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    1/72 aircraft and AVF with special interest in late war ETO equipment and operations - especially what flew and drove around where I live (Vienna, Austria).
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  1. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    I am a regular reader/buyer of Scale Aviaition Modeller International since January 2010, when I picked up a copy at Borders Bookshop in KL. Despite the price hike over the years (from 6.50€ to 9.50€) it's still my favorite modelling magazine. I cannot agree on issues like "pages of 'catalogue style' content, poorly assembled models and pretty shallow reviews that provide no real objectivity". I actually do like to skip through their "news" section, which always has products featured that I missed; I find most of the reviews useful in one way or the other; and I do appreciate that the models presented are not all "international show winners". In SAMI, you can see what the model looks like when assembled by a 'regular modeller' - with all its flaws, problem zones and shortcomings. I do prefer these above the "super expert" magazines, where every build has loads of aftermarket stuff, home-cast resin items and self-printed decals, and has probably taken 3 years to complete. I also have to say I'm a pretty mainstream modeler with interest in mainstream types like Bf-109, Spitfire and Mustangs. So even if there's some repetiton (several builds of the new 72scale Eduard Spitfire, for example) it still keeps me entertained!
  2. I am pretty excited about this announcement! Fills a gap in my 72scale VVS collection. Looking forward to this release, hopefully its ready for Plastic Winter Bratislava in November.
  3. Spitfire LF.IX Indochine, Tamiya 1/32

    Very convincing rendition - "Weathered in the tropical sun!"
  4. 109 With an Italian Accent

    Hard to believe this is a Hobby Boss kit! Fantastic build, amazing paint job, and for sure the BEST Italian Bf-109 I have seen on BM this year. Keep up the good work, Sir! With kind regards from Vienna Roman
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, being primarily an aircraft modeller, I do go astray occasionally to the "dark side" of modelling ... yes, the stuff with tracks and wheels. This is my attempt on Revell's 1/72 Cromwell, built from the box, in markings of the 11th Armored Division in Western Europe, 1944/45. I always find it most difficult to assemble link & length tracks in this scale, especially to get them conform to the drive sprockets; luckily, the mudguards cover most of my inability! The kit's decals are supposed to be laid over an air vent (on the front of the turret) and over nuts and bolts (on the backside of the turret) which required copious amounts of setting solution ... and still look crappy. And I did knock off the antenna (?) on the top of the turret while handling the model for my photographer, sorry about that! I painted the model with Gunze/MrHobby acrylics (H73) and weathered with artist's olis and Tamyia pastel chalks. Thanks for your interest. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Greetings from Vienna!
  6. Curse you airfix Spitfire!!!

    I've never built that Airfix Spitfire, but I see what you mean with 'love 'em or hate 'em'- heavy panel lines all over, reminiscent of old Matchbox kits or those pre-assembled die casts. It's a pity as it makes the model look toy-like, despite your great paintjob.
  7. 1/72 Sword Fiat G.55

    Thanks for your feedback, Zigomar. I noticed the oversized radio mast as well, something I will replace on my next example! I went with the decals as supplied by Sword - they give you a green and a black option for the insignia. Its difficult to make out the correct shade of green from original photographs, but you seem to be right - here's a color profile of "Black 6" that is identical to Sword's suggestion, but shows a darker green on the insignia batch: Thank you, Luis - you were of great help in obtaining the above mentioned reference book by Richard J Caruana. With kind regards from Vienna, Roman
  8. Bristol Blenheim MKI [1/72 MPM]

    Interesting subject in unusual markings. I have a Special Hobby Blenheim "sleeping in my stash" for many moons, too ...
  9. 1/72 Me 163A V-10, Special Hobby

    What a bizarre aircraft, reminds me of a frog with wings .... Thanks for showing, Fuad! Greetings from Vienna, Roman
  10. 1/72 Sword Fiat G.55

    Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Sword's new 1/72 Fiat G.55, a kit presented at ModelBrno Show in June. I bought two boxes (each box containing two model kits) plus an aftermarket bag, containing resin seat, air intake, wheels and a vacu canopy. There's seven rather colorful marking options included. The model fits reasonably, but has shallow and washed-out details and soft panel lines in some areas. I found the assembly of the multi-part landing gear most challenging. I found an original photograph of this machine in "Aviazione Nazionale Repubblicana Italian Air Forces 1943 - 1945" by Richard Caruana (Modelaid). It confirms the White fuselage band, but the nose is not visible. Therfore, I went with Sword's instructions and painted the cowl yellow, and the spinner black & white. Main colors are RLM74/75/76 from Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics range. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest! Best wishes from Vienna Roman
  11. Junkers Ju 52/3mg4e, Italeri, 1/72

    Nice one, Jerzy. I have the same kit in my stash. "KGzbV" stands for "Kampfgeschwader zur besonderen Verwendung" - translates as "Special purpose Squadron". These were re-named "Transportgeschwader" (Transport Wing) by 1943.
  12. Very unusual model, I have never seen before (except the boxart). You did a very good job, Patrick!
  13. 1/72 Italeri Macchi C205

    C 202 differs from C 205 by engine: C202 has a Daimler Benz DB601, while the C205 had the more powerful DB605 engine. Airframe remains the same. Tamiya reboxed Italeri's C202, you are right.