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  1. 1/48 Academy Phantom

    Many thanks all. getting the shark mouth decal to settle around the nose was a bit of a pain. I did think of masking and painting the rainbow stripe on the tail, but luckily I came to my senses
  2. 1/48 Academy Phantom

    Thanks Celt. I am very pleased with how it came out
  3. Absolutely lovely kit to build. Fit was great. Very little sanding needed. Extras included air intake covers and cockpit photoetch as well as seat belts. The sun rise on the tail, I made my own masks and painted it, then added the coloured stripes as a decal 20170827_112546 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112552 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112601 (2) by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112616 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112643 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112726 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112736 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20170827_112812 by Richard Page, on Flickr Looks good on the shelf with the other shark mouth builds from this year 20170827_131021 by Richard Page, on Flickr
  4. Mr metal colour rubbing off

    tried sealing it with clear. left for 48 hours. masked to paint something else. took the masking tape off (was only on for an hour) and a lot of the metal colour peeled off with the tape.
  5. Mr metal colour rubbing off

    Have sealed with klear and it has solved the problem. Not lost much of the metallic finish
  6. Mr metal colour rubbing off

    Sprayed my phantom metal bits last night. Started to mask for darker metal spraying tonight and found paint coming off om my fingers. Anyone else experienced this?
  7. What are you reading?

    almost finished the latest Simon Scarrow 'Macro & Cato' roman soldiers novel. I do like them.
  8. ModelKraft 2017 23rd April 2017

    Thanks Coolhand. The Meteor was mine. Didn't win anything. That class was won by one of the AMT Migs
  9. Stupid things I've done whilst modelling...

    a year or two ago, I was using a tooth brush with Tamiya thinner to scrub paint of a bit of plastic. A drop of the thinner flew back into my eye. A fun evening at the hospital, luckily no damage down (wifey wasn't too happy as he was serving up dinner when I said, I'll be back in a minute, just want to finish this'[ a year later back to the same hospital with my son when he grabbed a bottle of mr color thinner of a shelf and managed to open it. Just caught him raising it to his lips when I grabbed it outta his hand. Some got spilled so off to hospital we went incase he had swallowed any (he hadn't, he had a great night playing with 2 student doctors - the wife was serving dinner at that time too - I spot a pattern, keep out of the man cave when dinner is being served). My lad sat is his seat on the way to hospital, we kept asking him is he was ok - he looked at me and said 'uh oh'!!
  10. lets hope that other manufacturers follow suit as I hate cutting resin bits off of large blocks.
  11. I like the way they have made it easier to cut fragile and small bits off the runners with the thinned attachment towers rather than having to carefully cut the whole part of the molding block .
  12. Airfix 1/48 Lightning F.2A

    Absolutely cracking model. Well done!!!
  13. 1/32 WnW Brisfit

    stunning. It looks like it would start up if you spun the propeller. Nice job