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  1. Oh my! No Yavin hangar though?
  2. Anyone remember The Wilde Alliance in the late 70's with John Stride and (more importantly) Julia Foster? A husband and wife amateur detectives. based around York. John Stride's character was into model making and when he said he was stopping off at a model shop to get some paints some asked if he had children which got a be-wildered look back. Had one episode with a Vulcan doing an overshoot.
  3. Well the molds won't be destroyed - they can always return,... like the Basset. All Airfix can do is keep refreshing what they have. Their starter kits are not bad though the paints can be a bit disappointing and too easy to spill everywhere but might get more young'un's into the hobby. frequently discounted too. There were a few in Hobbycraft: £7.50 for a Harrier starter kit - £20 for the Marine Corps version. If I could be a little picky some of them are a bit fiddly for starter models - the Matchbox ones were excellent for that. I don't see major retailers stocking kits in general though I see a few stores selling some very dodgy Chinese knock offs. Keep the boxes looking classy and get into some more retailers and get a bit more visibility. More schemes and a later mark for the A-4 please! Still think a 60's Thunderbird 2 would sell though.
  4. The printer has a 15cm cube area to print in but so far it has issues getting above about 10cms before something happens - when I am out of the room of course. That nosecone is 11cms. I think the reel fouls the drive at height and I'm going to do a stand alone reel holder. Fortunately the printer preparing code lets me sink components through the table so I can finish such interrupted prints. I believe it is possible to extend the table laterally so longer pieces can be done but it does take a long time to print. There should be no reason why the whole printer concept cannot be scaled up. You just need the patience to print it out. It does do detail but how much and how well I have yet to find out. i'll be doing some test pieces but if you have any test subjects I'm willing to try them for you. I think it can be relied upon to do the basic shapes well but you would have to see to the surface finish and detailing yourself. In 1/35 it might do oil drums and crates etc but not small delicate stuff like sign posts etc. Maybe a concrete bunker building? Currently layer thickness is 0.1cm and it is visible as you can see in the photos. You can get a smoother finish with ABS - like Lego plastic but it smells bad and the smooth finish involves acetone fumes so not for the home. Another trick is to cast in aluminium from PLA master using the lost wax process. It sort of makes you think "Oooo!" and then "Erm,,,," Due to the warping the model bits I have done so far will need some filling but I have many many years of doing that. I have enjoyed messing with it and it's cool to make something and get it printed but then find it's wrong and doing it again. i made a case for a Raspberry Pi for a colleague over Christmas and the stress was very high at times. I can see this getting better and more practical and in the end model work may loose it's value when it can be just printed out just like music, films, books etc.
  5. Actually I acquired one cheaply just before Christmas off a colleague. It was a steal as he's done all the setting up. I've only printed in PLA and it produces stuff slowly with a finish that should sand and paint up OK. I charged in and started printing out parts for a model before I realized some parts were too big for the printer bit I'm finding ways to trim them down. It's a slow process to fettle the parts and get them printed but I've started so I'll finish. I can knock up simple shapes myself to print out - there are several free CAD and mesh modelling programs out there which can generate wavefront .obj files which it will accept.I think it can generate accurate shapes but the finish needs working on and I haven't tried any surface detailing yet. It was originally thought that you didn't need a heated base plate to print in PLA but it does distort very easily if you haven't. I have one coming but it's in the clutches of Parcel Farce and they are to issue me with a customs ransom note somehow soon.
  6. Not a problem as far as I'm concerned! B-25 is a nice choice, many air forces and the Doolittle anniversary next year. A 1/48th model of the Grob Tutor would be nice too.
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. Finally treated myself to one of these and i have one slight problem. The instruction manual has a blank page so I am missing steps 62-68 (tailplane) and 144-157 (central wing tanks). Any chance some one could e-mail me a scan of these 2 pages or point me to somewhere on the net please?. The Airfix Tribute Forum one's link is dead. This is the first missing item I have had in an Airfix kit in 20 years.
  9. Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 615 Sqn Kenley 1940
  10. King Tiger Normandy 1944
  11. Brian Thanks for the offer but I've managed. Final stretch. I didn't appear to loose a boogie after all, I think the instructions have confused a couple of part numbers. I could get the tracks to link and they didn't go around the main drive wheel either but maybe the skirt will hide them... It appears so though the hull fit at the front was tight. Added the small details Painted on the camoflage, not going for really solid patches and it looks a bit sprayed on as the box art suggests and a final thin black wash to bring the detail up a bit. Finished! The tracks are a dissappointment but overall not too bad a model and a nice change from wingy things.
  12. I think I'm going to have to join Britmodeller , if you'll have me to help give me the motivation to keep going especially now I've got 2 more kits! I should think so. Two more kits and the first one not finished. Ladies and Gentlemen. The stash has started!
  13. A quick hour this morning applying a second coat and getting the boogies on and one has disappeared into the realms of the Carpet Monster. Slight disaster. I spilt the paint water and soaked the decal sheet so I've put then on and hope I can paint around them with the other camoflage colours.
  14. I'm keen to try the undercoat and then paint on top idea. The chassis and turret went together well and painted all over with the light sand colour. Some bits painted better than others.