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  1. Not a problem as far as I'm concerned! B-25 is a nice choice, many air forces and the Doolittle anniversary next year. A 1/48th model of the Grob Tutor would be nice too.
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Finally treated myself to one of these and i have one slight problem. The instruction manual has a blank page so I am missing steps 62-68 (tailplane) and 144-157 (central wing tanks). Any chance some one could e-mail me a scan of these 2 pages or point me to somewhere on the net please?. The Airfix Tribute Forum one's link is dead. This is the first missing item I have had in an Airfix kit in 20 years.
  4. Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 615 Sqn Kenley 1940
  5. King Tiger Normandy 1944
  6. Brian Thanks for the offer but I've managed. Final stretch. I didn't appear to loose a boogie after all, I think the instructions have confused a couple of part numbers. I could get the tracks to link and they didn't go around the main drive wheel either but maybe the skirt will hide them... It appears so though the hull fit at the front was tight. Added the small details Painted on the camoflage, not going for really solid patches and it looks a bit sprayed on as the box art suggests and a final thin black wash to bring the detail up a bit. Finished! The tracks are a dissappointment but overall not too bad a model and a nice change from wingy things.
  7. I think I'm going to have to join Britmodeller , if you'll have me to help give me the motivation to keep going especially now I've got 2 more kits! I should think so. Two more kits and the first one not finished. Ladies and Gentlemen. The stash has started!
  8. A quick hour this morning applying a second coat and getting the boogies on and one has disappeared into the realms of the Carpet Monster. Slight disaster. I spilt the paint water and soaked the decal sheet so I've put then on and hope I can paint around them with the other camoflage colours.
  9. I'm keen to try the undercoat and then paint on top idea. The chassis and turret went together well and painted all over with the light sand colour. Some bits painted better than others.
  10. Well I just have to try another. A quick browse in my local Hobbycraft and I picked a non-aircraft subject. I hadn't seen a build on this though I think there are accuracy issues but its a recent mold. Has it got the tracks like the Cromwell? Nope. Oh well you can't win 'em all.
  11. I've found that a complete base coat with the one that works gives the others something to 'grab onto'. Now he tells me! I'll have to try that on another.
  12. This is a lovely little kit - especially the tracks which were the worst thing about the old models. You might get the brush in a better shape if you rub Fairy Liquid into it and shape it whilst wet and leave to dry. Is there anything that can be added to the paint to make it cover better?
  13. Thanks Dazdot. You are too kind. Thanks for doing the GB. It's been a while since I actually called something finished and as you can see I still have all my tools to do more.
  14. Thanks guys. A few days hiatus whilst work intervenes and now the final sprint. The green did not go on too well either. As Rob G said the Sky covered the best of all. Applied the decals before adding the easeeknockeeoffee bits and not too impressed with them. They usually go on much better and conform with little persuasion but maybe the extra layers of paint don't help. Is the grey for the codes too dark? Yes old school glue smear on the canopy. I've been getting away with PVA for decades. One of the gun port covering tapes is making it's getaway. And its gone and never called me mother.Never to be seen again. I always have problems with these tape decals along leading edges. The underside is not too shabby. A very light wash of the black to accentuate the detail a little and over the raw plastic legs it looks a bit metallic. These models are much more highly detailed that the fare we had at the last Starter GB though I think the paints were better and the decals as good. It's odd though. There is something in the new models that slightly detracts for me but I'm not sure what it is. Are the parts too fine and delicate? Is there too much detail leaving little to the imagination? When I get some decent light I'll try and do some better shots for the Gallery. The flash is far too cruel.