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  1. Outstanding, I love the detail in cockpit!
  2. Its looks just like one especially the wheels.
  3. It looks quite nice, I wonder what stores come with the kit? Looks like bombs under the fuselage and the usual rockets. Would be great if it came with the external fuel tanks and the later style rocket configuration as seen on the 45 Sqn Firedog Beaus. I'm just about to get a Tamiya TFX, perhaps I should wait?
  4. Lovely collection. I made a sherman MkII from the Hobbyboss kit at one point.
  5. That new sea hurricane box artwork is very tasty indeed. I am glad to see they have ditched the yellow tail for an Op Ironclad example.
  6. 65 Sqn flew its first operation with Mustang MkIV's on 17th March so they were mustang MkIII's. Also by then they were with malcolm hoods. That info is from Ospreys RAF mustang and thunderbolt aces. I've recently been looking into mustang MkIIIs with 122 wing operating out of Funtington.
  7. Looks like they changed the yellow tail but have left the yellow leading edge stripe as is: Box art looks lovely though. Nick
  8. Cheers for that, I managed to get the free copy a couple of weeks ago but didnt realise there was meant to be any plans included. Scale Aircraft Monthly has a article on a 1/72 Airfix Beau in Firedog markings. Although, I dont think the photos are particularly well taken. The four aircraft in the grey/night scheme are: RD805 OB-J RD819 OB-F RD857 OB-R RD83? OB-Y I have also seen someone model RD824 as OB-K but havent seen a supporting photograph. In the video above it is in its camo scheme and shown here: rd824&f=false cheers Nick
  9. Irvine's actually stopped being issued to fighter pilots in 1942 I believe. As the war progresses you see less of them wearing it and more in just battle dress. Bomber crews continued to be issued it obviously.
  10. Ian, the lower extraction vent is there, just looks hard to see where the wheel well is.
  11. A link to some more information on JT634 supplied by Iang: