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  1. That Xtradecal sheet that's where I have seen it I have that sheet also. Got so many forget what I have most of the time. Paul
  2. Hi Roy Is the lens you are using the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR or the AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR. The 55-300 is quite slow at focusing the 70 -300 is much faster and is a better lens full stop I have both and never use the 55-300 now. The D3100 is also quite slow at Focusing the D5500 not shore on that one but should be faster than the old one. As Jinxman say's you should switch to back button focusing which is what it is called been using it for years and would never go back to the way you have it set up it dose take time to master for some I got it in about 5 mins of use. Set to AF-C - SP - 9 focus points - Matrix metering - AUTO WB - AUTO ISO but set max to about 800 to 1000 ish - start shutter speeds for jets at about 1/1000s and set the frame rate to the top rate. I shoot only in RAW and get large files so can crop and pull a few things back in PP, in jpeg you get a smaller size file and when you crop it tends to brake up more ie look out of focus. My Nikons are DX also D300s x 2 with Grips and a D90 with grip I do a lot of Motorsport so panning is the norm and fast objects also. It takes ages to get it right and a lot of duff shots just keep trying. Take a look at one of my Flickr pages I need to up date it a bit at Silverstone this Saturday mined that's only 4 miles from my home and 1/2 mile from where I work so not to far to go. https://www.flickr.com/photos/paul876/ If you need any thing more just ask. Paul
  3. Hi SPA 38 Chardon de Lorraine is quite well done on decal sheets so will not be to hard to find. I think some one did that markings on a sheet a few years ago. Paul
  4. Hi Enzo In 1976 I was 18 in the RAF on my 1st tour in Wiltshire and bombing about on a Honda CB250G5 that I got new the year before in 1977 and i passed my test 3 days later after I got it. I do remember most of the box tops, been making kits since 1963/64 I know I was making them when I was in Hospital for 8 weeks when I was 6 and I had been making them for a while before that. I have started the Revell kit a few time but not finished them so for me it will be a 1st and the 2nd GB I would have finished started loads. I have about 8 of them could be more as I keep finding ones when I move the stash around, got loads of Mirage kits as I have said before. I shall prod start the GB early next week as things to do this next few days. Paul
  5. Wow that's going to be a big build. I took loads of photos of the 2 Swiss Mirage at the Musee Europeen de l'Aviation de Chasse in Montelimar last October they have that a/c 2103 there and its in those markings. If I can help just ask. Paul
  6. Hi Craig Nice one I would love to do a 48th one but aim so bad and slow at doing GB's that I shall do a 72nd one just to have a chance to get it done. When you come to do the seat only use the D type handle for the seat ALL MIRAGE IIIC French a/c only used the D handle this kit has both D & B types in the parts list. Hope you have fun doing it. Paul
  7. Hi Wez Is That Spanish for where's my beer gone mate. http://www.aeronautiko.com/product_info.php?products_id=45067 try this for the decals. I shall order some by the end of the week. Paul
  8. Hi Wez I have the Carpena 72-08 sheet just now so that's my main one so far, but I hope to get the Series Espanolas Mirage IIIEE/DE SHEET SE472 soon also in 48th and they do a F1 sheet also in 72nd-48th. Paul
  9. Hi That's what I use them for, make good desk top flying things. and the fit is quite good, hardly any filler. Paul
  10. Hi I shall try to make and finish a Revell 72nd Mirage IIIE as a EE in the later Spanish markings. I will post the normal photos later when I have taken them. See Ya Paul
  11. Hi Synopsis The Academy kit is not 48th more like 1/50th or smaller so standard 48th might look to big on it. It is not the best IIIc a lot needs doing to it, but just build it and enjoy that's what it's all about in the end. If you need any help just ask. Paul
  12. Hi The Mirage IIIc that served in Djibouti were the only C's that were wired to carry the Sidewinders, there is a list of the a/c or look it up in the DTU book on the Mirage IIIc tome 1. Aim at work just now so do not have any chance of looking up the a/c ser numbers. I also think but could be wrong it was a grey u/side colour there are loads of colour photos, in French mags I have it will take time to sort. Which kit and scale are you doing, that would help a lot. Paul
  13. Hi Just a note this is British GP w/e at Silverstone, there will be a lot of no go roads / routes around the place so it might take a long de-tour to get to the show if you come from the south - west and north A43 - A5 - M1- M40 from the east should be ok. I know as I work there and live just a few miles away, it dose effected the roads for quite a few miles away all w/e. Paul
  14. Hi Jim From the IPMS (UK) web site IPMS (UK) Hawk AJT SIG SIG Leader: Rob Monfea Home Address:26 Saint Walburge Avenue, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2QT hawksig@gmail.com I think you might know him as he works on Hawks also, and lives close by. Paul
  15. Hi I like it so far it has given me some ways to fix my one that I put on the I will finish it some time pile, my U/C did not take the weight to well and broke up. I put my nose weight in the fright bay right at the front made it look like cargo, I do this all the time with cargo planes. Mine is in French markings, I have a few more to start. Keep going like it so far. Paul