. I couldn't help a cheeky pic next to the Hobby Fan 155mm FH-70 just to show the old and the new. I'm a bit biased as I served on the FH-70 which was a dreadful beast to work, nowhere near as civilised as it's younger brother! Anyway hope you enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cninwfs8buepbo/20170217_124255.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4moatd12k931ft/20170217_123538.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/puwwrh0n72iqs6x/20170217_123625.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s889xiqdyy5w0ni/20170217_123656.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgoj1m3z52ebcdv/20170217_112220.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hkl37eo05n2cjnn/20170217_123458.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s889xiqdyy5w0ni/20170217_123656.jpg?dl=0 Please excuse the dropbox links but I can't get the photo's to up load to the site https://www.dropbox.com/sc/qv2djfgn2eir09v/AABJK8JD1nnvOXLXLffn_A3Aa
  22. Trumpeter 1/350 Type 23 question

    Sorry if this has already been posted/asked elsewhere but does anyone know if there are any aftermarket name & penant numbet sets for the 1/350 Trumpeter Type 23 frigate to enable it to be built as any of the other ships in the class? I'm thinking of getting the kit and would love to model it as HMS Sutherland (F81) as I have served on the real ship. Thanks in advance! Andrew
  23. S-300 on tracks

    Along with the mine vehicle Trumpeter have also announced the S-300V on a tracked vehicle to go alongside the quad wheeled version.
  24. Hi folks, long time no see, I mean, post... First of all, pardon me for the fictitious marking on the turret, It's totally incorrect, both historically and politically. The base also doubles as storage. Critics and suggestions are welcome, Cheers!