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  1. Hey people. As the title says.... What is the best C-130 kit in 1/144?. Want to do both RAF and other countries. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Ørjan
  2. Another BM`er that was on the Bomber Command table... I was a Park Ranger for the weekend... and those Bomber Command guys kept stealing our food.... With the exeption of Richard Farrar that had baked his own cakes! I was really impressed with his cakes!!! Cheers Ørjan
  3. If you were at the Birmingham table, we were side by side. I was at the Aerobatic SIG 😉 And yes, Kallisti. That platform was Huge and beautifully presented! Cheers Ørjan
  4. Outstanding pictures. Looks like a lot of my own😉 Hope that you enjoyed the show!
  5. Hi Orjan

    If you do find them and are willing to part with them that would be fantastic, let me know what you would want for them and I will sort it out.




  6. I know I shouldn't do this,but here goes... Jockster. .. a top bloke coming over and have the most friendly chat of the day! Thanks a lot. Reporting live from the IPMS dinner.... Ørjan
  7. Just been thru there today. No roadworks as I could see. Cheers Ørjan Reporting from the bar at Tontine Hotel Ironbridge.
  8. Haven't been there fore 3 years, but members of the Aerobatic SIG stay at the Tontine Hotel in Ironbridge. ...
  9. Forgot to mention that I will be hanging around with the other members of the Aerobatic SIG 😈😆😈 Regards Ørjan
  10. The hat is long gone... Maybe I'll have to find a new one...
  11. That is a monster! I was at the National Oil museum in Stavanger last weekend and saw some impressive models of both ships and platforms. And yours is an impressive one. A super job you have done, mate! Cheers Ørjan Utne
  12. This time next week I really hope that I'm deep in a beer in a local pub in Ironbridge. Getting ready for a long weekend in the UK. .. Really looking forward to SMW!! Regards from Norway Ørjan
  13. Could not agree more!
  14. Sorry, my mistake....
  15. AFAIK there are NO trading allowed on stands exempt the traders. That's why there are so strict rules when it comes to the Kit swap.