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  1. Airfix 2018

    I'll keep hold of my MkV, I doubt Airfix would ever tool that. Well done Airfix though!
  2. Grumman Martlet MKII "7" Pitot tube

    What kit are you using out of interest mate?
  3. Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    It is in 'Sqns of the Fleet Air Arm' 1st edition page 143: 789 Sqn, Wingfield, SA. I thought aeromaster did some decals for this in 48th but havent found any. High planes do one of their decal options for this scheme but the photo definitely does not show any camo upper surfaces which they have used.
  4. Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    Funny enough Troy, I bought the CMK conversion two weeks ago to model either the 779 Sqn variant or one from Lee-On-The-Solent shown in Sqn's of the Fleet Air Arm. As Seahawk said above I planned to do it in TSS. Just yesterday I found another one online in Trincomalee: history.net/WW2Memoir-Indomitable-Whiteing2.htm Scroll down a short distance on the right.
  5. Gorgeous! What did you use for the light blue?
  6. Underwing Roundels on SEAC Beaufighters?

    I modelled a Beau VIF in SEAC markings ND220, photos showed that with no underwing roundels.
  7. BPF Seafire with mixed roundels, before full repaint.

    Might be post-war I've seen a few others of the roundel mixes- I think some of the youtube videos of seafires show this mix of markings.
  8. Gorgeous mate, look forward to seeing t in the flesh!
  9. Hellcat in FAA service

    It's quite an enjoyable read and a good mix of naval aircraft flown.
  10. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    I can show you a photo: https://goo.gl/images/8CqfDG I'm putting the same ordance on my Avenger
  11. Fairey Firefly 1/48

    Gorgeous mate! I have 'Lucy Quipment' as the Special Hobby kit.
  12. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    It is also possible that many were left over in British stocks from WWII. The British Pacific Fleet and East indies Fleets used US ordnance during their campaigns in 1944/1945.
  13. Some questions on FAA Avengers

    Yea I used Maketar masks for the lettering and smaller roundels and I just made the bigger ones with an Olfa circle cutter and a punch. Cheers- shes getting there, gloss coat on now!
  14. Some questions on FAA Avengers

    Heres how she's progressing:
  15. Some questions on FAA Avengers

    Just going back through 'Front Line Avengrr Sqn' and as per the paragraph in my first post, I'm assuming a bomb aiming device was transferred to the FAA specific cockpit, as only the TAG needed to occupy the lower space. Although the wording I have copy and pasted said there was 'no provision for the Norden sight, although the bombing panel was retained'. A pilot would be responsible for bombing in dive bomb attacks, torpedos and minelaying leaving level bombing for the chap in the back.