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  1. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Xtradecal X48157 Defiant decals. Eduard P/E for Airfix Defiant. 2 sets of Loon models resin dinghy packs and smoke canisters 1 set being used with the Defiant.
  2. Need help with Stuka info ?

    I've never seen any photos of Ju87s with any kind of black camouflage. A nice model of a NSG Stuka here, http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=117460
  3. Need help with Stuka info ?

    1. Yes plenty of photographic evidence of the Ju87s of NSG 9 with a meander type camouflage of maybe RLM79 over the standard 70/71 some even had the under surfaces camouflaged the same way. I can find no photos in Ghost Bombers of any having black under surfaces though. Tim.
  4. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    Hi Mike, After read through the thread Jerry posted the link for I did a search at Hannants and lo and behold they had 3 of those detail sets, I couldn't believe my luck it goes without saying a couple of them were soon in my basket!! Thanks for your input. Tim.
  5. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    I agree it is a colorized film and like you say it would be wrong to rely on exact colours but surely if someone has gone to the trouble why would they not colorize the container if it was yellow? Knowing nothing about these things though, I appreciate all input. Looking at Little friends there are a few pics of the containers under P-47s maybe some were yellow whilst others not? http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Style=list&Group=5ers Tim.
  6. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    Now that is interesting, I would have painted them yellow as shown on the decal sheet. Thanks again for posting Jerry. Tim.
  7. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    Thanks Graham, will take a look for that book, I quite fancy building the Eduard Lysander so the book will be worth searching out, I could even do one of those as a 277 Sqn one. It seems that book is long oop, so no doubt sells at a good price, if anyone has that book and it does contain dims etc maybe I could have a scan of it, by pm if necessary. Tim.
  8. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    Jerry, most helpful, will take a good read of that. Thanks for taking the time to help. Tim.
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    A 1/48 Airfix Defiant arrived this morning.
  10. 277 Sqn ASR Defiants.

    Hi, I've just purchased a Airfix 1/48 Defiant and will be looking at doing the 277 Sqn option on the Xtradecal sheet once I've received it. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48157 There are a couple of views, plan & side, of the stowage pack on the sheet but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction to get some better information, views and dimensions of these as I'm going to have to make some up myself. I've done a little searching but can't find anything. Thanks, Tim.
  11. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Waiting for me when i arrived home from work, 3 decal sheets, Eagle-Cals EC102 P-51D To War With The Yoxford Boys. Xtradecal X48174, Walrus collection. Xtradecal X48175 Sea Fury collection.
  12. Owl Decals

    Hi yes I've used them without any problems, I used Daco Red solution to bed them in.
  13. Let's see your dogs!

    We used to live close to a farm and had great times ratting both in the barns and chicken pens. Our record was over 200 out of the large pen in one afternoon. We had Jack Russels and lengths of conduit to smack em round the head with! We used to live close to a farm and had great times ratting in the barns and chicken pens. Our record was over 200 in afternoon out of the large pen. We had Jack Russels and lengths of conduit to smack em round the head with, the rats not the dogs! If i still lived there i'd probably treat myself to a Plummer Terrier, lovely looking dogs and bred for the purpose. Rat lovers best not look at this!
  14. What have you purchased / been gifted

    First book purchases of the year arrived today. Luftwaffe Gallery JG54 Special Album. The long awaited Vol V of JaPo's superb Luftwaffe over Czech Territory-1945, Messerschmitt Bf109s of KG(J)6. B-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command service. Another JaPo book. The last one is a bit of a random one for me, but i love the look of those Libs.
  15. The devil in me is hoping whatever it is has some nice black crosses on it, how about a nice 1/24 Bf109 G6. Whatever a few on here think about it, it would sure make a lot of cash for Airfix.