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  1. Another banger from your workbench (it's more like a factory, actually, given the roll-out-rate of yours ...) cheers from Vienna Roman
  2. And it would be no surprise that the recently announced Special Hobby Mosquitos will be released at the same time Airfix' release theirs ....
  3. Here's some of the model club displays: This year's Honor Guard ... the Gebirgsjäger! Fancy a new uniform, Sir? All the "big players" of the eastern European model scene were there .... ... and more kits than you could possibly skip through ... Finally, here's a small selection of contest models that caught my eye ... Thanks for your interest. Greetings to fellow Britmodellers Redboost and VG33, who I had the pleasure and honor to meet in person. Also, shout outs to Jan from AZ Models (thanks for the chat) and David Francis (SAMI Publications). Best wishes from Vienna, Roman
  4. Thanks for opening this thread, Upnorth. For all those who weren't able to attend, may I bring some general impressions of the event. Let me take you on a walk-around tour of traders, manufacturers and model clubs @ ModelBrno. Our club display, IPMS Austria. We're lucky as we are close to many of the Eastern European model shows, with Brno being about 90 minutes with the train from Vienna. And yeah, that's me - your reporter!- in the grey suit. One of the new releases presented @ Modelbrno was IBG's Polish PZL 42: "News" display from Special Hobby (no sign of their 2-stage Mosquitos yet): To my delight, Sword's brand new 1/72 Fiat G.55 was already available. They even had Resin upgrades and Vacu canopy in stock, Had to buy 4 kits ... Here's how it will look ... hope my model will turn out as good as their display item:
  5. Another fantastic work, Patrick. It was great to see this model "in real" at ModelBrno show last Saturday! Best wishes and greetings from Vienna, Roman
  6. Pretty nice for such an old kit!
  7. Jan, was a pleasure to have a chat with you @ Modelbrno. Looking forward to the Erla & Regensburg Bf-109s as well as the K-series, as announced. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Vienna, Roman
  8. Modelling in a jungle hut, that's quite a different approach. I'm tempted to ask how you carry all the kits, paints, tools, glue in your rucksack without damaging them? Surely there won't be any hobby shops nearby to stock up on those items. And is that Malaysian or Indonesian side of Borneo? Just curious, because I have been to the Indonesian side (Balikpapan, Berau, Derawan) recently. And of course, your Hunter turned out pretty nice given the conditions!
  9. There have been repeated whispers about a new 1/72 Ju-88 (A4?) ...
  10. Very smart for 72 scale! I have this kit in my stash and your example is highly inspirational! Cheers from VIE Roman
  11. Superb rendition of this classic aircraft, beautifully painted & weathered, a joy to look at! Especially the staining on wing leading edges & engine area look convincing. Much finesse in the cockpit and landing gear legs as well. I'm excited!
  12. That's great news, however we would need a decent 1/72 kit of the Pe-2 to get the best out of this marking options. Looking at HobbyBoss' Pe-2, I found it rather toy-like and simplified. The UM kit is quite tricky to build. Apart from that, there's only the old Airfix/Italeri kits left.... Maybe Zvezda could fill this gap with a modern, state-of-.the-art tooling? They've done it in 48 scale already ...
  13. Thanks for your feedback, Steve. The Sword Spitfires are of good quality in terms of detail and general fit. I find them easier to assemble then AZ Model's Spitfire kits - but maybe that's just me ... The only area that needed attention was the wing/fusealge joint, I used some putty and sanding paper there. Everything else fits reasonably, without making many adjustments to the parts. It's a pity that Sword's Spitfires can be considered obsolete by now, since Eduard have released their Spitfire range - with even more detail and finesse.
  14. This will add a dash of color to your shelves! Beautifully excecuted, thanks for showing!
  15. Hello and thanks for your interest, here's my 1/72 Sword Supermarine Spitfire IXe in markings of 26. GIAP, Leningrad, April 1945. Photo etch from Brengun, metal gun barrels from Master, decals from AML ("Lend Lease Spitfires Pt.1", #72018). Painted with acrylics from Sangyo/Gunze. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. To represent the overpainted British Roundels, I tried a new technique: I painted a Black disc the size of the Roundel before applying the main airframe colors. Now there's only a soft shadow line visible. Best wishes from Vienna! Roman