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  1. What are you reading?

    I've read a couple of good biographies recently: "Without Precedent" by Owen Zupp is a great read if you're a RAAF enthusiast. It tells the story of the author's father, Phillip Zupp, and his service as a commando in WWII, Meteor pilot in Korea and as a civilian pilot later on. http://www.owenzupp.com/without-precedent "Today We Die a Little" by Richard Askwith, is the biography of legendary Czech distance runner Emil Zátopek. It covers Zátopek's glory days in competition as well as his post competition life and the trials and tribulations he and his wife suffered after he fell afoul of the Communist regime. https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/1109422/today-we-die-a-little/
  2. Recycling plastics

    I remember this topic coming up on another forum I used to frequent. There's no way they could ever use the plastic to make kits again as the polymerization process changes the plastic in some ways irreversibly and once it's been moulded and set into a shape, it will lose some qualities to take new shapes so well. I used to have a client who was a manager at the local offices of a waste management company and I got all kinds of insights into recycling and the politics of it from him. he said plastics, outside of PET bottles, were some of the biggest headaches to deal with as they typically can't ever be used for the same grade of product once recycled. He told me that the ability of PET to be recycled into textile "fleece" is the reason that more recycling agencies will be willing to take it rather than polystyrene. He said that one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do as a consumer, much more so than recycling, is to avoid buying things in Tetra Pak type packages. They are extremely limited in how they can be recycled and only two companies in the world recycle them. Both those companies are in China and haven't bought any Tetra Paks from anyone in ages. He had bails of flattened Tetra Paks rotting away in warehouses around the Czech Republic that he couldn't move because nobody was buying them.
  3. AH-1G in 32sc moulds

    It's the same basic plastic as the late 60s vintage Revell kit, but Monogram threw in some new parts when they issued it. As a kit, it has stood the test of time well and is still the only Vietnam era Huey Cobra available in large scale. This review mentions a bit about the new parts monogram included in their edition of the kit: http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/Monogram_32_AH-1G/Monogram_32_AH-1G.htm
  4. Italeri, nee ESCI AEW Skyraider question...

    The Skyraider did indeed have some offset built into the rudder. this site talks a bit bout it and shows some pictures. You have to scroll about halfway down: http://tailspintopics.blogspot.cz/2011/10/ad-skyraider-modeling-notes.html
  5. Germany prefers F-35

    Yes it did. :-) They very much like their P-3 Orions and have entered an agreement to have Lockheed upgrade their fleet and keep it going to 2035: http://news.lockheedmartin.com/2017-11-01-Lockheed-Martin-Awarded-158-5-Million-Upgrade-Contract-for-Germany-P-3C-Orion-Aircraft
  6. visual differences betweeen A-7A/B/C & E?

    The differences around the back end were dictated by engine changes between the A,B and C variants and the D and E versions. The A,B and C all had versions of the Pratt and Whitney TF-30 engine while the D and E were fitted with the Allison TF-41 One point of difference is what you hang under the wings. For example, you wouldn't see the AN/AAR-45 "LANA" infrared pod on an A,B or C. That was on the E version by the late 1970s and the D version by the mid 1980s
  7. 1:144 Scale

    We had a similar thread back in March, you might find some good pointers there given your interest range:
  8. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    And the Z-37 Čmelák
  9. Czech Republic wants UH-1Y's

    This article from April of this year will give you some insights into the competition: http://www.radio.cz/en/section/business/enormous-deal-to-purchase-military-helicopters-in-offing-in-czech-republic I'm quite surprised the Sikorsky Blackhawk wasn't a shoe-in for the new machine given how involved Aero Vodochody is with it: http://www.radio.cz/en/section/business/aero-vodochody-and-sikorsky-extend-black-hawk-contract
  10. I believe Lybia still has theirs. As I recall, France agreed to a refurbishment and upgrade program to Lybian F.1s after the Gaddafi regime fell. Gabon also has a small fleet of them that are ex-SAAF machines.
  11. Czech Republic wants UH-1Y's

    It's an interesting development given that the Czech company LOM Praha holds licenses for deep maintenance, overhaul and modernisation of both "Hip" and "Hind" helicopters and serves an international client base. They talk about NATO interoperability, but that's why the Czechs bought updated Mi-35 and Mi-171 helicopters factory fresh little more than a decade ago. Not to wax political, but considering how the recent Czech parliamentary election went and how the upcoming presidential election in January could go; I wouldn't be surprised to see the deal change before all is said and done.
  12. Tornado service life

    Going by what some Luftwaffe Tornado guys have told me when I spoke to them at shows, they aren't expecting the aircraft to go away any time soon and further upgrades are planned for them. One of the pilots told me that with the money Germany has spent in recent years of the Typhoon and A400, that he'd believe Luftwaffe Tornado retirement when he saw it.
  13. Christmas menu

    Well, you can always come to the Czech Republic and indulge in the traditional Christmas meal of carp and potato salad if your local fare isn't appealing to you...
  14. Charity shop find

    There's a second hand shop around the corner from my flat that very occasionally gets models in. A couple of years ago, I got a great deal on an Italeri 1/72 modern air weapons set there. The box seal was broke, but the sprues were still sealed in their bags. I got it for 60 Czech Koruny, which is right around 2 Pounds.
  15. Game of Thrones: recommended?

    I'd recommend it too. It's the first series to hit TV in the longest time that has my undivided attention when it comes on.