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  1. Tornado service life

    Going by what some Luftwaffe Tornado guys have told me when I spoke to them at shows, they aren't expecting the aircraft to go away any time soon and further upgrades are planned for them. One of the pilots told me that with the money Germany has spent in recent years of the Typhoon and A400, that he'd believe Luftwaffe Tornado retirement when he saw it.
  2. Christmas menu

    Well, you can always come to the Czech Republic and indulge in the traditional Christmas meal of carp and potato salad if your local fare isn't appealing to you...
  3. Charity shop find

    There's a second hand shop around the corner from my flat that very occasionally gets models in. A couple of years ago, I got a great deal on an Italeri 1/72 modern air weapons set there. The box seal was broke, but the sprues were still sealed in their bags. I got it for 60 Czech Koruny, which is right around 2 Pounds.
  4. Game of Thrones: recommended?

    I'd recommend it too. It's the first series to hit TV in the longest time that has my undivided attention when it comes on.
  5. I had a bit of fun today

    That sounds like a ton of fun! This was the second time in my life I'd been in a simulator. Six or seven years ago, I spent some time in the simulator for a Zlin 242 sport aircraft. I crashed it a number of times just learning the right touch on the stick as it was a true case of giving the plane and inch through the stick and it taking a mile in the sky. The A320 was pleasantly docile by comparison.
  6. I had a bit of fun today

    Hello all, Today I was in Prague to finally indulge in my birthday gift. I say "Finally" as my birthday was back in August. My girlfriend and her mom bought me a gift certificate for 60 minutes in a flight simulator, but when I tried to use it in August the flight simulator had technical problems and I had to rebook. The company was very accomodating in making things right and they gave me a voucher for 90 minutes that included a photograph and a video of my time in the simulator. I can't complain about that. With the extra time, my instructor pilot gave me a good overview of the controls and a practice run before we did more "serious" flying. I chose the A320 simulator, they also have a 737, and did flights around San Francisco, Prague, Brno, Madeira and St. Maarten (including take offs and landings). Here I am, just before taking the controls.
  7. Sea Hornet to be returned to flight!

    Were it anyone but Avspecs trying to do it, I'd not have believed such a thing possible.
  8. IL-76

    Reach up and scratch its tummy. :-)
  9. Zvezda YAK-130....1/72

    I was taking a look at it in my local the other day and it was tempting. However, I'm hoping to see a 1/72 Aermacchi M-346 in styrene in the not too distant future. Israeli, Italian, Polish and Singaporean air forces are all options for that and the Frecce Tricolori are planning to convert to it in the next season or so as I understand.
  10. NATO Day 16.09.2017

    They are quite fresh in Slovak service, the first of them arrived in Slovakia in June: https://spectator.sme.sk/c/20569222/the-first-two-black-hawks-land-in-slovakia.html
  11. NATO Day 16.09.2017

    Thanks, I'm glad I chose to go yesterday as today's weather was even worse.
  12. NATO Day 16.09.2017

    Hello all, This weekend was the annual NATO Days public show at Ostrava, in the north east of the Czech Republic. The show is a broad ranging exhibition of military and civilian security forces of both air and land nature. The weather this year was wet and overcast, so a lot of the flying acts were shortened or cancelled when I attended on Saturday. Here's the most presentable of my pics on the day: We'll start with Slovakia, as they were the special co-host nation this year. Among the many things they brought was their newest air asset, the Sikorsky UH-60M Blackhawk: Parked next to the Blackhawk was a veteran Mil Mi-17 of the Slovak Government Flying Service: This Fokker 100 was also part of the Slovak exhibition: As part of the flying display, they threw their A319 Airbus around a bit: As usual, they also furnished the MiG-29 flying display for the event: Canada made their first NATO Days appearance with this CF-18 Hornet: F-16 Vipers came courtesy of Belgium and the Netherlands. Here's the Dutch pair: Lithuania brought three aircraft including this Eurocopter AS365: The German navy brought this aerial survey and monitoring Dornier Do-228NG: This year's USAF KC-135 came courtesy of the Nebraska ANG: Standard at any Czech airshow of prominence is the Saab Gripen: A view of the static park from the tail side: This Hawk in the statics was as much as anyone saw of the Saudi Hawks on Saturday as they ultimately cancelled their performance due low visibility and safety concerns: The Yakovlev Yak-40 is an increasingly rare bird in European skies. The Czech air force maintains two, but plans to replace them in the next year or two: One of the few flying machines on Saturday was the Czech police Bell 412: Adding a bit of vintage feel to the show was this restored two seat MiG-15 that flies on the Czech civil register:
  13. TSR-2 question

    It this useful to you? According to the caption info, it was taken at Brooklands in 1964: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1571414
  14. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    Model railways seem to be a pretty popular thing with celebrities. Aside of Rod Stewart, other celebrities that have been in model railroading include: Eric Clapton, Tom Hanks, Roger Daltrey, Michael Palin and Neil Young. Neil Young was a co-owner of Lionel Trains a number of years back. As for scale modellers; John Travolta is said to be a big scale aircraft modelling fan. Before he passed on, Lemmy from Motorhead was known to be an avid builder of WWII German subject matter. Bruce Springsteen is also said to be an avid scale modeller.
  15. The Hitman's Bodyguard

    We saw that a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed it. A good, dumb, "switch your brain off and suspend your disbelief for a while" film.