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  1. Harvard KF265

    Lovely mate! I'm a big fan of harvards and yours is lovely!
  2. Yep Airfix say their kit is in the markings of Op Ironclad but when they first released the artwork it had the yellow tail of Op Pedestal. I messaged them about the difference- I don't know if it was me but they did then remove the yellow tail. Didn't take me up on the different leading edge yellow stripes though.
  3. I think he's a little underscale tbh- he comes with the kit!
  4. 85 Sqn Centenary Special

    Very cool! I was on the last course on the Grob at Church Fenton on 85 Sqn winter 2010/2011. best regards Nick
  5. Hi guys, also the oil collector ring that sits behind the spinner is missing, so you will need to make one:
  6. Looking great so far- will it be 'RB' in her current state, awaiting restoration?
  7. Wildcat V. Drop tanks?

    Ah, I have only the first edition...... JV430 C9O was another example no photo in the first ed however.
  8. Wildcat V. Drop tanks?

    Hi Fernando, as 733 Sqn was a training sqn it is quite probable that droptanks were not carried on a day to day basis if indeed used at all. I recently came across a model of a 733 sqn corsair so out of interest do you have a photo of the aircraft you are modelling? What codes does the aircraft have? Best regards Nick
  9. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    If you'd rather spray the markings check out maketar masks. You can order RAF lettering and roundels in any size. www.shop.maketar.com
  10. Good work Jonners especially with the busying up the cockpit items. I'll follow with great interest. Nick
  11. Camouflage help

    The day fighter scheme. Best regards Nick
  12. Anyone seen a photo of Barracuda P9981, 810 Sqn?

    Agree with the bombload, I've already sourced 2x500Ib from ultracast. Just need the 250Ib. I think IanG mentioned this recently on another thread as well. Also the code markings in white? Some of the photos from that period show what looks like medium sea grey- certainly many don't stand out as strong as white. Totally agree, I'll get on to the chaps this weekend as I think there are many that would follow RB through Britmodeller. One of the project team is on here as well- RMCS.
  13. Anyone seen a photo of Barracuda P9981, 810 Sqn?

    Grey Beema btw I see you're supporting RB! Great stuff, will you be at any airshows this year in the UK? We have a marquee and will be at Duxford over the coming weekend.