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  1. Zvezda catalog 2018

    Finally Mi-24P!!!!
  2. Fulmar questions

    I am in the process of tackling the Special Hobby kit and sort of trying to figure out a few things: - the position lights arrangement - i.e. were the blisters transparent and the lamps colored or the blisters were of a corresponding color glass? - is there anywhere a photo showing how the pilot's canopy opened? Slid back - then where the rails were positioned? - was the arrestor hook painted underside color or NM? Would appreciate any suggestions....
  3. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Haven't received mine yet...
  4. 1/72 - Bristol Sycamore by S&M Models - released

    A PE detail set to price the kit up a little https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72001
  5. First To Deir ez Zor

    Hi, Sorry, I do not affiliate with this shop in any way, however bought a few sets from them about a year ago. Do not really remember how it worked but I paid by PayPal. perhaps it was not classed as a purchase (hence no PayPal protection) but as a transfer... but not sure now. In fact if you plan to use Trumpy's kit, the hardest part will be to model the platform for the range finder and the device itself. the skirts can be easily scratch built. Perhaps it is even better solution especially if you want to show only parts of it.
  6. First To Deir ez Zor

    T-72 tracks is exactly what you need for this project. Here's the link to a set that may make your life easier (if you are ready to shed some cash) https://tankograd-resin-kits.host.webasyst.com/shop/bashnya-t-55-am-s-nakladkami/ The turret is correct, and there are trimmings for AM version... however the range finder might be somewhat different on the tank you plan to build.
  7. First To Deir ez Zor

    Welcome to the dark side! I used to model aircraft.... the tracks-any RMSh for T-72 will do (except the vey late ones). Either OKB or Tankograd are superb, but alternatively you can use plastic ones from the Revell T-72 kit, or ACE PE ones... for the barrel I would use the kit part -easier to work on plastic, and what is the point of hiding a perfectly good turned barrel with the thermal jacket imitation?
  8. First To Deir ez Zor

    And, forgot to mention, you will also need to make a thermal jacket for the cannon... neither Trumpeter nor Revell give you one.
  9. First To Deir ez Zor

    Hi, The new Revell kit looks very nice, but unfortunately they completely messed up the turret shape (go figure how hey could do it). Fixing this would require lots of surgery. Trumpy's turret is better (not perfect). Revell's tracks are better, although Trumpeter ones are useful. Still it is most likely your target machine has RMSh tracks, so aftermarket here (hope your OKB set is suitable), or wait for the new Revell kit of T-55AM. Here's the link http://www.smallt-34.narod.ru/Raznoe/KMT-5/kmt-5.html BTW they broke through to the airbase in Deir ez Zorn the day before yesterday (Just another picture of a T-55 from the area -shows nicely the shape of the rangefinder).
  10. First To Deir ez Zor

    Trumpy's T-55 would be a better choice for the model anyway. I have not tried to build this particular device, but here is the link with lots of useful info on it (in Russian but not text heavy). Beware of some stupid and annoying commercials on the site....
  11. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    Yes, I was referring to the very first picture, which started the discussion. You can see the hill in the background and the AFV on the picture's right side. I presume they renamed the museum lately, but the exhibition in front of it is still the Afghan War one.
  12. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    I think you are mistaken or your photos got mixed up. I have been to Zhul. many times and do not remember hills there at all. I have also been in the GPW museum and the display stand many times.... I do remember this exhibit and the very characteristic stone clad walls. (the other hint is the piece of an AFV next to the Hind) not many of those in Zhuliany right? Or may be they added those to Zhuliany in the past year, then I am sorry. The plaque in Ukrainian clearly excludes Monino as a contender... or Duxford for that matter.
  13. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    This is Mi-24V from the exhibit dedicated to Afghanistan war at the premises of the military museum in Kiev. This particular aircraft is a fairly early machine of the V version. The filters are a fairly standard feature for Afghan War hinds and Mi-8s.
  14. Best T-34 m.41 in 1/72 - Dragon? UM? Trumpeter?

    You are welcome. The early 1941 T-34s with F-34 gun were identical to the ones with L-11 and spotted at least two different types of turrets. UM caters for both, Dragon - only for one -welded(if I remember correctly). But UM provides narrow tracks- which is not correct for 1941 until September at least. The later versions had a number of differences from the initial versions (like a round access hatch on the back plate and many many more) etc. Also narrow tracks became the norm (and there was at least a dozen of different versions of those. You will probably need to find a photo of a particular tank you want to build and try and make a choice based on that... I started doing the UM kit of early T-34 and had no problems at all with fit (I actually built a few of their kits but not T-34s) and they were a joy to assemble. They are not short run kits (ACE are). But they will require attention as they are sometimes, as you correctly mentioned, a bit crude on the details front. The biggest issue however are the rubber tires and not the fit. If you go for the kit wheels, make sure the plastic parts are well primed and protected from contact with those. The plastic link and length tracks are a plus comparing with the DS ones. UM also allows you to have the drivers hatch open, or semi closed, which is a big plus for a T-34 model especially circa 1942 and later. The geometrical issues with the Dragon 's hull are not noticeable to an untrained eye, and I would say it is hard to tell which one is which on built models. Besides, I think the problems were referred mostly to the kit with hexagonal turret and the earlier ones are OK... but I am not sure here. I have not heard anything bad about Dragon Su-100, and it is better than the Zvezda one, except of the tracks, which are DS in Dragon. As you might have noticed I am not a great fond of DS tracks.
  15. Best T-34 m.41 in 1/72 - Dragon? UM? Trumpeter?

    This depends what exactly would you like to build. The "1941" designation is largely a researches or modelers' strive for cataloguing and organization of the reality, which is in fact, much richer and diverse than one can put in a table. The early T-34 with a two men turret was produced at three factories, over the periods of two years and the machines were very different. So early T-34 - 76 with wide tracks - Dragon is a better choice (although some people do not like the hull, the differences are not huge, and hardly noticeable) For the later ones-with 500mm tracks- you might want to kitbash between dragon and UM, or update either of those, my very personal opinion, either of them is not that bad... There is also an Italeri (ex-Esci) kit....