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  1. Is it mostly more modern content thats new? Any new WW2 content?
  2. Absolutely awesome, thanks for sharing!
  3. Chaps, thankyou very much that is incredibly helpful. Only four in that scheme, wow. Could the aircraft I posted above with the gentleman in front be RD805 in-between painting its codes back on? There seems to be a mix of which of these carried the gun camera? best regards Nick
  4. Hi Tony, lovely Beaus, I dont suppose you know the serial for the grey/night aircraft next to the other colour aircraft? I really want to do a firedog beau in that scheme in 1/48 but not too many reference photos about of aircraft with that scheme and spinners fitted.
  5. Hi folks, after being inspired by the Airfix new 1/72 Beau TF10 I'm currently planning to make a 45 Sqn. version in 1/48 from the Tamiya TF.X kit. I'd really like to do an airframe with the spinners, medium sea gray over night and external fuel tank. In fact RD805/ OB-J is the airframe I'd like to do as seen in the Airfix kit. However I cannot find any photos of that particular airframe and there don't seem to be many photos around of that scheme in general. Here's what I have so far: The screenshot is from this short clip on youtube: I have the SAM book and In Action series book but no joy. Can anyone help with some reference photos of that airframe or any others from the sqn in that scheme? Best regards Nick
  6. As ever, thanks chaps. I sent them a quick message to say that airframe in that colour scheme was for Op Pedestal. Ian- I may have to get a copy of that book. Ospreys Aces of the Royal Navy says: 'During the landings at Diego Suarez in early May 1942, the senior pilot of sea hurricane equipped 880 NAS was Lt. Dickie Cork. Although this (AF955) was his regular aircraft which he first flew in October 1941, Cork was in another sea hurricane when he led a successful strafe of the Vichy air base at Arrachart on 5 May, when he destroyed several aircraft on the ground. The following day, however, he was at the controls of AF955 when he led another strafe on a gun battery during the mopping up operations. Cork flew the aircraft for the last time on 18 June, after which the sea hurricane was transferred to 800 NAS. I don't know where the source is from that Ospreys have used, Wrens book isn't listed in the bibliography. Nick
  7. Lovely build!
  8. Hi chaps just, open up this thread again. Have you noticed Airfix's boxing of the sea hurricane is AF955, the very aircraft above that I modelled? Looks like they are going for a yellow tail for an Operation Ironclad aircraft. What do you reckon- a quick email to say actually that would actually be an be Op Pedestal marking? Looks like they have the yellow leading edge going up to the wing root.
  9. Awesome, any codes? Devilfish: I'm also working my way through the Sqn's various aircraft. I went for an NF30 mossie. How did you do the clear radome? Have you seen this before: I flew BYUS, BYXT on 85(R) Sqn and BYUJ which was the first a/c I soloed on at Southampton UAS and also flew it again on 85(R) Sqn. Best regards Nick
  10. Climbing like a homesick angel! Great!
  11. Devilfish- love the model. I've been looking for a photo of an 85 Sqn. Defiant to do as well but unsuccessfully. Do you know any serial numbers? I may have to take a look at some of the Sqn documents when I go to kew at some point. Best regards Nick
  12. It is TSS, there are more photos around of 896 squadron showing them more clearly. You can see the two paint tones on the rudder. I had a go at this aircraft a while back- needs the rockets though:
  13. Probably one of the best P-40s I have seen!