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  1. In Hannant's 'future releases' - boxart https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72010 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72020 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72030 3D CAD images Planned release for 2018. All constructive comments and criticisms are welcome.
  2. PE-2 interior colours

    Hi, Zvezda has used the colors on the basis of restored Monino airframe, regrettably it is incorrect. The only green in the cockpit could be the 4BO on ammo boxes (and even that is not for sure). To my eye Hu27 is good match to Akan's A-14 faded as well as Gunze H305 as per Eduard's instructions. In fact I used both on different areas of the same part and could not tell the difference.
  3. 1/72 T-90s - accurate + easyish build?

    Scale wise it is probably more correct than the other offerings as on the new wheels the border between discs and rubber is hardly noticeable. The stance might be too high as in their 1/35 kit, but it is not too hard to fix it. The other point Zvezda gets criticism for is that in this kit they did not simulate rubber screens folds... Very minor in my opinion.
  4. 1/72 T-90s - accurate + easyish build?

    If accuracy is important go for Zvezda kit. It is very good and easy to build.
  5. Falcon Heavy Success!

    Yes, I stand corrected so it was 66% returnable. But is it re-usable and how it is related with costs?
  6. Falcon Heavy Success!

    Well, let's look at the things with some detachment. The claimed payload for FH is 66t. At this launch only about 2 were lifted? I wonder why... is the vehicle capable of lifting what it is supposed to lift? Is it clear from this test? Out of three parts that were expected to be returned only one actually did so (we will see if it will be reusable), the central block "missed' the pad (but from the speed of approach it is very lucky for the pad that the block actually missed it), and no one says anything about the second booster.... Now out of all this I can see three positives: - It is great that something is actually being launched and the development work continues. - From the public point of view - it is great this type of thing is not done with the taxpayer's money (or so it is claimed). - From the personal point of view - I am happy that my monetary exposure to Elon's enterprises is 0.
  7. First To Deir ez Zor

    T-55s were upgraded at many plants in many countries from late 60s through the 70s. This created a plethora of versions, sub versions and variants... We can speak of some general features, but the exact version can only be built for sure from a photo...i know it is not really helpful, but such is life. Here you are dealing with real "soldier tank" built in huge numbers in many countries and participated in conflicts on all continents...
  8. First To Deir ez Zor

    This walk around is from Patriot Park in Moscow, so, I presume, people there would hardly need a Korean upgrade version. I am pretty sure it is a straightforward AM... Although many of hem were the upgraded older machines, hence lack of uniformity. The extra anti mine protection on the belly could have been omitted, to gain more maneuverability. Also I saw some AMs without a thermal jacket on the barrel. Perhaps not all of AMs had them? In your case, I would think the tank must have the belly applique armor as threat of AT mines is predictable for the trawls pushing machines.
  9. First To Deir ez Zor

    Here's a nice photo shoot of T-55AM in good res. You may find it useful. http://www.vitalykuzmin.net/Military/Park-Patriot-Tanks/i-PFbBtb9/A
  10. First To Deir ez Zor

    Will be happy to help to the extent of my limited abilities and knowledge.
  11. I am pretty sure Mel had talked to the "Big Red Box co" nd made sure there were no plans or B.2, before he undertook the Canberra project. Just a sensible thing to do.
  12. 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Tony) by Tamiya

    Hooray! But somehow I am afraid to learn about the price...
  13. T-34 Family STGB Now we are nearly 18!

    - Great. then Yes, I will join in.
  14. T-34 Family STGB Now we are nearly 18!

    is this GB only for large scales (I.e 1/48 and larger)?
  15. great! Finally they are availible.