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  1. Oh.... I love it!!!! Can't wait for it!
  2. Martin? Any predictions with the price on the Tomcat? Cheers Ørjan
  3. A stunning result! I really love it! Cheers Ørjan
  4. Felix and VF/VFA -31 has always been my favourite squadron! Can't wait!
  5. Tony. A nice old one for me! I just found a bunch of pictures that I took at LHR in 1996 at my first IPMS Nats trip. There are a few DC-8`s still in use then! I`ll see if I can get them scanned and put them on "display" in here! Great job, mate! Ørjan
  6. Hi. Are there any AM decals for the Nimrod in 1/144 scale out there? I have been searching high and low but no luck! Any help is appreciated! Cheers Ørjan
  7. Shredding a Top Gun poster😮 Are you MAD!
  8. This is one kit I REALLY want! Skipped the Tamiya one at Telford, but this shall be interesting. I can't wait for it!!!!
  9. Hey people. As the title says.... What is the best C-130 kit in 1/144?. Want to do both RAF and other countries. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Ørjan
  10. Another BM`er that was on the Bomber Command table... I was a Park Ranger for the weekend... and those Bomber Command guys kept stealing our food.... With the exeption of Richard Farrar that had baked his own cakes! I was really impressed with his cakes!!! Cheers Ørjan
  11. If you were at the Birmingham table, we were side by side. I was at the Aerobatic SIG 😉 And yes, Kallisti. That platform was Huge and beautifully presented! Cheers Ørjan
  12. Outstanding pictures. Looks like a lot of my own😉 Hope that you enjoyed the show!