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  1. Most memorable film scenes..

    "You can't handle the truth!" - Col Jessop takes the stand in "A Few Good Men" The very end of "No Way Out" where you realize that Kevin Costner's character has been a Soviet agent all along. "Thank you Adolf" - The end of "Hope and Glory" when Rowan's school has been bombed
  2. Are you sure that's the only way to tell the Airfix Whitley from the FROG kit? The Airfix tooling is only a couple of years old and has surface detail and internal detailing far beyond anything that could have been achieved by FROG 40-odd years ago. Which is another thing, if the kit has been in the stash for more than about 4 years, it's the FROG kit.
  3. The single most expensive "part" of any kit is the mold tooling that creates the plastic parts. That's what you paying the most for when you buy a plastic kit. The economics of resin kits is slightly different since polyurethane resin is much more expensive than plastic.
  4. Defiant 1/48 Trumpeter vs Airfix

    Thanks for clarifying. I knew it went back on display at Hendon after it was restored but skipped over that for the sake of brevity in my post. In this case, more words would have been better.
  5. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I see what you're saying, and certainly there are companies (Kitech, Zhengdefu and others) whose entire product line seems to be poor copies of Academy kits. In this case, there doesn't seem to be any question that the packaging is genuine Airfix and it's just the plastic doesn't match up with what's on the box. Nor is it any other Airfix kit apparently. Absent any other information, Occam's Razor says this is a packaging mix-up and nothing more.
  6. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    What is a "fake product?" How is that different from being an item packaged in the wrong box. Never assign to malice, that which can be attributed to simple incompetence!
  7. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    My assumption has been that Airfix gets bagged sprue shots from the factory in India and then adds the instructions, decals, and boxes in the UK. The decals are printed in Italy and bagged kits take up less volume in the shipping container, so this would make some sense. If that assumption is correct, the error with your kit occurred in the UK. Or, let me add one other possibility that is perhaps more likely; the company in India is just a contractor to Airfix and probably molds lots of items besides Airfix kits. It's possible that the "Spitfire" you got was for another customer and mistakenly got included with a batch of bagged Jet Provost kits. Since you got two the same, the likelihood is that a significant portion of that shipment contained the wrong item. Once the bagged kits arrive in the UK, they go to another Airfix contractor who packages the kits in boxes with the instructions and decals and stores them for shipment. This means Airfix does not have to own and maintain its own warehouse. The people who package the kits in the UK work for the contractor not Airfix and probably are instructed to package bagged kits from one location into a specific type of box and are not trained to differentiate a Jet Provost from a dodgy Spitfire kit.
  8. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    The earliest 1/48 Sptifire kit from Airfix was the Vb in 1978/9 or so. That tooling has been retired with the release of the most recent 1/48 Spit I and Vb.
  9. The B-47 is, of course, the Hasegawa kit, still reappears periodically with new decal options. It's still the only injection molded B-47 in 1/72 scale; some enterprising company should correct that.
  10. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    There are worse things than that; what if the kit cannot be assembled as designed: 1/ Roden early 1/72 He111 series 2/ ICM 1/72 Do 215 (the older kit from about 10 years ago) 3/ Any Model News kit
  11. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    All of the companies you listed either own their supply chain from design to kits in the box, or they aren't thousands of miles away from the third party kit production facility.
  12. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    Have you ever seen a Merlin Models kit. On most of them, it's hard to distinguish the part from the flaws. But you make an important point; what we'll accept in a kit, a lot of the time, comes down to our expectations. We expect the Airfix kit to be defect free, but we'll accept much worse part quality from companies like Mach 2, Fonderie Miniatures, AModel, and others because the subject matter is something we want. I'm not saying that's wrong; maybe we should expect better products from all kit manufacturers.
  13. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    As always, test fit ... trim ... test fit .... trim ... test fit ... trim, until you are happy.
  14. Can I build an F4J(uk) from the 1/72 Academy kit?

    From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_Phantom_in_UK_service#F-4J(UK)_Phantom One of the obvious differences between the F-4S and F-4J is the addition of wing strengthening straps on the lower surface of the wings. The Academy kit does not have these.
  15. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I have assembled the upper wings together using the spar/joiner assembly. The fit is very good and I think just a little light sanding will be required on mine to blend the two pieces together and not leave a large gap along the wingfold line.