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  1. Hi I have had a look at both my vol's and in Vol 1 there is just a colour plate of the photo that's in vol 2 on page 60, which is a Beech UC-45C ser 44-87145 (V) the photo shows better the E.L.A. 52 badge on the nose. In the text just a small bit about the radio snooping they also used Beech 18's for this as well. Hope helps , thanks as I have been looking for a different a/c to do my C45 and this one looks ok. I do know both Jean-Claude Soumille and Jean-Jacques Petit both nice blokes and will help out if they can. Paul
  2. New Forum Software Update

    Hi Mike UP to sub forums its fine the next bit when I open the topics list its all very very stretched, if I open a topic its fine. This is on W7 pro ie my work one so I can not do much to it I have cleared the stash thing you said. The old BM one works fine and all the other updates ok its just this bit that's not working. Hope this is ok I will not be able to change much at this end as work IT will not let me. Not tried any of my laptop and tablet at home yet so do not know if they are ok. Paul
  3. Kinetic 1/48 Mirage IIIE

    Hi Mario Nice one aim with Wez & Brian go for the Nat-met finish looks the best. There is one thing that I should point out A/C 514 which is the one on the decal sheet was never 4-BB or has been in its life it was 4-BL at the time 07-12-1966 to 02-09-1968 which is very easy to do just make the last B into a L care full cutting should get it done, this is a lot better than changing the a/c ser number on the tail to 463 which was 4-BB at the time or the other a/c that carried BB they are 463 558 586 556 588 they all have been BB at some time in Nat-met or Cam I would go for cutting the B. I had a word with Sylvain about this when I next meet him because I know he likes to get this thing right he said that Kinetic asked him to change the sheet at the last min and this slipped through he did point out one other thing that I did not see mined I was not looking at the IIIR at the time look at the sheet the a/c 307 fin markings for 33-TC they say Mirage E they should be Mirage R can be changed. On the E-seat use part E14 not D28. If you need any more help just ask we on hear will try to help. Paul
  4. Mirage IIIC. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    Hi JB Nice start, but sorry to point out Eduard have got there instructions wrong, for a French Mirage IIIc and most other users of the C they used the D type Face blind Handle on the top of the E- seat not the B one that you have done. Its some thing most do, it should be easy to fix. If you need any more info just ask. Paul
  5. 1/72 Mirage 2000N

    Hi Nice one, I have done 321 from La Fayette in 48th, they got the dates wrong for 321 in the paint guide they were 6 month out it was one of the 1st 2000n's to crash ie 6 months before the date they say. Keep going will look nice when done. Paul
  6. Mirage GB chat

    A F1c-200 -EQ6 ?? think I got it the right way round.
  7. Mirage IVA No 9 AH EB1/91 1966 or 67 - 1/72 Heller

    Hi Mark Bring it along on Sunday and we can have a BM Mirage GB section on the stand. See Ya Paul
  8. Mirage GB chat

    Hi Jay I think we both think the same of the RV kit, I only have the copy that I got with the AML boxing, I saw a AML box under the table at a show and it was about £3 so just got it when got back to my stand and had a better look I noticed the RV plastic sticker well I have the resin bits, thinking about it need to dig the box out might be able to use the cockpit on my build if it's in the box as shall not use the main bits. PJ are way to much for me I have a set limit for kits and do not go above it. voilà = Here is sorry lost in translation (used Google translator) Paul
  9. Hello from Oxfordshire

    Hi Dave Is this the Dave H I know. Paul
  10. Mirage IIIEE 1/72nd

    Hi Made a start been doing a bit each morning, after looking at the cockpit I have come to it that I have to scratch build one I have found that the AML resin one would fit so will use that as a guide to size. I will do that later, I have been working on the wings, all engraved Elevons cut off ready for detailing engine started just got to do the inside correct not like the kit which is naff. Next up is putting the detail into the main U/C bays should be fun. I shall take the kit along to the Birmingham show this Sunday, if you are there pop by the Mirage & French Sig's stand for a look and a chat. I will try to get the photos done this w/e but that could slip. See Ya Paul
  11. Mirage GB chat

    Hi Jay The biggest bit is the cockpit nose section from the intakes forward as above, the rest is doable but why not get the AML C kit and work from there or the RV C kit. I think the RV kit has 2 sets of main wheels one set for the C and one set for the E, the ones with the 4 brake cylinders is the C the round one is the E. There is also the the underside strake on the C the E has the belly tank. I would not do a PJ kit like that when with just as if not less work you could do a Good C from the AML or RV kits just my way of looking at it. AML has just re-done there C with RV plastic and there resin bits I got a copy a few months back, now got 5 AML kits to do was going to do one for this GB but went for the Revell E instead do not know now which would have been better. See Ya Paul
  12. Mirage GB chat

    Hi Jay Yes the E main u/c is different to the C, it has a wider track and at different angles not by much to the C this is so it can carry the Nuke which the C can not. The biggest thing is the Brakes very different to the C this is what most will spot the track and angles are so small you would not notice this. The C and E also have different tail cones the C is longer than the E. The main u/c doors are not the same the C has a slot in them and the E dose not, but in the last few months of the C service in France you could see the odd C flying with E doors also B,s the same. The Intake surrport stays are different the E has rods the C plates and the Cone next to the Fuse large is different on the C and the E a lot of kits are wrong in this place. I have loads of photos which aim trying to get sorted so I can put them on here for info but it takes time I shall try soonest to get it done as it shows you all the things you have asked. I shall be at the IPMS Birmingham show this Sunday with the Mirage and French Sigs and will have all the photos there ( on a tablet) so if any one is going pop by and you can have a look and a chat. Keep on making Mirages Paul
  13. Mirage GB chat

    Hi Ok who is going to make a USAF F1 then, see Real Aviation section ref the story. Paul
  14. Delta Blues: Mirage IIIC (HobbyBoss 1/48)

    Hi You can do this A/C with the unpainted nose section it was painted Blue in 7-75 and in Nov 1976 it still had the unpainted nose section there is a photo on page 404 of the DTU book on the Mirage IIIc , a lot of the a/c where like this. This a/c 30 is I think on static display at Dijon code is 2-EH it did 4723hrs 50mins flight time 20/06/85 when took out of use. And use the D type handle on the seat not the B one. Hope this helps. Paul
  15. Italeri Mirage IIIe in 1/48th Scale.

    Hi Alex I have done this kit and still have 12 or more in stock Esci and Italari, its not to bad the thing to note is they did not update the Main U/C legs the kit has the Mirage IIIc Brake Cal,s not the E type. When I get chance I will post photos to show the difference. I think the nose U/C might also be still the C ie no Lights the C did not have lights on the leg the E has 2 it,s some thing to look out for. There are other things to do to it if you wish a very good E but the mods are quite long. Enjoy making it that's the main thing, that boxing is a good one as loads of markings and it also has the large wing Tanks that you could only get if you had the Mirage V Belgium boxing that Esci did. You can just hear the line chief Now PUT THAT %$&*()%$£ fag out ............. sir & that,s over 2 kites doing engine runs near by. Paul Ex SE.FITT RAF 1974 to 1985