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  1. New paint ranges coming soon from Mr Paint and Tamiya

    Weird! I have a bottle of Tamiya gunmetal that's 30 years old and still good.
  2. Airfix 2018

    They are only with Dapol because the owner of Dapol happened to be present at Airfix when they decided to scrap the molds. If I remember the story correctly, he intervened and offered to take the moulds after he saw someone take a sledgehammer to the mould for the Stirling single (never re-released by Airfix and never to be re-released once it was destroyed).
  3. Airfix 2018

    There was a reason Rosebud/Kitmaster failed and the moulds ended up with Airfix. Locomotive models are a niche submarket of a niche market. Part of the problem is that people who buy model trains want them to run.
  4. Airfix 2018

    You really need aftermarket decals for the Nimrod. There were a number of Model Alliance sheets but these are long out of print. They do show up on ebay from time-to-time.
  5. Airfix 1/72 Mig 15

  6. So this first release is a P-51D-5 without the dorsal fin fillet. That is nice, but will limit the possible alternate markings. Presumably, Revell will also release a block 10 and later version with the fillet and hopefully provide the Dallas hood and Aeroproducts prop so a P-51K will be possible as well.
  7. Airfix 2018

    Interesting choice, but think of all the US aircraft that could do with new tools in 1/72: SBD Dauntless TBF/TBM Avenger P-38 F/G/H A-20 Havoc/Boston B-29/Washington T-6 Texan/Harvard PB4Y-2 Privateer Lockheed Hudson Martin Maryland Martin Baltimore PV-1 Ventura PV-2 Harpoon C-46 Commando P-63 Kingcobra F4U-4/5/5N/7/AU-1 Corsair
  8. New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    Most of them are listed at a ridiculous price; at least twice what the Airfix kit will be selling for. It's not an easy kit to build either.
  9. New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    Classic Airframes also did a Defiant and Meteor F.8 in 1/48, which Airfix have supplanted with a new kits. Now if we could just get Airfix to produce new 1/48 kits of the Vampire, Venom/Sea Venom, Gannet, Hornet/Sea Hornet, Whirlwind fighter, Fairey Battle, and Martin Baltimore ....
  10. Airfix 2018

    That 'thud' you just heard was the sound of Classic Airframes Blenheims being dumped on ebay...
  11. The best 1/72 kit for an Ecuadorian Mirage F.1?

    The Special Hobby kit is definitely the best Mirage F.1 available, but it sounds like you are also concerned about the right variant. The Ecuadorian Mirage F.1's were based on the F.1E and Special Hobby only has variants of the B and C. I don't know enough about the aircraft to know if there were external differences between the C and the E or if the changes were only to internal equipment. SH is still your best starting point.
  12. An excellent result! . Just FYI, by the time the Do 217 came along, Luftwaffe cockpits were fairly universally RLM 66 black grey. Other interior areas until late in the war were RLM 02, which is a light brownish grey. By the end of the war the supply situation was chaotic and the interiors of many types went unpainted.
  13. Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk. 1/Trop - Conversion to BoB Hurricane

    The original Hurricane Mk.I and the later tropical and Sea Hurricane variants all contain the same set of sprues. You can make any variant from any of the three boxings. The only difference between boxings is the decal sheet. There's at least one Xtradecal sheet with BoB Hurricanes on it that you can get from Hannants. You will probably also want to source a set of Avieology stencils as the kit markings are based on a modern Warbird and have some anachronisms (ie. The fuel tank fillers are marked "AVGAS 100LL" which wasn't available until the 1970's).
  14. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    Direct from Japan, the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D can be had for $93.44 AUD plus shipping https://hlj.com/product/TAM60322
  15. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    https://hlj.com/product/HSGE14 This is definitely the newer tooling with recessed panel lines for £11.30