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  1. Bf 109E blue air intake cover?

    Your to tone on here is similar to another person who was banned for behaviour like you are showing to respected members, i'm beginning to wonder if you are the same person under a different user name.
  2. Arado Ar-96b

    Yeah, I thought i'd get my backside into gear and get this one finished of as well. Yes they match up well to the Merrick paint chips, but they should do as that is what Rene uses when mixing them up.
  3. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    Thanks Kent, I appreciate that. Now theres a scarey thought, me actually finishing something.
  4. Arado Ar-96b

    This is another kit I started during last summer. I bought this kit of Fightersweep, Steve, off here. First up this is where I was up to with the build today when I decided to start work on it again. The kit features a resin cockpit and wheel wells and a lot of sanding and dry fitting was required to get them both in, especially the wheelwells, I may have a few pics of the build early on in my old phone, will check tomorrow and post them up if I have. So today i've applied the markings and for those i've again used masks from Top Notch, apart from the fuselage Balkenkreuz which are Maketar. Masks applied, then on to paint, first the white. Then the black areas in the wing under side Balkenkreuz. Then removed the masks to reveal the markings. Annoyingly I've had a bit of white lift on the port kreuz. All the rest came out fine thankfully. Just the Swastikas to apply now and the markings are complete. As per usual, i've used Mr Paint throughout the build. Tim.
  5. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    A little bit more progress has been made since last weekend. I've fit the Brassin wheels, added the Master pitot tube, and engine mounted MG tips, un masked the canopy and windscreen. Just got to add a few small details now and its done. Tim.
  6. East Midlands Model Show - Hinckley 20/5

    I went last year and yes unfortunately you're correct. I thought the new venue was better, just, than the old one though. At least the parking is free in Hinckley on a Sunday, or was.
  7. Lovely work there Kent, especially those cockpit sides. Got to agree the steel seatbelts are superb compared with the old style ones, they're much easier to pose.
  8. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    I wonder where that come from H? Oh I remember some dodgy looking guy handed it over to me in a car park at Cosford! Like I've mentioned to Kent, I made a bit of a amateur job at painting the patches as the bare metal foil was glinting in the light, not very convincing when you're trying to represent tape.
  9. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    Thanks, I found their decals nice to use, they're nice and thin although I only used the unit codes and badge. Cheers Kent, the reason I said that was that I hadn't covered all the bare metal foil so it glinted it caught the light, all is fixed now. Thanks Mick, glad you think so. Thanks Jason, no need to be scared of mottling, just thin your paint right down together with low air pressure, get close in and build the mottles up slowly. I think the trick is, is to keep your airbrush moving all the time. If you don't like what you see just cover them up with the base coat and start again. Cheers Ruari , great to see you back on here again. Also thanks to all who've hit the like button. Tim. Tim.
  10. Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

    Andy, i'm thoroughly enjoying following this build. I like your approach to dealing with the step on the windscreen. Lovely paintwork as well. Tim.
  11. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    Made a little more progress over the weekend. Made up and painted the prop which my good mate H gave me whilst at Cosford last weekend. Couldn't resist popping it on for a look see! I've also fit the U/C legs. Also, the outer guns were removed on this aircraft and the apertures taped over, maybe? So I cut some squares of Bare Metal Foil and placed those over them to represent the tape. Then painted them, badly! On the home straight now with the build. Tim.
  12. Eduard Fw 190-A8 dual build

    Not forgetting the Swastika of course! Thats some lovely paint work on show there H, always good to see the markings go on as well, it brings a model to life I reckon.
  13. Hi Kent, I fit the complete cockpit tub as you have stated. I say plenty of thinning but it was certainly not to the extent as i've had to do when fitting an Aires one.
  14. Nice choice Kent, I used all that AM with my Eda G6 late, expect plenty of thinning of the insides to get that pit in. Tim.
  15. What have you purchased / been gifted

    ,Came home from the Cosford show with this lot. Malta Spitfire Vs-1942 Their colours and markings. The Hawker Sea Fury, Airframe Album No2. The Messerschmitt Bf109, early series, Airframe & Miniature No5. Adler Gegen England, The Luftwaffe's air campaign against the British Isles 1941-1945. Fi156 Storch Vol 1 & 2, Wydawnictwo Militaria. 1/48 Eduard Lysander. 1/48 Eduard He280. Mr LevellingThinners. 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 Aizu tape. A glass fibre pen. Can of airbrush cleaner. 0.3 lead wire.