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  1. Glad to have you aboard Pete!
  2. Almost ready to paint update. Trying to get this bird ready for its pink paint job. I picked this up at the local hobby shop. You would be surprised how limited the pink camo paint selection is at your local hobby shop! But, I think the electric pink will work out just fine. I added the tail section to the fuselage, along with some bits and bobs that go on the body. I did have a slight problem trying to find this nose section part 97 That’s because it is really part number 77! Next up were the wings and exhausts. I left the exhausts off to make painting and decaling a bit easier. The next items to add were the intakes for each side As you can see from the pictures, the intakes either have gaps or steps that have to be dealt with. There are also some minor seam problems along the top and bottom of each wing to fuselage join. Whether it is my fault (most probably) or the kit has some slight misalignment putty was used and then sanded The nose cone was stuffed with some lead fishing weights as was the space in the fuselage where the nose cone joins. I think there was enough weight added. So, the nose cone was glued on with a high tech, very complicated structure to insure the nose dried in place properly. The next step is to mask the canopy and put that on as the cockpit will be closed. Don’t ‘know whether to try and create a female looking pilot or just leave the cockpit empty. Decisions, decisions. Once the canopy is in place, it will be paint time and then the best part, application of the decals. As always, all comments are welcome.
  3. Both kits are looking good. Very sharp.
  4. Good looking pair of 109s. I've always liked Romanian paint schemes. You have done these kits justice.
  5. A good recovery to fix the engine installation. Instructions can be so misleading!
  6. I have some of these same seat belts for the kit I am doing. It's good to know you didn't pull your hair out making them.
  7. You did a gtreat job with this kit and paint scheme. Really like it.
  8. After I finished painting the cockpit interior, I realized the color call outs were probably for a normal Rafale interior. I may redo what is visible in a more suitable spoiled rich girl's motif as the character who flies this plane is precisely that according to her Wikipedia profile. We will see. In the meantime, I have fixed any joint problems from the mating of the fuselage halves. I just love to sand and fill, plus going to dentists for root canals without Novocain!
  9. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to go differing from the kit color callouts for the interior. I redid the seat and seat back, IP, cockpit tub and the tank looking thing at the back of the cockpit. There is some nice detail in this model. Shame it will be wasted though. More on that later in this update. The cockpit tub and different assemblies were place inside the top fuselage halve. As you can tell, even with the canopy open, there will be hardly any of the cockpit detail that will show. Most of the detail is hidden from view by the cockpit cowl coaming Lastly, the fuselage halves, top and bottom are joined, taped and set aside to let the glue set. And that is the stopping point for today. As always, all comments are welcome.
  10. I think all the prior builds were done in the Aircraft WIP. I do know I offered to build one of these in some group build, but was told politely it really didn't qualify. Just decided to do this one in the Sci-Fi section as the theme of the aircraft fits this section more.
  11. A really striking finish. The contrast in colors makes this type of camo scheme so attractive. And, having done tiger stripes for another model, I know how hard it is to make them look stripy enough and not just some squiggly misplaced lines. Great work!
  12. Really like the look of the two green camo scheme. It's quite different.
  13. Good question. I am not sure now that you mention it. This may be another of my goofs. Need to look at it again and see. Thanks.
  14. I bought all of mine from Hobbylink Japan. They have both 1/72 and 1/48 kits. The 1/48 kits were under $20.00 and with freight averaged around $25.00 each as I bought them all at once. For a 1/48 kit I thought it was a pretty good price. I have never seen these kits in any local hobby shop and I think they were Japan release only.
  15. Funny what a pink plane decorated with hearts, bunnies and anime girls will bring out in everyday folks!