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  1. Paper Falcon Cockpit

    Because he can, he does and the templates are free to download for a limited time. http://uhu02.way-nifty.com/ Have a look at some of his other models whilst you are there.
  2. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    I sure it already has. He is still waiting ... A new Vulcan? it's a possibility. My local plastic pusher sells a couple every week so it's popular already I for one am sure that all sales forecasts are pure guesses and how any creedance can be placed on any of them I'll never know. All you can do is pick a good subject and do it well and Lord help you if there is a signifcant error in it. Mind you with the RAF centenary next year we could be in with a chance of several new RAF airframes. They have the main ones covered already though a bit lite on the pre 39 so bring back the Sopwith Pup and the AW Bulldog. They never did an SE5A did they?
  3. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    I love a classy bird and that is a very nice model too! - especially the gold foil decals.
  4. John Noakes

    Fightersweep, Top post. I'd go back to the seventies any day and see John Noakes again. Not a great ending but a lot worth remembering.
  5. A Blonde death

    My intro to Eric Bogle and my favourites. Two moving songs.
  6. Are Revell a bit underrated as a kit manufacture.

    AIrfix 1/48 Lynx, 1/72 Sea King, Italeri Wessex 1/48th? !/48 Hawk and 1/32 Kinetic Hawk 100 - though Revell's molding quality makes it a better model. The Hunter kit has the parts breakdown to do a two seater that Fisher is now exploiting. Not something to get overly concerned but I just though they missed a trick on these occasions. That being said if they didn't do two seater versions of the Lightning, Harrier or Jaguar (or provide S1 options for a Buccaneer) in 1/32 I would forgive them even that!
  7. Are Revell a bit underrated as a kit manufacture.

    These days there is not a lot wrong with the quality and diverse subject matter of the Revell of Germany designed models and the price is often very good indeed. It baffles me though that many get discounted quickly - usually the larger kits - so that even when I feel an impulse buy come over me for a Revell kit I think that will be cheaper soon enough. I'm hoping that won't discourage them from doing some more 1/32 cold war jets. They do some odd things though: The extra sprue for the Lynx HMA8 and the lack of rivets and rotor fold otions that would enable space for more on the shelf, no dropped flaps for the Hawk and no 2 seater Hunter.
  8. Name your Five favourite 1/72 scale Aircraft kits, From Airfix.

    1. 1/48 Lightning F1/F3 2. Vulcan 3. 1/48th Buccaneer because it was 4. HMS Belfast a remarkable step up in the quality of their ship models. 5. Cromwell tank because of the way they did the tracks,
  9. Name your favourite model shop you would like back again from the past.

    That instantly came to mind as I read it but I had to think which shop it was. Pretty certain it was the newsagents in the Market Place known as Parry's. They had the 1/48th and 1/32 Matchbox kits just after they came out.
  10. Name your favourite model shop you would like back again from the past.

    In the 70's in Hornsea there was Woodcraft(Airfix) and Jenners(Frog) and Matchbox at several newsagents. In Hull the Ferensway Model Shop with it's odd smell of mushrooms and Toymaster? opposite Woolies both with completed models in their windows which were always inspiring. A real treat was to go to a dark dingy shop in Bar Street in Scarborough which was floor to very high ceiling Revell, Aurora, Monogram and Tamiya.
  11. You are the Boss of Revell, name the next five 1/32 Scale Aircraft kits

    In no particular order: Buccaneer Jaguar Lightning F4K/M Harrier GR1/3 All with RAFG connections. I know HK are promising a 1/32 F-4K/M but Revell's will be more affordable..
  12. Star Wars

    Oh my! No Yavin hangar though?
  13. Celebrity Modellers

    Anyone remember The Wilde Alliance in the late 70's with John Stride and (more importantly) Julia Foster? A husband and wife amateur detectives. based around York. John Stride's character was into model making and when he said he was stopping off at a model shop to get some paints some asked if he had children which got a be-wildered look back. Had one episode with a Vulcan doing an overshoot.
  14. 2017 Airfix catalogue.

    Well the molds won't be destroyed - they can always return,... like the Basset. All Airfix can do is keep refreshing what they have. Their starter kits are not bad though the paints can be a bit disappointing and too easy to spill everywhere but might get more young'un's into the hobby. frequently discounted too. There were a few in Hobbycraft: £7.50 for a Harrier starter kit - £20 for the Marine Corps version. If I could be a little picky some of them are a bit fiddly for starter models - the Matchbox ones were excellent for that. I don't see major retailers stocking kits in general though I see a few stores selling some very dodgy Chinese knock offs. Keep the boxes looking classy and get into some more retailers and get a bit more visibility. More schemes and a later mark for the A-4 please! Still think a 60's Thunderbird 2 would sell though.