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  1. Chinook rotor dimensions

    Everythings a help Wafu, if I can conclude that 'no one knows better' then I can move on with my build. I personally think length would only marginally be altered, if at all, and any mod, excepting the root taper, would be subtle to make the most of, probably, computer aided aerodynamic improvements.
  2. Chinook rotor dimensions

    The only place I've found anything approaching a diagram is on a picture of some resin blades made by Heritage Aviation Models, roughly scaling off that seem to suggest a chord to length ratio of 1 to 10 this is the same as the kits mouldings and accepting correctness in their work (debatable allways) would suggest introduction of a root taper would suffice. What do you gents think? Dave
  3. Chinook rotor dimensions

    Thanks for those Scimitar, unfortunately they don't have the info I'm after. What I'm after is either a diagram or set of measurements which would allow me to attempt a mod on the kits rotors, everywhere says the rotors were changed but I can see nothing with dimension changes. Dave
  4. Chinook rotor dimensions

    Hi, I'm building the Italeri 1/48 Chinook at the moment and was wondering if anyone has the dimensions for the later type rotor blades so i can have a go at modifying the kit ones, a drawing would be nice as well. All the best Dave.
  5. Gambling

    Definitely ban it, I've allways seen gambling as unwholesome as smoking and drinking excessivelly. I think there should be strong taxation and rules to defend the poor sods who get mixed up in this. Banning would only push it off shore via the internet I'm afraid.
  6. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    I've just had a look at the MK1 web site and they do a wooden deck for POW but no complete upgrade set, at least as far I can see, so that recommendation is no good, sorry.
  7. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    I've just finished a Tamiya KGV in 1/350 using the WEM set and I wasn't that impressed. Int he future I have Academies Warspite to do for which I have a set by MK1 Designs this looks head and shoulders better than the WEM set but of course I haven't buit it yet, it's also cheaper thant he Pontos one though I think not so complete/overkill I would certainly consider a set by MK1 designs.
  8. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Not as sweet as the Lanc.
  9. flightradar24 picking up RAF /military movements !

    Just seen Lanc over our place (Upton on Severn) good stuff.
  10. Another Denial of Service Attack

    Beggars belief why anyone would seek to do this to a 'fun' site.
  11. What paintbrush brand is recommended for a beginner?

    I remember doing this for public display at road scheme meetings, good days hours of filling road and verge up trying to leave no joins.
  12. What paintbrush brand is recommended for a beginner?

    Where did you here this?
  13. I think you have enough room for a set of ruts/track running parallel to the wing, especially as the carts would be either hand or, I supposed, water buffalo propelled and fairly compact. Dave
  14. Looking the biz now cambridge well done. How about a cart track for the left over triangle? You could try the static grass and have tracks as extra interest. Dave
  15. Hi, lovely diorama evolving here. I think that the earth banks would have a foot worn path along the top and be more vegetation covered. And may I also give a vote for the sisal string, I've used it, to my own lowish standard, for stream side weeds and it works ok and being a natural product it has nice variation built in for free. As the rice is hand planted it would be in 'rough' rows so a freehand approach would work well, I would be inclined to pre drill the hole (seconds with an archimedes drill) then pop whatever plants in, also the bottom of the paddy fields would, I think, be fairly flat and not massively textured due to them spending at least part of their life as semi self levelling mud.